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Country Home magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. From contemporary lofts that radiate a modern version of country to Texas farmhouses rich with patina, each issue delivers the style and inspiration that readers hold dear.

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autumn ushers in brilliant color, cooler temps, and the urge to nest.

P.S. We’re thrilled to report that Country Home® magazine is available four times a year. As always, it’s on newsstands, and we’ve added a subscription option so you don’t miss a single issue. Visit TheMeredithStore.com to sign up today. As we enjoy the crisp fall air and kaleidoscopic world outside, now is also the season to start thinking about going inside to play. So it’s only natural to want your interiors to be ready for whatever level of hibernation your psyche and climate suggest. For those of us who relish preparing our personal spaces in anticipation of cozy days ahead, it’s go time. No matter the scope of your home improvement dreams, we’ve packed these pages with inspiration from creative home decorators from coast to coast. In the mountains of Southern California,…

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on a county road with angie wendricks

ANGIE WENDRICKS PREFERS A “skimp and splurge” lifestyle. The tiny, sparsely furnished Indiana farmhouse she shares with her husband, Alex, definitely lands on the spare edge of the spectrum. But amid its clean, all-white lines are moments of decadence. “I love nice textiles,” Angie says. “Instead of having a lot of so-so pieces, I invest in one or two really good ones.” Angie first subscribed to a simple yet character-rich aesthetic during visits to her grandma’s house in Frederick, Maryland. “I love the Shaker and Colonial architecture out there,” the lifestyle influencer and stylist-photographer says. “The design was so basic and pared back but still stylish. They knew what they were doing!” The look was in direct contrast to the Midwest houses she was raised in—rambling suburban brick ranches, surrounded by more…

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on the list with courtney allison

MAKERS COME IN MANY FORMS. On top of the many meals, table settings, and photographs stylist Courtney Allison creates on a regular basis, she’s also a big list-maker. “My mom and grandmothers and great-grandmothers were all big entertainers and big list-makers,” she says. “I guess I inherited the gene.” As they did, Courtney sticks to old-school pencil and paper, on which she scribbles groceries and daily chores. Her favorite lists, though, are for parties. Mom and Grammy’s parties centered around food, but Courtney’s are about ambience. “I’m more interested in the feeling a get-together leaves with the people who were there,” she says. Onto her lists go the tangible components to those intangible feelings: setting, lighting, music, flowers, and time of day. She likes her tables textile-free, flowers plentiful, and music jazz…

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an autumn porch dressed to impress

1/ARTFUL ABUNDANCE Give your porch the charm of a pumpkin patch with a casual display of gourds and fall flowers. To create an appealing landscape, choose gourds of various types and sizes, boosting some onto stools, boxes, or small tables to stagger heights. For a peaceful setting, avoid stark contrast and choose fabrics in complementary shades of butterscotch and orange (and golden retriever!). Finish with spheres of mums for more warm texture and color. 2/THE RINGER Cute and colorful, mini varieties of pumpkins and gourds make ideal ornaments for an autumn wreath. Start with a 12-inchdiameter wire wreath as a base. Use an awl to pierce the fruits, then thread florists wire through each and secure to the base in a random pattern. Tuck in moss to fill the gaps between the gourds…

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southern comfort

ON ANY GIVEN DAY, SWEET OR SAVORY AROMAS WAFT FROM ASHLEY SCHOENITH’S KITCHEN. SOMETIMES SHE SHARES THE RECIPES FOR HER TREATS— such as the lemon-coconut macaroons she’s baking on this day—with her thousands of followers on Pinterest and thousands more enthusiasts of her Heirloomed lifestyle blog. Other days, she might pass along gardening tips or sewing projects from her Atlanta-area home. Ashley’s simple life of domestic passions—scratch cooking, housekeeping, and especially sewing—was fed by her maternal grandmother, Cele. It was around the table in her Tallahassee, Florida, home that Ashley would gather friends for apron-stitching brunch parties. Ashley began selling aprons, along with handwritten family recipes, through IceMilk Aprons, the company she founded in 2006. Five years ago, it evolved into a lifestyle brand, and now her website offers licensed collections…

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into the woods

AS A CHILD, CAROL ESTES often went with her parents to Idyllwild, a mile-high California town in the San Jacinto Mountains engulfed by acres and acres of national forest. Carol spent the summers of her childhood there, roaming the forest and riding horses. Fast-forward to 2014. When Carol’s mother passed, the San Diego-based interior designer had the desire to be surrounded by the forest once again. She convinced her husband, Lee, to take the two-hour drive up the long and winding highway, her first visit since her teenage years. The car wheels had barely rolled to a stop when Carol announced she wanted to buy a cabin. When Lee heard the announcement, he told her to hold off and wait a year, then they could go back and see. But a…