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Computer Arts January 2019

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making the cover

So the age-old question: how does a magazine covering graphic design present itself to the design community? Is pure, unfussy minimalism the best way to showcase the work? Or is a design magazine obligated to get involved and present itself with the spirit of the times? It’s a question we wrestle with frequently, and in truth, we’re no closer to answering it. Certainly, this issue’s focus on design trends (itself, a wonderfully controversial and nebulous subject matter) left us pondering how best to communicate the rich content on offer. If we wanted to be absolutely cutting edge, we’d have probably taken all the images off, created a custom font and typed the full catalogue of current trends black-on-black, and upside down. Minimal, obtuse and daring certainly makes for eye-catching design. Do readers need…

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editor’s letter

Since I’ve worked on creative magazines – whether they’re about fantasy art, fine art, photography or design – one topic always comes up: creative authorship and the importance of having a unique voice or style in your chosen creative medium. It comes from the romantic notion of the artist as auteur. The 19th century romantic artists had a part to play with their dramatic self-portraits – like Gustave Courbet’s The Desperate Man – putting the (ideally tortured, ideally French) genius artist front and centre. After millennia of being brushes for hire by the church or rich patrons, what mattered was depicting the artist’s vision, a shade of their soul: utterly unique, totally personal. It’s still how people like to view artists. But that becomes a bit tricky when you apply that thinking…

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VERITY KENT Over on page 25, FINE art director Verity Kent explains how recent graduates could get a head start in the design industry by making the most of mentorships. www.wearefine.com ADRIAN SHAUGHNESSY Adrian Shaughnessy of independent publishing venture Unit Editions is just one of the creatives talking the pros and cons of self-publishing, on page 42. www.uniteditions.com KATE DAWKINS Live experience designer Kate Dawkins speaks to us on page 52, discussing how she wows global audiences using pixels and projections. www.katedawkinsstudio.com VERÒNICA FUERTE Veronica Fuerte, of Barcelona-based design studio Hey, reveals how her and the colleagues compete at a global level, despite being a small team, on page 76. www.heystudio.es VALENTINA D’EFILIPPO On page 88, award-winning designer Valentina D’Efilippo guides us through her research, covering how different cultures see the world in map form. www.valentinadefilippo.co.uk…

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meet the team

BEREN NEALE EDITOR As ‘The Little Prince’ types this, he prepares for a trip to Antwerp for the Us By Night design festival. Talks start late in the evening, and he already has his free drinks tokens, so ‘The Lord’ fears he will see little of Belgium. MARK WYNNE ART EDITOR With Beren jetting off to an undisclosed location after Us By Night, safe passage back to the UK for our geographically challenged art ed is an impossible dream. He’d like to say it’s been fun while it lasted… AARON POTTER PRODUCTION EDITOR Aaron spent a lot of the month making the most of the surrounding Xmas madness. So far he’s consumed two bratwurst hotdogs and one Yorkshire pudding wrap, all while not having bought nearly enough presents.…

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four 'tracks' to future-proof brands

This October, The Future Laboratory’s third annual Global Futures Forum convened in London to prompt, provoke and inspire future innovation. Bringing together a range of experts – from AI ethicists and smart city planners to mental health practitioners – it was an ideas symposium where TFL’s original thinking and research combined with external experts. The day was broken down into four distinct ‘tracks’: the future of brand purpose; future of gender; future of wellbeing; and future of youth. These became the base of the newly launched Choose Your Futures microsite. “The premise of the site was to open the conversation to the public,” explains TFL’s art director Aleksandra Szymanska, “with a diversity of visual elements – photography, video and illustration, and a series of typographic animations commissioned by Nikita Iziev, to…

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don't ask, don't get!

As a final year student at the National Institute of Design, India, Simoul Alva has already started building a pretty impressive CV. "Although I'm still a student, I've managed to work with Pentagram, Sagmeister & Walsh, Wieden + Kennedy and Codesign Brand Consultants," she tells us – and that’s not to mention representing India in Graphic Design at the 44th Worldskills event held in Abu Dhabi. And how has she managed all this so far? "I believe in the power of connection and reaching out," she tells us. "I reached out to [Pentagram's] Michael Bierut for an internship last year and got it. I learned about thinking of branding and visuals as a system and enjoyed shuttling between various projects to learn a lot from different designers." Graduating in January 2019, Alva…