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The go-to source for cottagers, the award-winning Cottage Life offers valuable advice as well as profiles, how-to articles, recipes, essays, issues pieces, and lifestyle stories that help readers look after their cottages, entertain guests and, of course, kick back and have fun.

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s'more stuff

A little T-L-Sea “Every animal counts.” That’s the motto of Dr. Marty Haulena and his team as they head out to find and treat some of the most iconic and vulnerable creatures in the sea. Wild Pacific Rescue premieres April 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Cottage Life channel, which you can watch in free preview until May 2nd. Find your channel at tv.cottagelife.com. Weather the storm Chances are you’ve seen some wild weather in cottage country—but not like this. The Weather Files: Total Impact tells the stories of people who work in extreme weather and the storms they’ll never forget. Plus, experts explain the how and why behind the world’s worst weather. You can stream it now by starting your free trial on the Apple TV app. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner—done You want…

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Omar Mouallem “This last year has been a wild ride,” says writer and journalist Omar Mouallem. When COVID-19 hit, “a lot of my work got axed.” In order to support himself, Omar founded Pandemic University, an online pop-up writing school, where he began hosting a few seminars. The school grew quickly and now includes courses taught by other writers. Omar eventually started freelancing again, including his contribution to “I Have a Confession to Make” (p. 52), where he explores envy. “I don’t have a cabin and I don’t camp, so I thought I didn’t have much to share,” says Omar. “But then I realized, that’s the story—my envy of the outdoors.” Omar’s new book, Praying to the West, is available for preorder now. Anna Kwan Illustrator Anna Kwan has always had a love…

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editor's note

It’s what’s inside that counts FOR ALWAYS AND EVER, all of the buildings at our family cottage were clad in white clapboard with brown roofs. It was the trademark of the place: each new structure would look the same regardless of when it was built. And, about 35 years after the first building went up—the cottage itself—you can bet everything needed a coat of paint. You can also bet that this was a job that no one was jumping up to get done during our precious weekend downtime. So neither I nor any of my adult siblings could complain when we arrived one Friday night to discover that my mother, the actual owner of the cottage, had painted it bright blue without asking anyone else for their particular opinion on the…

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your letters

A breath of fresh air Uitwaaien The Dutch practice of going outside to let go of the bad air and breathe in the good. SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: stress relief, feeling invigorated, and boosting one’s general health A peek inside I am the happy owner of every single issue of Cottage Life magazine. My favourite features always involve a look inside someone’s cottage. Thank you for showing us “A Little Basket on the Beach” (Mar/Apr ’21). I love this charming cabin.—Sandra Foy, Redstone Lake, Ont. Karen von Hahn has done a beautiful job of preserving our now 75-year-old cottage in “A Little Basket on the Beach.” I say “our” because in 1946, the year I was born, my parents, the Gordons from Stratford, had our Lake Huron cottage built. (Your writer refers to the original…

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countdown to the may 2-4 weekend

*We did not just make this up. This was based on your social media feedback. 10 Check the mouse traps. 9 Fill up the beer fridge. 8 Turn on the water. Pray that there are no plumbing problems. 7 Deal with the inevitable plumbing problems. 6 Celebrate not finding any mouse corpses by drinking a big glass of wine. 5 Read the log book from last summer. Try to decipher your own penmanship. 4 Set up the dock chairs; sit down for a moment. 3 Yell to the neighbours, “I’m not coming near you unless you’ve had the vaccine! But nice to see you again!” 2 Jump in the lake even if the water is cold as reverse hell. 1 Smile. Because—aww yeah!— you’re at the cottage again.…

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why your lake needs an external defibrillator

TIM DODD WAS always happiest on Panache Lake, Ont., where he canoed, barbecued, and busied himself in his cottage workshop. Six years ago, Tim crafted an eight-foot replica of a pirate ship to mark his water intake. The three-masted barque (right), complete with mermaid figurehead, became a fun and striking landmark for cottagers all over the lake. Sadly, Tim died last summer at age 74 from a heart attack at camp. He was fetching a few tools when he collapsed. Family members took turns performing chest compressions at camp and during the 15-minute boat trip to the marina; another 10 minutes elapsed before the ambulance arrived. Tim was resuscitated but never regained consciousness, dying two days later in the hospital. His three adult kids decided the best way to honour him would…