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Damaged Damaged

Here are just a few stories from the highly anticipated Fall Issue: • Volvo F12 - All kinds of weathering are key to modeling a rig that's seen better days. • Dozer CHTZ-T-130 - How to build, paint and weather an all-paper 1/32 scale bulldozer. • Flag of Our Maks - Build a 1/20 scale Maschienen Krieger diorama inspired by a famous World War II photo. • Batmobile - Learn how to add interior detail and dramatic pre-shading to finish the Dark Knight's Tumbler. • And much more! Whether you’re modeling a WWII tank or a vintage car, you’ll find loads of modeling inspiration and techniques from international experts including Volkan Ayhan, Truffi Bortholuzzi, and Barlas Pehlivan. Damaged will be published quarterly as a special issue from FineScale Modeler. Keep an eye out for future issues!

United States
Kalmbach Publishing Co. - Magazines
Llegir Més
10,96 €


1 min.
modeling is fun

Sure, there is a serious side to the subject matter — especially the history of the combat aircraft and armor that dominate the hobby — but we all enjoy the process of building. Sometimes the subject matter can be fun, fantastic, and even zany. That is what’s great about the magazine you hold in your hands. With bright layouts and big pictures, Damaged celebrates the “rest of modeling.” While you’ll find popular genres like sci-fi in the mix, many of the subjects are things you might find categorized as “miscellaneous” or “other” at model contests. This issue includes civil aircraft, construction equipment, a steampunk train, and, believe it or not, a whimsical Chernobyl diorama. Uniting all of these disparate ideas, whether it’s a kit built straight from the box or a…

4 min.
toyota geneo 20

The 1/32 scale Aoshima Toyota Geneo electric lift truck is one of those models that a modeler looks forward to building from the first time they set eyes on it, whether in the hobby shop or in photos on the internet. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on this gem of a kit. With its high quality and amazing realism, it is a welcome break from typical builds and is a great opportunity to practice all kinds of painting and weathering techniques. I used AK-Interactive products unless otherwise noted. Modeler: Rubén González Brand: Aoshima Scale: 1/32 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, cutter, masking tape Paint products: Acrylics Enamels Pigments Oils PAINTING THE FORKS SELECTIVE APPLICATION OF THE OILS To add wear and grime to the horizontal and lower surfaces that typically receive more dirt, I used 502 Abteilung oil paints — dark…

5 min.
t-47 snowspeeder

Modeler: Juan Manuel Villegas Brand: Bandai Scale: 1/48 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, cutter, drills, masking tape Paint products: Acr ylics Lacquers Enamels Pigments Graphite Bandai’s Snowspeeder is one in the magnificent kits from its extensive series dedicated to the Star Wars saga. Like all other kits in the series, it is designed to be assembled without glue. It includes a set of waterslide decals as well as a second set of self-adhesive markings for inexperienced builders. Being a model “for all audiences” is not at odds with the level of detail, which is very good. The kit does not include landing gear, so the model must be represented in flight. For this, the kit supplies a base and posable support. As for painting, I wanted my Snowspeeder to represent one that appears in The Empire Strikes Back. But I pushed the finish a…

4 min.
seaplane northway aviation

From the cold waters of Canadian lakes, I present this floatplane, a subject that often lurks on the must-build-someday list of aircraft modelers. Building the model was a simple and enjoyable experience. The interior features were pretty basic, so improvements were in order. They included custom-built details, such as anchors, cushions, and harnesses in the seats, and a few photo-etched parts and surplus resin pieces from other models. Modeler: Daniel Zamarbide Suárez Brand: Modelcraft UC-64 Norseman Scale: 1/48 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, cutter, masking tape Paint products: Acrylics and enamels Pigments Watercolor pencils…

6 min.
the imperial express gabriele leni

CONCEPT The Imperial Express is one of my latest sci-fi dioramas. It was built for the World Model Expo in Stresa, Italy, in 2014. I wanted to make a train — not an ordinary train, but a steampunk vehicle you could believe had once existed. For this reason, I preferred to build a classic locomotive and add a futuristic steampunk design. All the parts of the train are based on real-life steam locomotives; I changed elements of the design and numbers of things. For instance, I preferred five boilers to the typical single boiler and a cab placed high up similar to a plane’s cockpit. The Express is completely scratchbuilt: All the items you see were made with styrene, glue, and, in some cases, brass. I formed some of the cylindrical parts on a…

6 min.
chernobyl attraction

Modeler: Tomek Rojek Brand: Trumpeter, Reedoak Scale: 1:35 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, cutter, masking tape, copper, Evergreen and Plastruct materials Paint products: Acrylics Enamel effects Pigments 26 APRIL 1986. AS THE RESULT OF A FAILED EXPERIMENT, THE CHERNOBYL NUCLEAR POWER PLANT EXPERIENCED THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE NUCLEAR ACCIDENT IN HISTORY About 350,000 people were displaced from the area near the power plant. The single largest population, as many as 50,000 people, were residents of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine, located in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Thirty years have passed since the accident. Pripyat, abandoned by humans and gradually being repossessed by nature, has become a destination for thrill-seekers. I, too, have succumbed to the power of this modern ghost town, although I did not dare to visit. Instead I made a diorama illustrating a fragment of the “nuclear” town. Seeing amazing photos…