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The go-to source for cottagers, the award-winning Cottage Life offers valuable advice as well as profiles, how-to articles, recipes, essays, issues pieces, and lifestyle stories that help readers look after their cottages, entertain guests and, of course, kick back and have fun.

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s’more stuff

A site to see While you’re waiting for the next issue of Cottage Life magazine to arrive in your mailbox, stay up to date on key issues and find season-specific tips for cottage living on cottagelife.com. As opening-up weekend approaches, we’ll have the latest COVID-19 news so that you can make well-informed decisions about heading to the lake. And you’ll also find how-tos, nature stories, and answers to all your cottage conundrums. Free preview is back! It’s the most wonderful time of the year on the Cottage Life channel, and there’s a lot to see. Our new show Ice Vikings premieres on March 9th at 9 p.m. ET/PT. You can also catch new seasons of Life Below Zero (March 9th at 8 p.m. ET/PT), Engineering Catastrophes (March 12th at 9 p.m. ET/PT), and…

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Martin Zibauer Long-time writer and editor Martin Zibauer worked for CL from 2004-2016 before turning to freelance full-time. His background in service magazines and DIY projects is on display in every issue (he’s the editor of Workshop, p. 27), but his passion for food comes first. “I’m an experimental cook,” says Martin. “I want to try making vegan cheese. I’m not vegan, but I am curious to see how it’s done.” He acted as both recipe developer and writer for “Make Friends with Salad” (p. 72). “I’m not a gardener, but last year I started planting herbs, celery, and radishes,” he says. “It was successful enough that I’m going to do it again.” Martin has won multiple National Magazine Awards and has written for Canadian Living and Harry. Maya Visnyei Food photographer Maya…

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editor’s note

We’re all aflutter this spring WE HAVE A NEW piece of art in our kitchen. It’s not fancy, it’s hardly even beautiful. It’s a bright-pink sticky note fixed to our family calendar with “Birds in Quarantine” scrawled across the top. Some of the species listed are common (robins, sparrows, chickadees), but some less so (Cooper’s hawk, brown-headed cowbird, goldfinch). We started the list last April, when my family began taking 20-minute morning walks together in the park near our home. We weren’t a “birding family.” We sang “Robin in the Rain” to our kids when they were babies, and we even took them—once—to feed black-capped chickadees, but I don’t own a Tilley hat or khaki cargo pants, or even a pair of binoculars. I’ve enjoyed birds when I’ve seen them, but I…

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your letters

Neighbourly love I was delighted to see a cottage on Bobs Lake, Ont., featured in “Labour of Love” (Oct ’20). The property is a testimony to incredible planning, personal fortitude, and perseverance, much of the work done single-handedly by its owners. They are active in the cottage association and have a blog documenting the history of the area. It would be fascinating to see this story run as a feature highlighting the challenges of developing the property, with photos of the current-day cottage. The owners’ lifestyle is equally interesting, as it includes maple sugar production, vegetable gardens, and a personal driving range for golf.—Becky Skidmore, Bobs Lake, Ont. Say goodbye to the smoke In Cottage Q&A (Win ’20), you asked if anyone had a solution to help Elizabeth Ramirez get rid of the smoke…

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why these cottagers swapped cottages during covid

WHEN American Andy Mullen realized that COVID-19 travel restrictions would prevent his family from visiting their Canadian cottage last summer, he came up with an ingenious idea: why not find a Canadian family facing a similar predicament? By swapping cottages, both owners could salvage the summer. Andy and his family have been cottaging in the Thousand Islands, near Gananoque, Ont., since 2004, so the thought of missing a whole summer was deflating. Until he had his epiphany. After hitting a few dead ends cold-calling potential candidates he found through the township office, a friend posted his request on the Murray Isle Facebook page. Murray Isle lies a few kilometres south of Stave Island—home to the Mullen family cottage—but on the other side of the border. That’s when Phil Murdock, a retiree…

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cottage quiz: what human-powered craft is right for you

1. My favourite item of headgear is: a) Anything with a wide brimb) A helmetc) All of Matthew McConaughey’scowboy hatsd) A jaunty pork pie 2. I enjoy long hours of: a) Kneelingb) Sitting, and sometimes gasping or shriekingc) Standing while looking buffd) Lounging 3. I prefer to spend time with: a) Other people, sometimes in a tentb) My own nerve-cited thoughtsc) Dogs with excellent balanced) Those whom I’m attempting to woo 4. My favourite movie is: a) On Golden Pondb) The River Wildc) Blue Crushd) The Notebook 5. My drink of choice—NOT WHILE BOATING, PEOPLE—is: a) Powdered alcoholb) Tequila shotsc) Low-carb beerd) A Gin Rickey, heavy on the lime 6. I never leave the cottage without my: a) Knee padsb) GoPro Hero 8c) Multi-pocket PFDd) Parasol 7. I like to be photographed: a) In the mistb) Going down a waterfallc) Against the setting…