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Dream Kitchens & Baths

Dream Kitchens & Baths Fall/Winter 2018

Dream Kitchens & Bath® showcases high-end rooms to inspire readers dreaming of creating their own ultimate kitchen or bath. A mix of large, high-quality overall photographs as well as detail shots of the kitchens and baths dominate the layouts. To support the photography, the text is edited to provide the right information to motivate readers as well as explain what is shown so they can emulate all or part of the rooms in their own lives. (This title is a collection of the best rooms from Beautiful Kitchens & Baths and Kitchen and Bath Ideas.)

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Meredith Corporation
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editors’ note

Balancing style and function can mean the difference between a space that’s nice but rarely used and a room where years of memories are made. An efficient layout will make your new kitchen convenient to use, but an inviting color scheme and a few comfortable seats will encourage guests to linger long after the meal is done. Likewise, an efficient bathroom layout can make it easy for two people to get ready in the morning, while a deep soaking tub will ensure it becomes a favorite spot for relaxation. The kitchens and bathrooms in this issue showcase various design styles, but all blend modern comfort and everyday function with ease. “Cozy for a Crowd,” page 30, updates the traditional farmhouse kitchen to create a space that feels sophisticated yet inviting. A…

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cabinetry basics

STOCK Stock cabinetry is manufactured in limited sizes, finishes, wood options, and storage capabilities. Offering average quality, this is the best option when you want to get your cabinets delivered quickly and keep costs in check. $70–$450 per linear foot SEMICUSTOM Similar to stock, semicustom cabinetry starts with standard-size units but can be customized with a wider variety of woods and finishes, hardware options, door fronts, and storage features. $99–$800+ per linear foot CUSTOM Though it’s significantly more expensive than standard cabinets, custom cabinetry allows the most flexibility when designing your kitchen. Customize any shape, size, style, and finish to uniquely fit both your space and personal taste. $500–$1,200+ per linear foot EXPERTS RECOMMEND ALLOTTING 30-40% OF YOUR BUDGET TO CABINETRY…

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door styles

INSET: Doors and drawers are set within the cabinet frame so they fit flush when closed. Admired for their clean lines and precision, inset doors fit well in a variety of kitchen styles and are often seen in custom cabinetry. FULL OVERLAY: If you want a similar look to inset doors without the high price tag, full overlay is a great alternative. Doors and drawers completely cover the cabinet face, creating a seamless look. PARTIAL OVERLAY: In this door style, also known as standard overlay, a portion of the cabinet box is left exposed. This style of cabinet front leaves large gaps between doors and drawers and is typically the most budget-friendly.…

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construction types

“IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO DO IT, SPLURGE ON CABINETS. YOU MAY SPEND MORE IN THE BEGINNING, BUT GOOD-QUALITY CABINETS WILL ALWAYS BE CHEAPER IN THE LONG RUN.” Fabrice Garson, Bilotta Kitchens designer FRAMED » Framed cabinets have face frames that cover the front of the cabinet box, concealing the joinery and giving the cabinet strength and stability. Cabinet doors with raised or recessed panels are secured to the frame. » These cabinet doors are almost always constructed from solid wood or wood veneer. » Popular across an array of design styles, framed cabinet doors suit classic, old-world, and cottage kitchens. FRAMELESS » Frameless cabinets are constructed with a slab or flat door that is attached directly to the cabinet box to cover the entire recess. » This style is often made with laminate or Thermofoil…

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design trends

SHAKER STYLE: Shaker cabinets have been around for more than a century, and their clean lines and minimalistic design have made them a staple in today’s kitchens. Whether you’re going for a traditional farmhouse kitchen or something more modern, Shaker cabinets look good across all styles. OPEN SHELVING: Bowls and plates are just a reach away with this storage switch-up. Replace upper cabinets with open shelving (left) to give your space a new look—and also avoid cabinetry overload. INTEGRATED APPLIANCES: Make a statement with your personal style, not your refrigerator. Clever paneling and built-ins conceal appliances to give the kitchen a fresh, clean look. “You don’t want to feel like you’re walking into an appliance store every time you use that space,” says Poggenpohl Atlanta kitchen designer John Coulter. METAL FINISHES: Play with…

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wood types

CHERRY Cherry is recognized by its red tones, which deepen over time with sun exposure. This is a popular choice for cabinetry due to its ability to hold up in humid climates. MAPLE Heavier and more moisture resistant than other species, maple is ideal for kitchens that need something extra durable. Unusual grain patterns make each wood plank unique. WALNUT This wood type is identified by the distinct contrast of color in the wood’s rings. Want more drama? Apply a stain to change the cabinet’s color while retaining the grain pattern. RED OAK Hard, heavy, and strong, red oak can withstand even the most chaotic kitchens. Light brown with a hint of red, this wood type has visible growth rings and prominent straight grains. ALDER Alder’s soft grain and subtle color mellow over time with light exposure. An even…