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Computer Arts November 2018

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making the cover

With Studio Sutherl& winning the top spot for the second time, Jim was faced with topping his own work, the wonderful glow in the dark 2017 cover. We’ll let him explain his thought processes behind this year’s austere beauty… “As this issue is a celebration of the United Kingdom and the great design that comes out of it, we decided to reconfigure the national flag – taking the shapes of the Union Jack and playing with them. Our idea was born out of an interest in flags as symbols of national identity. I think it’s important to physically play as part of our professional practice. Doing the roughs for the cover with paper cuts – rather than working on the computer – is a key way of starting, generating and forming…

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editor’s letter

Studio Sutherl& has been voted the top design studio in the UK for the second year in a row, and when working with him (and fellow studio creative Rosey Trickett) for this issue’s cover, it’s easy to see why. Both of them are ridiculously creative, of course, and presented us with an array of ideas for the cover early on (have a look on page 3 for more on that). But what really struck me was how unflappable Jim was when faced with the inevitable changes and tweaks that occur on mag covers – especially when you consider the four-way negotiations between editorial team, Studio Sutherl&, cover treatment gurus Celloglas and printers William Gibbons. I’m sure that attitude and approach was considered when the panel of 60 industry leaders voted his…

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JAMIE ELLUL Supple Studio’s founder and creative director digs deep into why designers should try and achieve a ‘work-love’, not work-life balance, over on page 24. www.supplestudio.com DAVID ORMONDROYD On page 18, Ragged Edge’s head of copy David Ormondroyd sheds light on all the ways branding agencies could be taking the power of words more seriously. www.raggededge.com EMILY GOSLING Making ethical purchase decisions is harder than it should be, so we had Emily Gosling talk to the brands getting it right in today’s market. Go to page 44 for more. www.emilygosling.com HENRIK MAULER On page 76, founder of visual trend lab foam Studio, Henrik Mauler, reveals how he and the team create such striking visuals for their list of big-name clients. www.foam.studio THOMAS HEDGER London-based visual artist Thomas Hedger shows us how he used negative space to positive effect for his new riso…

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meet the team

BEREN NEALE EDITOR Beren gorged himself on culture this month with a 10 day stay in Rome. Holiday reading included The Name of the Rose, The Old Man and the Sea, and Mr Men’s Mr Grumpy (it’s a stone cold classic). MARK WYNNE ART EDITOR With ‘The Lord’ Beren swanning it in Rome, Mark was briefly acting editor. The power didn’t go too much to his head, but on his return Beren was slightly alarmed to find several life size paintings of Mark in the office. AARON POTTER PRODUCTION EDITOR This month Aaron joined the pop culture elite and finally finished the latest season of Game of Thrones. With that in mind, he’s considering starting a new awards event: the DDAs (Dragon Design Awards).…

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the material world

Today’s world is defined by material excess. If the global population reaches 9.6bn by 2050 as predicted, we will require almost three planets' worth of natural resources to sustain current lifestyles, according to the UN. We need to revise how we create the products powering today’s globalised economy. For businesses that want to maintain or increase their bottom line, this means re-engineering the fundamentals of their supply chain by developing or adopting new material solutions that achieve a lot more with a lot less. "The smart companies, manufacturers and brands are the ones who are starting to invest in sustainable material innovation," says Caroline Till, co-author of Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future, adding, "There’s a thirst from consumers for this." It’s clear that tomorrow’s leaders will be those…

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it takes two

Our print subscription business, Papirmass, is located on the west side of Toronto, in the neighbourhood of Wallace-Emerson. It’s a great area full of creative workers, and amenities are only a short walk away. The studio itself is a dreamy, light-filled space, so good we’ve been able to shoot all of our Papirmass photos here using only natural light. It could be considered small by some office standards, but it's perfect for us – large enough for team meetings with our staff of eight. One thing I love is that it has a lot of character. We have a wonderful collection of inspiring art books, prints by artists we love and a lot of little curio objects that me and my business partner JP [pictured] have picked up on our travels over…