ClayCraft #48

ClayCraft magazine is a must-have for ceramic enthusiasts, packed with fun and inspirational pottery projects for all levels. A monthly subscription of ClayCraft magazine offers an exciting mix of information and inspiration on the world of ceramics, with practical step-by-step projects, essential clay choice and design tips, as well as interviews with individual pottery makers. Whether you are a beginner to the world of pottery, a student or a professional, ClayCraft magazine is an essential read for makers at any level. Inside every issue, you’ll find advice for pottery novices who are brand new to the world of ceramics, tips for intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and challenging projects for the professional clay makers out there. If you’re looking for a ceramics magazine that combines inspiration and information on the popular world of clay making, then ClayCraft magazine is the perfect read for you.

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For the first time in what feels like forever, the sun is shining in a blue sky and I have my office window open. The scent from the wintersweet hedge outside is wafting in, and the birdsong is really quite loud! I feel very cheerful – something that has been severely lacking over the past year. Jumping ahead, next month we’re focusing on ‘spring in the garden’ and planning this was inspiring. I got excited at the thought of warmer weather, plants bursting into life out of the soil and spending more time outside. A burst of creativity is just what I needed, and watching the reactions on social media to the Throw Down, it certainly seems to have sparked just that in a lot of people. There are some fantastic…

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new production facility

Valentine Clays has announced that construction is due to take place on its new production facility, which forms part of its ambitious £4m expansion plan. Nearly four years since completing its HQ, distribution and Ceramics Centre, in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, the ceramics business is excited to be starting its next expansion phase by completing a new production facility in late summer. The 1,651m2 facility will enable the company to meet the demands currently displayed within the industry and continue its growth plans. This expansion allows the company to bring its presently dispersed activities onto one single site in accordance with the long-term business plan. The new production facility intends to increase production capacity and meet the current demands of the industry with the creation of additional jobs. The facility will further add to Valentine…

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studio health and safety for potters course

Tim Thornton is running an online course on studio health and safety, beginning on 15 February and comprising eight, weekly, one-hour live sessions (not just video recordings), plus a dedicated forum for course participants. The course covers everything you need to know to run your studio safely. The main topics covered are understanding and managing hazards and risks; identifying and managing potentially toxic or dangerous substances; the risks of dust and silica, and how to reduce them; physiological risks of wedging, throwing, lifting etc.; heat, kiln fumes and other risks of various methods of firing; safe use of wheels and other machinery; proper disposal of waste; and general good practice in the studio. For further information, and to sign up, go…

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handmade in britain

The Interactive Virtual Craft Fair Tuesday 23 - Sunday 28 March 2021 Handmade in Britain is delighted to announce the second edition of its Interactive Virtual Craft Fair, which takes place towards the end of March. Sharing the month with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, this new edition will focus on supporting and celebrating women in craft, as well as makers from BAME communities. The organisation is keen to reflect the full range of backgrounds and perspectives found in contemporary Britain. It has made a conscious decision to do its part in creating a more diverse and inclusive craft and design community. The second edition of its virtual craft fair marks the start of this journey and will feature craft workshops, alongside a full programme of live talks and demonstrations. In…

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inspiring creativity

Debbie Bent from Eastcott Studios recently sent in these wonderful photos. “Loving your magazine! Thank you… I keep copies in the studio and encourage my visitors to browse through. As their confidence grows, I get them to follow the step-by-step guides on their own, and many then sign up for their own copy! I have attached two lovely pieces made by one of my regulars who was inspired by your magazine; she has cerebral palsy and has difficulty reading but was able to follow your step-by-step guide.”…

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lidded storage jar

DIFFICULTY RATING You will need: Clay – earthenware or stoneware, colour of choice Throwing equipment – batts, water bowl, sponge, ribs, cutting wire Clay weights: 1.1kg (2 ½ lb) for jar, 225g (½ lb) for lid Prepare the 1.1kg of clay by kneading it well to remove any possible trapped air, then fix a batt to the wheel head – for details visit: Form the clay into a rough cone shape. Dampen, but don’t flood, the surface of the batt or wheel head and position the clay as close to the centre as possible. Dribble a little water over the surface of the clay, then pat it down to make sure it’s secure. Centre the clay. You can see full instructions on how to do this on our website but begin by dribbling a little…