December 2020

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11 min.
the walking liberty half dollar

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL United States coins of the 20th century, in the opinion of many modern collectors, is the Walking Liberty half dollar, issued from 1916 through 1947. It has been so popular, in fact, that when the Treasury decided upon the design for the silver bullion coin first issued in 1986, the Walking Liberty motif got the nod and is still being used. The history of this interesting artwork began in 1915, when Treasury officials realized that the old Barber designs for the minor silver coins were approaching that magical 25-year date when designs can be changed without Congressional oversight. Treasury Secretary William McAdoo, who just happened to be the son-in-law of President Woodrow Wilson, was legally responsible for choosing the new designs on American coinage. He almost certainly…

1 min.
market watch

Collectors tend to watch the price of rare coins, but in this “new normal” period of coronavirus fears, the action appears to be two-pronged. Several auction houses have recently conducted very successful auctions at which strong prices were bid. The action, however, not only surrounds the scarce to rare coin market, but the bullion coin market as well. While gold gets most of the headlines due to the lofty price of about $1,950 an ounce it has recently achieved, the price of silver has skyrocketed more than 51 percent during 2020. This is almost twice as much as has gold. Gold and silver ingots are the most popular way to own these metals, but coin format is close behind. Many dealers are spending more time buying and scrapping silver coins…