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Cigar Aficionado January/February 2019

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Cigar Aficionado is a magazine for the man who enjoys life’s great pleasures: fine dining and entertaining, the finest wines and spirits, world travel and the arts. At the heart of every issue is the cigar: what to smoke, where to smoke, and how to enjoy a great smoke.

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An impressive 35 of the 81 cigars rated in this tasting scored 90 points or higher. Nicaragua continued its dominance, as cigars made in the Central American country led three of the six size categories in this issue. Also, the top-scoring smoke, the Warped Serie Gran Reserva 1988, hails from Nicaragua. TOP ROBUSTO WARPED SERIE GRAN RESERVA 1988 ROBUSTO Named for the birth year of owner Kyle Gellis, this Nicaraguan puro comes in one size only, a robusto measuring 5 ¼ inches by 50 ring gauge. NICARAGUA 94 TOP CHURCHILL FUENTE FUENTE OPUSX RESERVA D’CHATEAU An all-Dominican mainstay powered by a shade-grown, Cuban-seed wrapper from the fertile fields of Chateau de la Fuente. DOM. REP. 93 TOP PETIT CORONA BOLIVAR CORONAS JUNIOR This tiny Cuban measures a mere 4 ⅜ by 42, but still packs a big flavor punch that leads with Bolivar’s signature…

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the toughest test

Cigar ratings are the bedrock of Cigar Aficionado magazine. In this issue, they take center stage as we name the Top 25—the very best cigars of the year. It’s the toughest test a cigar will face, and it’s a process that we take very seriously. We begin by assembling a list of the highestrated cigars of the year from the pages of Cigar Aficionado magazine and Cigar Insider newsletter, cigars that have already proven themselves in one blind taste test conducted by our panel of cigar-smoking editors. We then create a buy list and send our tasting coordinator out to purchase new versions of these cigars for more rounds of testing. Once again, the cigars are smoked blind, which means they are stripped of their identifying bands, given a code and passed…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, The article on the five small farms of Cuba was quite refreshing [“Cuba’s Best Cigar Tobacco Farms,” November/December 2018]. Although you will never hear Montecristo or the other big names say: “Oh, by the way, our No. 1 cigar was grown by someone else,” at least when it comes to business, the Cubans know diversity can produce a better product. It’s too bad ol’ Fidel didn’t apply this to politics. You also didn’t mention if the farmers even own this land after generations of farming it. Eking out a living as a small tobacco farmer in Cuba can’t be all that bad. Jeff Herman Moline, Illinois Editors’ Response: While the specific situation of each farmer may vary, two of the most prominent Cuban farmers we spoke to—Hector Luís Prieto and Hirochi…

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1000 north

Cigar aficionados know restaurants that welcome smoking at the table have long been a vanishing breed. But 1000 North, a new, high-end dining establishment in Jupiter, Florida, is reversing that trend by putting out the welcome mat to cigar smokers with a spacious (and weather-sheltered) outdoor area where smoking is allowed, and the restaurant has three humidors filled with cigars that will surprise and impress. The restaurant, which opened in January 2018, has several well-known owners, among them Michael Jordan, Ernie Els, Justin Thomas and Marvin R. Shanken, the editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado magazine. Ira Fenton, managing partner of 1000 North, says the area was missing a fine-dining spot. “There was a demand,” he says. “This is the golfing mecca of the Eastern United States. Within six miles of…

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Translated from the Italian, its name is less than inviting: bitter. But when amaro finds it way into a cocktail it becomes a pleasant surprise. What’s more, many of these pungent liqueurs are quite friendly when enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If the term is unfamiliar, it’s not because amari (that’s the plural) are so rare. One of the most popular examples in the world—Campari—is a key ingredient in the Negroni cocktail. But you won’t find the word amaro on its bottle. Instead, Campari is labeled as an aperitif. That may be because the category is so loosely defined. Amari include before- and after-meal liqueurs (even, some say, vermouth) and may be made all over Europe and the United States. But the roots trace to the ancient Romans, who developed…

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le grand s.t. dupont

You’ve gone out for a day of leisure, provisioned with a few well-chosen cigars. When the wind picks up on the golf course, you need a torch lighter to ignite your smoke. But later, at the cigar bar, you find such pyrotechnics to be overkill. Different smoking conditions call for different lighters. Sometimes you want the gentle touch of a soft-flame lighter. At others, a powerful torch is the only answer. Roving smokers have the option of toting two lighters or compromising with one flame that is right only half the time. Or, with the Le Grand S.T. Dupont, they can arm themselves with a device that packs both flames and always provides the perfect toast to the tobacco. Flick the cylindrical roller of the Le Grand and twin soft flames…