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Cruising World May 2020

Cruising World is your passport for exploring the world’s coastlines and oceans while voyaging under sail. Its contributors inspire and entertain through stories, pictures and videos that underscore the beauty and adventure of sailing, while providing instruction on the disciplines of seamanship, navigation and boat handling. The Cruising World community is made up of experienced, committed sailors and boat owners. No matter their long-range sailing plans, Cruising World’s mission is to nurture their dreams with practical how-to information and stirring real-life adventure features.

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peachy news on anchoring

Score one for the water tribe in Georgia—all the sailors, powerboaters, anglers and other aqua lovers—who deserve a big, collective high five from the rest of us for banding together to push for a rollback of some of the most draconian anchoring restrictions in the country. Over the course of the past year, they have talked. They have lobbied. They have remained calm and reasonable. And most recently, it appears that took a significant step forward, when the Georgia House of Representatives approved legislation, called HB 833, that will overwrite and reverse rules announced in January that make it nearly impossible to anchor in many areas along the Georgia coast, including some 140 miles of the Intracoastal Waterway. I say that it looks to be a step forward, because after being…

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nick of time

We had to tack away at the last minute. Opus, a C&C 43, was just a few boat lengths ahead, and that was enough to make all the difference. The barge bore down on us both with the tenacity of a creature little inclined to slow down or change course. Our sails were sheeted in tight, playing the delicate balance of speed and point. The crew was quiet, eyes trained, muscles taut, minds wondering, Would we play chicken with a bird that big? It was day one of the 12-day 580-mile race around Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and our grit was already being tested aboard Kotuku, a Farr 1220. But that’s exactly what I love about the biennial Van Isle 360 race. Every day dishes up a new plate of struggles…

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passage notes

Attention Bahamas Cruisers No doubt things have changed in the Abacos as a result of 2019’s Hurricane Dorian, and having an updated cruising guide is crucial. White Sound Press has recently released The Cruising Guide to Abaco, Bahamas: 2020 by Steve Dodge. Publication was delayed for over three months because of the need to verify and update navigational information and complete several survey runs. For more information, visit wspress.com. Blue Water Medal The Cruising Club of America has awarded its 2019 Blue Water Medal to Jean-Luc Van Den Heede for his achievements in singlehanded sailing. Most notable among his accomplishments are six solo circumnavigations, including victory in the 2018 Golden Globe Race and setting the world record for fastest west-about circumnavigation. Learn more at cruisingclub.org.…

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good point, fatty

I have held copies of Cruising World in my hands since the early ’80s, but this latest issue (March 2020) finally moved me to write. I was disappointed to find a letter criticizing Cap’n Fatty’s point about the increase in hurricane intensity and frequency (“Stick to Sailing, Fatty”). I am a research meteorologist and find a strong relationship regarding the impact of warming seas on hurricanes, as Fatty had pointed out. Aside from my position, Fatty’s point is firmly backed by the preponderance of research on the topic, as one may examine for themselves at the Global Fluid Dynamic Laboratory’s webpage on Global Warming and Hurricanes (gfdl.noaa.gov/global-warming-and-hurricanes/). GFDL is one of our country’s leading research centers on weather and climate forecasting. Differing opinions aside, I hope this discussion encourages everyone…

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health notice for cruisers

Until recently, for most cruisers the word “corona” conjured images of a golden beverage best enjoyed with a lime wedge, preferably in range of a beach with swaying palm trees. The rise of the novel coronavirus has changed that for now. The infectious disease with a rapid international trajectory called COVID-19 is impacting cruisers in a variety of ways. In the Mediterranean, a cruiser at one of the Sicilian marinas popular for wintering over wonders if they’ll be locked in as countries block or quarantine arrivals from Italy. In the Caribbean, a cruiser with plans to fly home for a wedding worries about missing the big event if their travel record includes countries with growing infection rates. In the South Pacific, cruisers approaching French Polynesia after weeks at sea wonder how requirements have…

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new and now

1. RONSTAN SOFT ATTACHMENT BLOCK • $330 AND UP • RONSTAN.US Ronstan’s new soft attachment snatch blocks are some serious bling for your boat. The Dyneema SK99 cord shackle provides a simple and protective means of attachment, and is secured with a titanium “dog bone” closure. 2. COBRA MARINE HH600 • $210 COBRA.COM Don’t let its size fool you—this handheld VHF is loaded with features. It floats and is submersible, has built-in GPS and DSC so it can broadcast your position in an emergency, and it even has Bluetooth capabilities allowing users to make and receive phone calls on the radio. 3. UNITED YACHTING STANCHION HOOK • $15 UNITEDYACHTING.COM Looking for a way to organize your deck or cockpit? The why-didn’t-I-think-of-that stanchion hook from United Yachting makes it simple to hang up docklines. It’s easy to mount, and…