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Want to rediscover what made grandma’s house the fun place we all remember? Capper’s Farmer updates the tried-and-true methods your grandparents used for cooking, crafting, gardening and so much more.

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Follow us on Facebook and catch all the great recipes, DIYs, how-to and informational articles, and photographs we share, and connect with us and other Capper’s Farmer readers at www.Facebook.com/CappersFarmer . These chicken-keeping tips will help you look for the warning signs of issues, and keep your flock happy and disease-free. www.CappersFarmer.com/Healthy-Flock Turn the legs of worn-out jeans into a hard-wearing rug thick enough to ease tired feet with this fun crochet project. www.CappersFarmer.com/Crochet-Denim-Rug JOIN THE CONVERSATION Save money and reduce waste by opting for handkerchiefs over paper tissues. www.CappersFarmer.com/Handkerchiefs “I cut up old T-shirts and keep them stacked in a basket in my bathroom. They’re great for blowing my nose, or when I need a rag for cleaning the counter.” — Kitti McConnell, via Facebook Find and share recipes, DIY projects, and more…

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Wrapped Up Quilt Project Pamela Stokes — Matthews, North Carolina From 2007 to 2014, my family owned a quilt shop in Cadillac, Michigan. Myself, my husband, Rick, and our children, Rachael and Clay, operated the place, selling quilting cottons, sewing machines, and notions, and providing machine service. We were always excited to get new fabrics in the shop, and we couldn’t wait to sew up blocks and quilts to put on display. Rachael especially loved the green and blue fabrics (pictured in the quilt below), and being an adventurous new sewer and quilter, she was eager to make a quilt using a fun design. The design she chose called for cutting strips in random widths, sewing them together, and then sub-cutting them into blocks. Before she could finish the quilt, new fabrics arrived, and…

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memory lane

“I love this photo of my mom showing off the mink stole my dad won at a raffle at work, and then gave to her for Christmas in 1958, three years before I was born. Dad built the coffee table the TV is sitting on, and we had those curtains until the 1970s.” — Barbara Shrader, Romney, West Virginia “This photograph of me was taken Christmas Day 1962 in Kensington, Maryland, in the house where I grew up. It looks like I might’ve been more impressed with the box than with the gift it contained.” —Barbara Shrader, Romney, West Virginia “This photograph is of me, at age 3, thoroughly enjoying my gift of a beautiful new car on Christmas Day 1957.” —Carol Norwood, Myerstown, Pennsylvania “This photo is of my brother, Jeffrey, and…

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scent of a cellar

Every fall and winter, I walk down into my basement pantry and grab jars of canned tomatoes, pickled okra, or peaches for supper. I stand in front of those shelves filled with food I’ve put up all summer long, and dream up a meal. Those of you who put up your own food understand the satisfaction of pulling from your own stock to feed your family. Whenever I crawl into my dingy basement, I compare it with the best food cellar I’ve ever known: my grandmother Josephine’s — a true cellar, dug into the soil directly below the center of the house so it could double as a storm cellar. I always enjoyed getting sent into that underground place, because it was a sensory experience. The wooden stairs were steep; just…

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the general store

Leaf Blower The WORX 40V Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower with Brushless Motor (Item No. WG584), featuring three speeds and a turbo boost, will make quick work of fall cleanup. The highly efficient brushless motor is designed for long-lasting power, and can spin out 430 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air power. The dual 20V Max Power Share batteries deliver 40 volts of power and performance, and the on-board battery indicator lets you know how much power is left. MSRP: $180 Available at www.Worx.com This leaf blower has a lot of power and works great. It’s ideal for cleaning up leaves and debris in the yard, as well as for blowing dirt and sawdust out of the shop or garage. The batteries hold a good charge, and it’s lightweight and a…

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pages from the past

The prices and information listed in the following articles and advertisements were accurate when printed in the magazine decades ago, but are no longer current. In addition, any plans, catalogs, brochures, and other offers advertised in this department are no longer available, so please do not send money and/or a request for them. — Editors New Way to Cull Hens By F.E. Fuller “I COULD CULL my hens in just a few minutes by the use of the electric light,” says F.W. Koehler, Putnam County, Illinois. “If I turn on the lights an hour before the first streak of dawn, the good layers will all get off the roosts and start eating. The drones will remain. I am sure that culling on this basis in the latter part of the summer would be…