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Country Home magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. From contemporary lofts that radiate a modern version of country to Texas farmhouses rich with patina, each issue delivers the style and inspiration that readers hold dear.

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from the editor

THE SPRING SEASON FEELS LIKE A WELL-EARNED REWARD. After a long winter’s night, the days stretch slowly longer, the winds become warmer, and—in one of my favorite signs of our Midwestern spring—the robins return to ready their nests. From busy birds to budding trees, the season is sparked by industriousness and renewal. In short, it’s time for spring fever to kick in. These pages are bursting with fresh ideas from some of the most energetic and creative homeowners we’ve found. Your day will be brightened by Meghan Hershfield (page 22), who gathers blooms from her mother’s bountiful flower gardens into lush, free-form arrangements. And you’ll love meeting Risa King (page 42), a single mother of eight, who knew she was home the minute she saw a down-on-its-luck, nearly century-old polo pony…

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across the pond with charlotte reiss

THOUGH SHE GREW UP ALONG the English coast, Charlotte Reiss’s heart belongs to the French countryside. After moving to the United States for a career as a talent agent, she longed for the French holidays of her youth and a rural retreat to call her own. Eight years ago, that dream became reality with a 150-year-old farmhouse in Provence, France. She has since renovated it with her home-builder husband, and now their family spends holidays and summers there. The realization of that dream birthed another—owning her own traditional French housewares online marketplace. Named after Charlotte’s two daughters, her Vivi et Margot shop sells French antiques (handpicked by Charlotte during frequent trips across the Atlantic) and artisanal French items such as wicker baskets, wooden utensils, and linen aprons. Each product is something…

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down home with elaine burge

IF ART REFLECTS LIFE, Elaine Burge’s days must burst with color and energy. The Georgia artist dips her brush into every color under the sun for her nature-inspired abstracts and vivid portraits. Elaine’s home, which she shares with her husband, Richey, and their daughters, Lucy and Bonnie, follows a similar color scheme. The quaint ranch house is nestled on a small plot of land near Riddleville, Georgia (population: 250), where they relish in quiet evenings under star-speckled skies with their four dogs, seven chickens, and neighbors that include a herd of cows and one “extremely boisterous” donkey. Antique finds and colorful collections circulate fresh air into every room of the house. “My home is like a revolving door; I’m always switching out what I have on my walls,” Elaine says. The eclectic…

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home on the ranch

JENNIFER HOROWITZ LIVES FOR THE GOLDEN HOUR—THAT magical time when the sun descends behind the ridge of trees, and the family’s cows congregate on the fence line as if to enjoy the sky’s colorful show, too. Jennifer and her husband, Glen, meet on the porch every evening for a long, slow exhale while they rock in their favorite chairs and take in a view they always wanted. “We had been living a busy life in Fort Worth, and one day I just said to Glen, ‘I need to live in the country—it’s in my DNA,’” says Jennifer, who was born in Hawaii and whose grandparents raised Arabian horses on the island of Oahu. The couple found a listing for a 56-acre ranch near the small town of Whitesboro, Texas—about an hour…

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tending her garden

THE ELEGANT PERFUME OF PEONY BLOSSOMS transports Meghan Hershfield to her school days. “When they bloom, you can’t cut them fast enough,” she says. “I remember I didn’t go to school without bringing bouquets to my teachers.” As a floral designer, Meghan is lucky to have the vintage bushes—which likely date to the 1940s—just steps from her studio in a renovated barn in Wilton, Connecticut. In fact, she’s surrounded by history at every turn. The barn and gardens are on the property where Meghan and her two sisters grew up and where her parents still live. When she finishes creating arrangements for a client’s weekend wedding, she’ll wash out buckets in the tub where she and her sisters took baths. “We were so scared of the claw feet,” Meghan says with…

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flower power

IMITATE NATURE “If you’re trying to make something look like it’s from the garden, think about how the sun hits it to make different shades,” she says. Include flowers in several hues and a range of intensities from pale to bold. MAKE THE CUT “People make the mistake of buying flowers and thinking they can’t cut the stems. But when you trim them to create air and space around the flower, it looks so much better,” she says. VARY TEXTURE “You don’t want all fluffy flowers,” Meghan says. Blend blooms of different shapes and sizes, as well as leaves that feel slick, wispy, or fuzzy.…