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Country Home magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. From contemporary lofts that radiate a modern version of country to Texas farmhouses rich with patina, each issue delivers the style and inspiration that readers hold dear.

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from the editor

When the hazy days of summer give way to crisp, colorful autumn, it’s time to ready our cocoons and savor what we have inside. This is when a home steeped in country style is, in many ways, at its best. Country interiors by their nature are warm and welcoming ones, and the homes we’ve gathered in this issue are no exception. Some are layered with collections and rich color, like the Connecticut home of Sharon Love and Neil Schlecht (“Love Story,” page 76). The two have peppered their 1790 house with vintage finds and cozy patterns to create rooms that reach out and hug all who enter. In other featured homes, natural elements are invited inside and woven into chic, organic nests. The small weekend home of top stylist Kate McCann (“A…

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country home   ® style makers

IN THE SHOP WITH Loi Thai When serenity is what you crave, light and airy Swedish style might be just what you need. LOI THAI HAS A PASSION FOR Swedish antiques because of their clean, graceful lines and timeless spirit. The designer and longtime collector opened his Tone on Tone antiques shop after he noticed that the Washington, D.C., area he calls home didn’t have a retail showcase for others who love the style. “I thought if I liked it, then perhaps there would be a clientele here,” he says. Botanical prints, floral arrangements, and delicate artwork warm up the neutraltone pieces he displays on his shelves and add to the store’s ambience. “I like to bring plants inside for pattern and color,” Loi says. “My shop is really a reflection of my personal…

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naturally simple season’s greetings

LIZ GALVAN HAS A KEEN EYE FOR DECORATING ON A BUDGET. The Michigan native founded Liz Marie Blog nearly 10 years ago as a way to share her DIY projects and flea market finds with loved ones while she was living in North Carolina. Since then, she and her husband have relocated back to the “mitten state” and an 1800s farmhouse, where style starts on the front porch. We asked Liz for a few pointers on dressing the space for fall gatherings. 1/Save money by clipping found branches to grace your vases. “I like to think of fall as just an overabundance of nature,” Liz says. “Most of the necessities you can find in your own backyard.” 2/Think outside the linen closet to find items to top a fall-themed table. Plaid throws…

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a quiet place

KATE MCCANN ALWAYS KNEW SHE WOULD ONE DAY HAVE A HOUSE IN THE country, and she made it happen. But for this city girl, adjusting to real life in a weekend house tucked between Connecticut horse farms has been an eye-opener. “One of our first nights in the house, I looked out the window and said to Kevin, ‘Look at that bright light. I wonder where that is coming from?’” she says. “And he said, ‘That is the moon.’” Set back from the road on an acre of land, her and Kevin McAlinn’s converted barn doesn’t get much traffic—except in the form of wildlife. A serene silence blankets the house, pierced only by birdcalls and the frog chirps that Kate once mistook for a car alarm. This calm—although hard to adjust…

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call of the wild

ARTHUR IS A STRIDENT FELLOW, a sartorial peacock who wears his years well and has a thing for ruffled collars. And have you met Clementine the raccoon? She has a royal bloodline, as her crown clearly shows. The stuffed and fluffed characters in Collin Robison and Trent DeBerry’s rural Connecticut home are a constant source of entertainment. There’s a tale in every corner, a scene on every shelf. “We want the house to feel almost like an adventure,” says Collin, an interior designer and the chief arranger. Trent, a school administrator, agrees: “Collin has a gift for creating a story. You look at a display one time and see something, a second time you see something different, and a third time something new still.” The couple arrived at this layered look somewhat…

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good move

PLANNING THEIR EVENTUAL MOVE BACK to Baltimore, San Franciscans Joe Lazzaro and Greg Bernard mapped out a five- to eight-year plan. It would begin with casual scouting for Tudor houses, most likely in the city’s leafy and polished Roland Park neighborhood, just a few miles from where Joe grew up. But even before the house hunt began, the plan changed. Standing in a friend’s kitchen during a high school graduation party, Greg had the sudden thought, “I’d like to live in a place like this.” “This” was a 1919 Victorian farmhouse on the shore of Baltimore’s Lake Montebello. “It just had a very warm, positive feeling to it,” Greg says, “with both the house and the beautiful lake outside and all the diverse people out and about.” Turned out, their pal was…