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Damaged Summer 2019

Here are just a few stories from the highly anticipated Fall Issue: • Volvo F12 - All kinds of weathering are key to modeling a rig that's seen better days. • Dozer CHTZ-T-130 - How to build, paint and weather an all-paper 1/32 scale bulldozer. • Flag of Our Maks - Build a 1/20 scale Maschienen Krieger diorama inspired by a famous World War II photo. • Batmobile - Learn how to add interior detail and dramatic pre-shading to finish the Dark Knight's Tumbler. • And much more! Whether you’re modeling a WWII tank or a vintage car, you’ll find loads of modeling inspiration and techniques from international experts including Volkan Ayhan, Truffi Bortholuzzi, and Barlas Pehlivan. Damaged will be published quarterly as a special issue from FineScale Modeler. Keep an eye out for future issues!

United States
Kalmbach Publishing Co. - Magazines
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10,90 €


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keep it interesting

In his editorial for the European edition of this issue of Damaged, José Isidro del Campo said, “modeling is anything but boring.” I couldn’t agree more! I write this shortly after returning from Jaxcon, a local show put on by IPMS First Coast in Jacksonville, Florida, each February. One of the things that struck me as I walked through the tables filled with more than 650 models was the sheer variety of the items on display. I don’t mean variety just in the sense of the types of models — this show had everything from aircraft and cars to submarines and sci-fi — but also the variety of finishes applied. It’s something we’ve come to expect in armor. I think it can be argued that military vehicle builders kicked off the renaissance…

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FOR 502 ABTEILUNG Original Idea & Concept Enrique Royo Fernando Vallejo Ignacio Fernández Chief Editor Fernando Vallejo Editor Management Enrique Royo English texts Abilio Piñeiro Graphic & Layout BMS Designs AK Interactive Article Assistant Maciej Goralczyk Kristof Pulinckx Rubén González Collaborators Rubén González Andrés Montiel Kristof Pulinckx George Mefsout Enrique Velasco Martin Welberg Emmanuel Nouaillier Andreas Rousounelis FOR KALMBACH MEDIA CO. Editor Aaron Skinner Art Scott Krall Copy Editor Timothy E. Kidwell Advertising Michael Wieloch 262-798-6630 Published & distributed by…

access_time5 min.
at-at: desert walker

The famous AT-AT or All Terrain Armoured Transport is a vehicle that is at the top of the list of favorites from Star Wars fans around the world. During its first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back in the early 1980s, the AT-AT caught much of the attention due to its massive size, enormous firepower, and armor as well as, of course, just the look of it and the awesome sound effects when it’s walking. Strangely there wasn’t an accurate commercial kit on the market until 2017 when Bandai released its 1/144 scale version. The kit itself is well detailed and you can even recognize some parts the designers used for the original walker using parts from other model kits! The kit can be built without glue, but being a die-hard…

access_time4 min.
sci-fi tank

The fact that there are no fixed rules or closed patterns, so necessary in any other modeling disciplines, means that a job of this kind becomes a real joy. Nothing prevents you from modifying the vehicle or using a camouflage pattern or paint scheme that caught your attention no matter where it was used or came from. I recommend doing something like this to relax and “de-stress.” Modeler: Rubén González Hernández Brand: Forge World Scale: 28mm Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, hobby knife, toothpicks, blending stump, pencil Paint products (all-AK-Interactive unless otherwise noted): Acrylic paints and primer, enamel washes, mineral (white) spirits, pigments, artist oils…

access_time14 min.
space ork

Probably, the Orks are my favorite subjects to paint in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Even with this dirty and violent look, I decided to add a distinctively humorous point of view, helping me to increase the possibilities when building a diorama. The painting possibilities are also an interesting point as we have to deal with a non-human skin tone. On the other hand, I love to apply weathering techniques, enjoying even more when I have to paint armored suits covered with lots of chipping, rust, and dirt. I searched the Games Workshop catalog looking for a suitable figure in a larger scale that I could convert into an Ork with an armored suit. A good-quality head was the most important part of the project because most of the rest of the…

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let l-200 morava

Modeler: Zdenek Sebesta Brand: HpH Models Scale: 1/48 Tools: Airbrush, tweezers, hobby knife, masking tape Paint products: Mr. Surfacer primer, acrylics, enamels, lacquers, washes The L-200 was conceived as a modern air taxi and a successor to the older Aero Ae-45. The development of the aircraft began in the Let Kunovice factory in 1955. The successful result from the design office was a five-seat, twin-engine, all-metal, low-wing aircraft. The first flight of the prototype took place April 9, 1957. The flight tests showed that the original Walter Minor 6-III engines lacked power. When the Avia M-337 engine became available in 1959, its installation greatly improved the plane’s performance. The L-200 was produce until 1964, with a total of 367 aircraft being built — including three prototypes and 197 of the L-200D variant. Operators included Czechoslovak…