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August Issue#149

Dogs Life is designed for highly-engaged dog owners who want to be informed on good health, training, and caring for their dog. Dogs Life readers are out there walking, playing and caring for their dogs and are doing so with pride. Dogs Life offers informative stories on a range of subjects, from hard-hitting topics to heartfelt stories, news, nutrition, healthcare, behavioural issues, training and breed features. Dogs Life articles are comprehensively researched and written by experts such as veterinarians, breeders and behaviourists in the industry who provide valuable and practical information. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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bone-anza giveaways

DOGSLife has three large Starmark Pro Training Dog Zones to give away. STARMARK PRO TRAINING DOG ZONE Train your dog the professional way with the Starmark Pro Training Dog Zone. This product offers dogs a comfortable and breathable bed space that they will recognise as their own “zone”, whether in the house, backyard, park or outdoors. The Dog Zone is the ideal tool for zone training. The frame is sturdy and can be assembled/flat-packed without any tools required. The durable material is weather- and scratch-resistant. The Dog Zone comes complete with a training guide and a Pro Training Clicker. The ballistic nylon cover is machine washable, so keeping it in good condition will be a breeze. For more information, visit boredombusters.net.au Win one of three large Starmark Pro Training Dog Zones, valued at $129…

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cavalier king charles spaniel

BREED FEATURE: CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL Adirect descendant of the small Toy Spaniels seen in many pictures from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a rich heritage interwoven with royalty. Toy Spaniels were deeply favoured by the court ladies of the United Kingdom and it has been reported that King Charles II was often seen with his Spaniels by his side. Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels received their name because they were bred in a strain of red and white at the Blenheim Palace by the Dukes of Marlborough. Dogs were bred with a shorter face in the years that followed to bring about the shorter flat face of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we know today. Regal by name and royal in nature, this beautiful…

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a good doggy guest

Do you hate doggy discrimination? Do you feel frustrated when a campsite doesn’t accept dogs? Does it upset you that you can’t book into the caravan park located right on the beachfront because your dog is travelling with you? We’re on a year-long road trip around Australia with our dogs Keiko and Summer. We’re constantly on the lookout for dog-friendly spots to stay and have experienced some amazing places and properties that welcomed us. However, this also means we’re well aware of the number of places that won’t allow dogs. Disappointingly, it’s the poor behaviour of previous guests that can often be the reason behind such doggy discrimination. To try to prevent this, those of us who travel with our dogs need to set a good example so that better opportunities open…

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st. bernard

BREED FEATURE: ST. BERNARD An impressively muscular giant, the St. Bernard is descended from alpine mastiffs first brought to Switzerland with the passing Roman army. The Bernadine monks from the Hospice Grand St. Bernard, situated 2400m above sea level in the Swiss Alps, have used this breed since the 1660s for draught work and to find travellers lost and stranded on the mountains. Since that time the St. Bernard, as the breed has been known since 1865, has saved an estimated 2500 people. It is easy to see why this trustworthy, loyal and intelligent dog has become so popular throughout the world. Debbie Egglestone of the St. Bernard Club of Victoria and St. Bernard specialist judge has been breeding these magnificent dogs for more than 25 years. “Saints need a guardian who is…

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BREED FEATURE: ABYSSININAN It’s not hard to see why people fall in love with Abyssinians. Whether it’s the striking wild cat-like appearance, vivacious nature or protective companionship, this cat is the complete feline package with fans all over the world. The exact origin of the Abyssinian is shrouded in myth and mystery, which many believe add to the cat’s appeal. One of the most popular claims is that an Abyssinian was taken back to England by a British soldier returning from Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia) in 1868. Others believe the Abyssinian is a direct descendant of the original domesticated cat depicted in ancient Egyptian artefacts. More recently, however, genetic evidence indicates the breed is more likely to have originated from the humid jungles of south-east Asia, particularly along the Indian Ocean…

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barking mad

Did you know that humans make around 500 different sounds and there are more than 7000 spoken languages? That’s a lot of different ways to communicate using sound. Dogs have just four: growling, howling, whining and of course barking. Dogs bark for many reasons: they’re excited, to warn off intruders, or because something has captured the dog’s interest. Basil Theofanides, president of the Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc, says some breeds, like guarding dogs or terrier breeds, are also more prone to barking. “Barking for dogs is innate; they’re doing what comes naturally,” he says. “You don’t want a dog to stop barking, just to bark at the right times.” It’s when a dog barks excessively or inappropriately that it’s classed as exhibiting problem barking behaviour. While the sound of your…