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Elle Canada

Elle Canada

March 2020

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2 min.
behind the issue

1. Do not ask frequent traveller AMANDA BLAKLEY what her favourite place is—she says picking just one city would be like choosing between her children. But the Malibu-based writer has no problem offering up a tried-and-true tip. “When in a new place, I love to take a taxi to any ‘up-and-coming’ neighbourhoods and just explore,” she says. “It’s a great way to get a feel for a city based on what its young, creative cohort is digging and doing.” To read about her journey through Vienna (and its abundance of wine), head to page 138. 2. Lisbon native JOAQUIM ARNELL was more than ready for his close-up in our portrait series, “Chaos Theory” (p. 120). What will the Portuguese model be sporting this spring? “I think baggy trousers are the way…

2 min.
elle canada

PUBLISHER Sophie Banford EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Vanessa Craft CREATIVE DIRECTOR Annie Horth ART DIRECTOR Jed Tallo BEAUTY DIRECTOR Lesa Hannah DIGITAL DIRECTOR Victoria DiPlacido FASHION & MARKET EDITOR Elaine Jyll Regio ASSOCIATE EDITOR Patricia Karounos ASSISTANTS Erica Ngao (Fashion), Melissa Perdigao (Beauty), Christina Tourloukis EDITORIAL PRODUCER Estelle Gervais INTERNS Phelisha Cassup, Laura Fishbaum CONTRIBUTORS Max Abadian, Amanda Blakley, Charlotte Deffe, Leanne Delap, Brune De Margerie, Aurelia Donaldson, Marjorie Dunham-Landry, Jane Fielding, Katherine Flemming, Joanna Fox, Marouchka Franjulien, Souzan Michael Galway, Jennifer George, Royal Gilbert, Sylvia Jorif, Sebastian Kim, Aileen Lalor, Sara McAlpine, Tom Meredith, Rose Pereira, Salini Perera, Kate Rae, Ciara Rickard, Geoffrey Ross, Leah Rumack, Mark Seliger, Kate Somerville, Olivia Stren, Jillian Vieira, Norman Wong TO REACH EDITORIAL: editors@ko-media.ca ADVERTISING SALES SENIOR SALES AND CONTENT SOLUTIONS DIRECTOR Samuel-Olivier Barrette, 514-912-5289 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (TORONTO) Kym Wyatt, 647-710-0740 NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR (MONTREAL) Kathy Marquis, 514-827-8324 LOCAL SALES DIRECTOR Sandrine Dahan, 514-449-7438 HEAD…

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editor’s note

IT WAS A WATERSHED MOMENT: Late last year, a group of friends and I watched an almost-50-year-old Jennifer Lopez spin around a pole wearing a minuscule shimmering leotard in her take-no-prisoners role in Hustlers. Reader, we were rocked to the core; but walking out of the theatre, I realized that we weren’t all shook for the same reason. Some of my mates—let’s call them Team Let’s Do This—were so thrilled by Lopez’s agility, stamina and hyper-fit body that they’d booked their next barre class before even calling their Uber, mumbling, “If she can do that at 50, I can do something now.” But on the other end of the emotional spectrum, Team Despondent was left feeling outraged by the ever-expanding demands on how a woman in middle age should look.…

1 min.

CAMERA ROLL WHAT THE EDITORS GET UP TO ON THE ’GRAM. First shot from my next album titled “Might Be Wearing a Cape but Don’t Expect Me to Save You.” @vanessacraft editor-in-chief Final mug of the decade, one that has shaped me in maaany ways. @jedtallo art director Tie one around your ponytail and pretend you’re hanging out backstage at the Grand Palais before a @chanelofficial show. @lesahannah beauty director Fresh cut, fresh face. @elainejyll fashion & market editor Hello from me and my bangs. @patriciakar associate editor PHOTO CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHY, IMAXTREE (STREET STYLE) PHOTO CREDIT…

6 min.

Take a French Leave Travel to 19th- and 20th-century Paris via Montreal this spring. Paris in the Days of Post-Impressionism opens on March 28 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and features over 500 pieces from a private collection on display together for the first time. Stroll past the largest collection of works by Paul Signac (who helped develop the pointillism technique) as well as those of other masters, like Monet, Degas and Picasso, for a brief and beautiful reprieve from the modern day. One of a Kind After struggling to find products that suit their hair, skin and style, London-based Torontonians Samantha Newell and Alesha Bailey co-founded Yard + Parish. The curated online boutique features independent Black-owned brands from across Canada and the U.K. From fashion to lifestyle, the lineup includes…

3 min.
stephanie beatriz

“YOU ASKED FOR IT, HONEY,” cautions Stephanie Beatriz, half joking. In the voice of Detective Rosa Diaz, her hard-edged, no-nonsense Brooklyn Nine-Nine character, the phrase might be intimidating. But in the actor’s natural, warm timbre, it’s yet another example of Beatriz’s open-hearted disposition. After all, the warning comes as she pads through her L.A. home to the stack of books on her bedside table, stopping to lovingly coo at her dog before answering our question with an impassioned, only-slightly-off-topic tangent about her love of reading. It’s an enthusiasm Beatriz brings to her work as well, whether in her breakout role in the indie fave Short Term 12 or while flexing her comedic chops in her roles on Modern Family and One Day at a Time. This summer, she’ll appear in…