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Llar i Jardí
Country Gardens

Country Gardens Spring 2019

Country Gardens® celebrates the spirit and romance of gardening as a lifestyle. Whether you have 40 acres or live 40 stories high, we know that country style is more than a passing fancy, it’s part of our united gardening experience. Country Gardens embodies what today’s gardening enthusiasts are looking for—pretty, straightforward garden advice, casual decorating, old-fashioned garden favorites and tough-as-nails natives, the latest tools and gadgets, garden-fresh recipes, and personal stories that inspire readers to take action.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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2 min.
tried and true

Like many of you, I’ve made several cross-country moves with my family, living in climates that varied from one end of the hardiness spectrum to the other. Also like many of you, my gardens have been rooted in fragrances, flavors, and vistas locked in long-held memories. You could say that makes me a romantic, that I’m living in the past. Actually, I’m not much of a romantic (my husband is the sentimental one) but I do find myself growing many of the same flowers, shrubs, and vegetables everywhere I go. I don’t think that’s just out of habit, however. Some plants are just so dependable and adaptable—perhaps those qualities are what make them my favorites. This issue of Country Gardens holds a host of stories that we’re counting on to inspire…

1 min.
22nd annual garden awards

SHOW US your garden ENTER TODAY! SEE THIS YEAR’S AWARD WINNERS IN THE COUNTRY GARDENS FALL 2019 ISSUE. TIPS FOR MAKING A GOOD ENTRY • Send photos from only the one best season in your garden.• Take your photos on a slightly cloudy day, or in the soft light of morning or evening.• Show us the whole garden—don’t send closeups of flowers.• Limit your photos to the best ones—it’s not necessary to send more than 20 photos. GUIDELINES Only amateur gardeners are eligible for awards; participants cannot earn their living from gardening, landscaping, or interior design. Gardens that have received other national gardening honors or awards, or have been featured in a national magazine, are ineligible. Please retain an original copy of your complete entry for your records; materials will not be returned. Images from…

2 min.
garden phlox to know and grow

Many of us remember with nostalgia the wonderfully fragrant garden phlox (Phlox paniculata, Zones 4–8) in our grandmother’s gardens, and these beauties are still favorites, grown mostly today in perennial and mixed beds and borders. They bloom from midsummer into early fall, with showy heads (panicles) of funnel-shape flowers. A second crop of flowers often extends the season, particularly if stems are cut for bouquets or deadheaded. Cultivars range in color from pure white to pinks, lavenders, purples, reds, and violets; some blooms have a contrasting deeper-color eye. The flowers of all cultivars are extremely fragrant, although you’ll find some are more fragrant than others. Sometimes called border or summer phlox, this species is native to the eastern United States. Some 67 species comprise the genus Phlox. It is classified in…

1 min.
best uses for garden phlox

Phlox are indispensable in sunny beds, borders, and cut-flower gardens. They play well with shrubs and perennials and repeat-bloom if they are deadheaded routinely, providing extended color. The ‘Fashionable Early’ series, for the middle and back of borders, blooms very early. Ornamental grasses, such as fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides) or tufted hair grass (Deschampsia cespitosa), are fine companions for deep pink-eyed, pink heads of ‘Eva Cullum’, rosy pink ‘Shortwood’, or purple ‘Robert Poore’. Match salmony-orange ‘Orange Perfection’ with Coreopsis ‘Sienna Sunset’ for an eye-popping color echo; use evergreen shrubs as a backdrop. Augment fragrance gardens with sweetly scented white ‘David’, ‘Peacock White’, or deep lavender purple ‘Laura’. In wildlife, butterfly, or native plant gardens, vivid ‘Blue Paradise’ and red-centered, two-toned ‘Bright Eyes’ provide nectar for hummingbirds. Lavender-pink ‘Jeana’ entices countless…

4 min.
elevated landscape design

An elevation plan is similar to a photo of a landscape—it shows what you would see if standing in front of a fully mature garden. Many gardeners design their dream gardens by drawing a plan view (as we showed you in the Early Spring 2019 issue of Country Gardens). But for some of us, it’s easier to start with the elevation view and work toward the plan. With the help of Lisa Orgler, author of the garden design blog papergardenworkshop.com, learn step-by-step how to draw an elevation plan to then create a detailed garden plan. “A proper plan will help you design the appropriate amount of plants for the depth of the bed, plus it provides a drawing for the installation of your design,” Orgler says. Lisa’s Advice Drawing in elevation can…

2 min.
gabion planter

Gabion—the basis of our planter’s inspiration—ordinarily refers to a stone-filled wire cage set in a series as a garden fence. As a large-scale landscape feature, the series forms an impressive retaining wall capable of holding a massive amount of soil. Our small gabion has a more decorative intention. Made to sit on a tabletop where it can catch sunlight and glow colorfully, it is cylindrical and filled with recycled glass. The 6×6-inch gabion is designed as a planter that holds a 4-inch nursery pot. You can also make a smaller version (3½×3 inches) for a votive candle. The primary material for this project is hardware cloth, which is not cloth or fabric as you might think of it. The very stiff and sturdy galvanized wire mesh requires that you wear heavy-duty gloves…