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Country Home Early Spring 2019

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Country Home magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. From contemporary lofts that radiate a modern version of country to Texas farmhouses rich with patina, each issue delivers the style and inspiration that readers hold dear.

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from the editor

So when I finally got the chance to visit—during an unseasonably hot early September in Massachusetts—I jumped. Who cares if it’s 95 degrees when you’re surrounded by the best vintage treasures this side of the Atlantic? Slathered in sunscreen with a squeaky wagon trailing behind us, our crew set out at sunrise for a two-day adventure. I was blown away by the sheer scope of the show, including dozens of selling fields, thousands of vendors, and an incredible array of antiques, collectibles, and quirky surprises. It made it almost impossible to pick favorites (although the Japanese indigo we spotted at May’s Field came close). Whether you’re a flea market junkie or a newbie like me, I promise you won’t regret a visit to this world-renowned event. Just remember to bring plenty of…

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birdie farm

IT STARTED WITH DAILY perusing on Pinterest, but when stay-at-home mom Lucy Rose Conklin stumbled across an Instagram page dedicated solely to home decor, she knew her next move. A wish to share her style and a few picture snaps later, and her popular blog, Birdie Farm, was born. With an instant attraction to the old, used, and perfectly imperfect, Lucy Rose’s style centers around reclaimed materials, fresh flowers (taken straight from her yard), and story-filled antiques. Her country expression—which walks the line between rustic and romantic—proved adaptable when her family of six recently moved from a Colorado ranch to a South Dakota Queen Anne (both shown here). But maybe what draws her audience in most is her emphasis on making her home family-friendly. “For me farmhouse just means livable,” Lucy…

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mimi walsh

AS A GIRL, DESIGNER MIMI Walsh would decorate stacked shoeboxes to resemble the different floors of a home. It wasn’t much, but it lit a spark. Dabbling in different creative outlets as she grew (she was an art major in college and designed outerwear), it wasn’t until she was married with kids that she went back to school to pursue what she considers her true passion—interior design. “I think it’s been in me since I was a kid,” Mimi says. It didn’t take long for Mimi to gain traction in her design career. An eclectic spirit herself, Mimi’s personality shines through projects where modern pieces amplify well chosen antiques, and pattern and texture are layered with a heavy hand—but a tasteful eye. “I see tree roots outside and think, That would make…

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jeffrey dungan

WHEN A SCHOOL COUNSELOR CALLED JEFFREY DUNGAN into her office for career planning, she took his strengths—math and art—and searched for a middle ground. “She looked in her little book where the two subjects crossed and said, ‘Have you ever thought about being an architect?’” Jeffrey recalls jokingly. “I thought that was someone you see to get your back aligned.” It was this “rather bizarre conversation,” as Jeffrey calls it, that sparked his interest in architectural design. Drawing inspiration from nature, the acclaimed Southern architect frequently uses natural woods and stone to design homes that are comfortable for modern living while still echoing the stature of classic historical structures. Although his thoughtful designs look complex, for him, architecture is actually quite simple. “I think of myself more as an artist than…

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home on the range

“I used to feel a lot of pressure to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak,” Chloe Mackintosh says of her former life as a city girl raised in Reno, Nevada, and self-confessed retail junkie to whom fashion labels meant more than most anything else. But six years ago when her then-boyfriend Greg relocated to work on his family’s cattle ranch several hours away, her life took a dramatic turn. After two years of long-distance dating and commuting between city and country, Chloe moved to the ranch. In a tiny town. A town with a single shopping outlet—a small general store. But she wasn’t the first. “Greg’s grandmother was a bit of a ‘city girl’ herself,” Chloe says. “She moved from Sacramento to the ranch to marry his grandfather, having never…

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a little romance

WHEN SHE FIRST SAW THIS PROPERTY IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA with its 3 hillside acres and neglected structures, Courtney Allison saw home, even though the real estate agent suggested bulldozers might be in order. To be sure, the buildings needed big-time work. “Ceilings were open, sections had been vandalized—it almost looked like there had been a fire,” she says. First and foremost, her family of five needed a place to live, so for six years, the family’s focus was on the main house. This charming—and alluring—little cottage out back would have to wait. As those years unfolded, the 1940s-era cottage mainly fulfilled practical purposes: storage space, construction site, workshop, and headquarters for sons Ryan and Cullan’s high school band. Until finally, with living quarters sufficiently shored up, Courtney could give the 1,000-square-foot…