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Cottage Life May 2019

The go-to source for cottagers, the award-winning Cottage Life offers valuable advice as well as profiles, how-to articles, recipes, essays, issues pieces, and lifestyle stories that help readers look after their cottages, entertain guests and, of course, kick back and have fun.

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s’more stuff

Cottage Kickoff May 2-4 is on the horizon. You made it! From event listings to hosting tips and cocktail recipes, we have everything you need to get your season started at cottagelife.com. (We also have a handy checklist for opening weekend, if you’re a little rusty.) ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Clear your camera rolls for the Instagram Victoria Day photo challenge. In May, we’ll post 20 prompts leading up to the first long weekend of the season, and you’ll put up a photo that matches the theme of the day using #CottageCaptured. You could win a Cottage Life merch prize pack!* YOUR BEST PET At the cottage, a vet can be a long ways away. Dr. Alex Hynes, an emergency specialist and one of the stars of our new series Bondi Vet: Coast…

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dressed to chill

As a cottage magazine, we don’t spend too much time thinking about fashion. But, recently, the team here found ourselves tangled in a long and detailed conversation about the clothes we wear, or would never wear, at the cottage. Verdict: forget about what went down the runway because what’s going down the dock is baggy cut-off shorts, shoes held together with duct tape, ratty old ball caps, and paint-splattered work wear. Crisp T-shirts, heels of any kind, and work clothes that have been cleaned within the last year are definitely out. Seems like no one here gives a single hoot about what we wear at the lake. Or, as I like to think of it, we simply follow the practice of dressing for the job we want. The job I want…

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your letters

After reading “Launch Plan” (Mar/Apr ’19), I’ve been thinking of the things that have gone wrong with my boat launches. When you get to the ramp, I suggest unhooking the trailer lights. The water and the lights don’t get along. I keep forgetting this. The bulb number for all my trailers is 1057. I know this for a good reason. —JOHN NELSON, SAND LAKE, ONT. THE MORE THE MERRIER I read “Party of 40” with great interest (Mar/Apr ’19). Our lake is fairly large, with many cottages and a village. On one island is a clubhouse, which normally is the summer centre of activity. In 2018, a friend and I started a rotating Friday afternoon get-together on the lake, called “Cinq et Sept” with the intent of having cottagers meet for social time…

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a little hard work

Love of Labour From May to September, Woods Bay, Ont., cottager Nikki Phillips works a second job—and she has no plans to quit it any time soon. “I don’t ever see an end in sight,” she says of Nikki’s Cottage Care, the landscaping and maintenance company she started on Georgian Bay five years ago, when she was 18. And that’s a good thing: “I love this work.” Nikki is also a full-time ER nurse in Parry Sound four days out of nine. When she’s not at the hospital, she’s boating around the bay, doing the jobs that a lot of cottagers will happily pay $25/hr. to avoid: pressure washing, gardening, painting, cleaning, landscaping—even laundry. “I’ve washed, folded, and stored a lot of clothes,” says Nikki. “I know where people keep their underwear.”…

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shark weeks

By SARINA GREWAL In the heart of Shuswap Lake, B.C., cottagers and cabin-goers can experience a unique dining experience—a restaurant that floats on the water and is only accessible by boat. Formerly the Upper Deck Store, the restaurant became the Shuswap Shark Shack in 2008 when current co-owner Geoff Lightle and his business partner bought the floating establishment. At the time, “the atmosphere was wrong,” says Lightle, who manages the Shuswap. “We took over so people could have a nicer place to eat while they’re out on the water.” The Upper Deck Store served only food cooked on a barbecue; when Lightle took over, he had a commercial kitchen installed. “We wanted to make the set-up a little bit more professional,” he says. The restaurant is open from mid-June until Labour Day weekend. Lest…

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monarch high, ice age bug & burger news

THANK YOU, NEXT Eastern monarch numbers are up! This year’s recent count showed that the population of butterflies overwintering in Mexico had risen 144 per cent from the year before, and was the highest it’s been since 2006. “This reprieve from bad news on monarchs is a thank you from the butterflies to all the people who planted native milkweeds and switched to organic corn and soy products,” Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, said in January. For long-term success, our monarch friends still need help. Leave naturalized areas around your cottage instead of maintaining a lawn, and plant native, nectar-rich flowers. THE ICE IS RIGHT What’s white, has no eyes, and is less than 4 mm long? It’s a newly discovered insect species, Haplocampa wagnelli. In February,…