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May 2018

Cosmopolitan is the LIFE STYLISTA for fun, fearless females who want to be the best they can be in every area of their lives. Cosmopolitan is the best-selling women's magazine in the Philippines and in the world. But for its readers, Cosmo is much more than their favorite magazine, it’s a way of life.

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a note from the editor

Dear Cosmo Girls, Welcome to our last print issue. Though I wish we had more time together, my past year and a half as Cosmo print EIC will always bring happy memories to mind. I hope you enjoy reading the heartwarming messages from our former EICs—women who continue to inspire me and many, many Filipinas to be fun and fearless forever. No regrets, just love! See you around! From the printed page, I learned how to ideate with intent, appreciate the glorious details that make the big picture, be patient with the processes, and cherish creative collaborations. There is nothing quite like the art and soul that go into creating a magazine page. Flipping covers and leafing through pages, I’ve fawned over features by the most brilliant wordsmiths and have fangirled over…

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chocolate nemesis

1 chocolate bar 100ml chocolate sauce 200ml full-cream milk 6 scoops chocolate ice cream 2 chocolate brownies, cut into small pieces 50g chocolate chips 15 slated pretzels 6 chocolate wafers 6 chocolate cookies Whipped cream 1. Melt 1 chocolate bar in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Add a bit of milk if it's too thick to pour. 2. Blend chocolate sauce, ice cream, milk, brownies, and chocolate chips in a blender. Pour the shake into a chilled glass. 3. Decorate with the rest of the ingredients. (PHOTO) SCOPE BEAUTY/NICK LEARY/BAUERSYN. (RECIPE AND PREPARATION) GIBSON’S GOURMET BURGERS.…

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the greatest showman

With a whopping total of six awards at this year’s Grammys, Bruno Mars is a treat the music industry can’t seem to stop unwrapping. Known for pouring his heart into his highly addictive tunes, the sweet, soulful singer is committed to giving his fans the entertainment they deserve no matter what. Defined by its smashing hit singles, the 24K Magic era has successfully jolted listeners with a much-needed boost of energy, just like your favorite chocolate bar. On May 3 and 4, his fellow Filipinos will be hashtag blessed as he takes on Manila—making us a part of his 200 show-strong tour, definitive proof of his legacy and longevity. Put your pinky rings up to the moon! (TEXT AND ART) STEPHEN DE JESUS. (BRUNO) ATLANTIC RECORDS. (MARS) LOUIE AGUINALDO.…

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15 things to do this month

1 HAVE 99 PROBLEMS— but your to-do list ain’t one. Notebook, P260, Typo Bag. 2. STRIKE TWICE with TDF cheekbones. Lightning Bolt powder highlighter, P730, Kylie Cosmetics 3. SQUEEZE some lemon vibes into your look. Crossbody bag, P950, Forever 21 4 SERVE some major Cher Horowitz realness. Patterned viscose shirt, P899, H&M 5. GO BANANAS. Pen, P365, Typo 6 REMEMBER that you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé. Mug, P1,000, Beyonce.com 7. IMBUE your phone with Queen B’s empowering essence. Phone case, P1,560, Beyonce.com 8. TURN UP any low-key look with this unapologetically yellow pair. Ankle boots, P5,700, Topshop 9 GIVE OFF seriously chic vibes, whether you’re poolside, beach-bound, or just chilling in the sweltering city. Sunglasses, P399, Sunnies Studios 10 CELEBRATE SUMMER AT AG NEW WORLD MANILA BAY HOTEL’S SPLASH SUMMER POOL PARTY,…

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drippin’ in finesse

“Haters gonna hate, especially if you look great.” GROWING UP, WHO WERE YOUR STYLE ICONS? James: Actually, I didn’t get into fashion until about three years ago. Nadine: I didn’t have any, but I read Japanese fashion magazines like ViVi and Popteen. I got inspiration from them. WHEN TRAVELING, DO YOU TRY TO ADAPT TO THE LOCAL STYLE? Nadine: I guess it depends on where we’re going and on my mood. In Japan, I would wear a pleated skirt with sneaks and stockings, plus a bomber jacket for good measure. James: Very street. Nadine: Yeah, very street Japanese. Anime-inspired too. YOUR STYLE HAS EVOLVED THROUGH THE YEARS. CAN YOU TAKE US THROUGH THE PROCESS OF FINDING YOUR CURRENT PERSONAL STYLE? Nadine: It’s funny when you look at my old Instagram posts. I was a bit boyish so I would…

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funny or die

ANDERS HOLM’S NETFLIX BINGE-WATCH LIST: Mindhunters, Black Mirror, and Arrested Development HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR CHARACTER, DARREN? He’s a bossy know-it-all who would rather get high to escape than step up to the plate when it matters. He refuses to take the backseat even when he knows he should. WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING YOU DID FOR THE MOVIE? I got dropped from a high wire 30 feet up, while wearing a full-body harness. Didn’t feel great down there! THIS PROJECT REUNITES YOU WITH WORKAHOLICS CAST AND CREW ADAM DEVINE, BLAKE ANDERSON, AND KYLE NEWACHECK. WHAT WAS IT LIKE WORKING WITH THEM? To put it simply, working with the guys is 1) funny and 2) easy. We know exactly what to do to push each other and crack ourselves up. It’s great having Kyle at the helm…