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Capper's Farmer Winter 2019

Want to rediscover what made grandma’s house the fun place we all remember? Capper’s Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

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Follow us on Facebook and catch all the great recipes, DIYs, how-to and informational articles, and photographs we share, and connect with us and other Capper’s Farmer readers at www.Facebook.com/CappersFarmer. • This suet recipe attracts a variety of birds, including sparrows, juncos, blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, and more. www.CappersFarmer.com/Suet-Recipe • Learn how to make your own tortilla press with these step-by-step instructions. www.CappersFarmer.com/Tortilla-Press JOIN THE CONVERSATION These little hot/cold packs can be thrown into the freezer for an hour or two, or in the microwave, to become a soothing pain reliever. www.CappersFarmer.com/Owie-Puffs “I heat mine in my veggie-steamer pot. Just a little water in the pan and simmer for 5 minutes. The bags are a little damp, but it works great!” — Inga Winberg-Dobosz, via Facebook Find and share recipes, DIY projects, and more at www.Pinterest.com/CappersFarmer. Visit…

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editor’s note a stitch in time

My grandmothers were both prolific quilters, but quilting skipped my mother’s generation. When she started sewing, quilting was considered old-fashioned. So, my friends and I had to teach ourselves when we decided to take up quilting at a young age. YouTube videos didn’t exist in those days, but quilting was gaining in popularity again, and we figured we’d find someone to help us if we got stuck. The public library had a great how-to book for beginners, so we plunged in at Chapter 1. We drew names to decide who got the first quilt. I was the lucky winner, and chose a traditional geometric pattern by the name of Sherman’s March, or Double Monkey Wrench. (You can find instructions to make this block on Page 44.) Seven of us started meeting once a…

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memory lane

1. A view of the inside of an old-fashioned crank telephone, from Sarah Baker of East Peoria, Illinois. 2. This antique phone hangs on the basement wall of Sarah Baker’s home in East Peoria, Illinois. 3. A vintage telephone, from Beverly Green of Erie, Pennsylvania. 4, 5, & 7. Retro phones on display at the Polson Flathead Historical Museum in Polson, Montana, from Patty Pickett of Idaho Falls, Idaho. 6. This historic telephone was used in an establishment in Butte, Montana, from Patty Pickett of Idaho Falls, Idaho. 8. This old phone can be seen at the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum in Wallace, Idaho, from Patty Pickett of Idaho Falls, Idaho.…

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rural free delivery

Stained Glass Snowflake Kimberly Giuffrida, via email I’ve been doing stained glass for nearly two years now, and for me the best way to learn is to find pictures of designs I like, and then figure out how they were made. Being a graphic designer, I’m able to look at a design and draw up a pattern. At this point, I consider myself a craftsman rather than an artist. For this particular piece, I drew up a pattern based on one I saw online, modifying the design a bit. From there, I cut 120 pieces by cutting each shape six times. After that, I used a glass grinder to smooth and tweak each piece to fit. To assemble the snowflake, I used the copper foil method and foiled around each piece so that…

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the general store

Cordless Grease Gun The DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun (DCGG571M1) is a must-have tool for farms and shops, for use on everything from chainsaws and vehicles to lawn mowers and tractors. The grease gun features a powerful motor that delivers 10,000 max psi, a high-volume pump, a variable speed trigger for precision, bright LED lights for working in dark spaces, a 42-inch-long flexible hose for reaching hard-to-access grease fittings, and an anti-debris filter to protect the pump mechanism from dirt and contamination. In addition, it has an integrated no-mar foot design that allows operators to rest the tool on flat surfaces, as well as an air-bleeder valve that assists in pump priming after cartridge changes. It includes a battery, charger, shoulder strap, and kit box. “This is a high-quality grease gun…

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pages from the past

The prices and information listed in the following articles and advertisements were accurate when printed in the magazine decades ago, but are no longer current. In addition, any plans, catalogs, brochures, and other offers advertised in this department are no longer available, so please do not send money and/or a request for them. — Editors “P’s” Pay the Grocery Bill on This Farm By Mrs. Mary L. Ballew Clark County, Arkansas THE FARM will yield a good living and more to everyone who will give it a chance. No able-bodied farmer should ever have grocery bills that “p’s” will not pay. By “p’s” I mean potatoes, peanuts, popcorn, pumpkins, peppers, poultry, pigs, peaches, plums, pears, and peas. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule when “bad luck” hits a fellow. But no honest-to-goodness farmer will…