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Damaged Spring 2019

Here are just a few stories from the highly anticipated Fall Issue: • Volvo F12 - All kinds of weathering are key to modeling a rig that's seen better days. • Dozer CHTZ-T-130 - How to build, paint and weather an all-paper 1/32 scale bulldozer. • Flag of Our Maks - Build a 1/20 scale Maschienen Krieger diorama inspired by a famous World War II photo. • Batmobile - Learn how to add interior detail and dramatic pre-shading to finish the Dark Knight's Tumbler. • And much more! Whether you’re modeling a WWII tank or a vintage car, you’ll find loads of modeling inspiration and techniques from international experts including Volkan Ayhan, Truffi Bortholuzzi, and Barlas Pehlivan. Damaged will be published quarterly as a special issue from FineScale Modeler. Keep an eye out for future issues!

United States
Kalmbach Publishing Co. - Magazines
Llegir Més
10,96 €


1 min.

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT In my experience, we modelers love to talk. Sometimes those conversations are face-to-face at club meetings, contests, or a local hobby store. The wonders of the information age have taken those conversations global, allowing us to communicate daily with hobbyists worldwide. What do we talk about? Everything from our travails on our latest project (and how close we came to re-kitting the model!) and our latest purchase to the best research for the camouflage we want to apply and which paint and airbrush we prefer. If you hang out long enough, the conversation will come around to the impending death of the hobby. Yes, we’ve seen setbacks in recent years, such as the Hobbico bankruptcy and its effect on Revell. And, yes, there are fewer hobby stores than there…

8 min.
walking death

Modeler: Enrique Velasco Brand: Knight Models Scale: 70mm Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, sprue cutter, masking tape, plaster, Milliput Paint products (AK-Interactive unless otherwise noted): Acrylics Enamels Pigments I’ve always liked zombie movies; I grew up watching George A. Romero films. So, it isn’t a surpise that I’d wanted to build a diorama depicitng a hero’s frenzied, against-all-odds stand, pinned down with death (or worse!) just a bite away. I didn’t quite get there with this diorama, but after I saw Knight Model’s 70mm Zombie Girl from its Terror Series, I had to get to work. And sometimes, the models tell the story a little differently than what you originally envisioned. PLANNING THE SCENE. COMPOSITION (PICTURES 1-2) First, I planned the scene with an eye toward achieving an interesting composition. After some consideration, I chose to depict a scene that could easily be the subject…

3 min.
x-wing fighter

Modeler: Daniel Zamarbide Brand: Bandai Scale: 1:72 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, sprue cutter, masking tape Paint products (all AK-Interactive unless otherwise noted): Acrylics Oils Weathering effects…

4 min.
mouse trouble

IT IS SATURDAY NIGHT A graffiti crew is having its usual drink at a local watering hole. Amy, the newest member, has accepted the challenge of creating her own graffiti in a long abandoned gym. Obviously, this is what it will take for Amy to gain the group’s respect. Early the next day, Amy was at the gym, ready to work. However, she was not alone: A group of mice watched her from the backboard of a basketball hoop. Suddenly, she found inspiration … Modeler: George Mefsout Brand: Various Scale: 1:35 Tools and supplies: Airbrush, tweezers, cutters, masking tape, balsa wood, balsa foam, styrene strip and rod, modeling paste, epoxy putty, thick aluminum foil Paint products (all AK-Interactive unless otherwise mentioned): Acrylics Enamels Pigments…

6 min.
ships at sea

There’s just something about model ships with their complexity and fine details that, we think, captivates many modelers. When a ship is finished well, it becomes a feast for the eyes — and you know it’s good when you get a chill up your spine. Until now, we haven’t put many of our ship models on display bases depicting water, let alone one with active seas. So we challenged ourselves to model a realistic ocean base for our next ship and dove into every book and video we could find to see how other modelers go about the art of making waves. We discovered a lot of good advice, many different techniques, and plenty of inspiration. From that, we distilled the information into what you can use to achieve good results with…

5 min.

Modeler: Zdenek Sebesta Brand: HpH Models Scale: 1/32 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, hobby knife, masking tape, sheet styrene, lead foil, brass rod Paint products: Acrylic lacquers Enamel washes THE CZECHOSLOVAKIAN AEROBATIC PLANE ZLÍN Z-50 WAS THE FIRST AEROBATIC PLANE IN THE WORLD TO ENTER SERIAL PRODUCTION. The prototype of the Z-50 made its maiden flight in 1975. Over the next 19 years, the Moravan Otrokovice factory produced more than 80 Z-50s with various changes and improvements. The aircraft’s quality is demonstrated by the numerous international awards won by pilots flying it over the years. Some of the most famous names are Czech aerobatic world champions, including Ivan Tuček and Petr Jirmus. Currently there are three model kits of the Z-50 in three major aircraft scales. First, in line was a short-run 1/48 scale styrene offering from AZ Model. That was followed…