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Family Circle

December 2019

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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my #1 tip for dealing with in-laws during the holidays is __.

We asked our social media followers for the honest truth about mom life. Here’s what you told us. “Feign illness!”JAN FOSTER MASON“Plan A: 365 days’ worth of pictures and videos of their grandkids. Plan B: Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.”VERONICA_IN_NY“Stay in the kitchen and pretend you’re cooking the entire time.”JENB7777“Don’t invite them!”EMILY FOREMAN“Treat them respectfully. Worked for me, but I had great in-laws!”KATHY MCINTYRE“Walk the dog!”JESSHC111“As they say in football, punt.”MAURA WEINS“Wine…lots of wine.”LIZSOYOU“Take the high road and be kind. You can only control your own behavior. Most important, enjoy the holidays because they go by too quickly.”JENNCHUCK ROXIE SMITH“Remember that time spent is momentary. Stay present. Be mindful. You get to go home.”MYKIDSNUK_OOOBABY…

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family circle

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family album

Son: Anay Mom: Priyanka Dad: Basu Son: Eshaan Eshaan: For fun, we all go hiking. Priyanka: We keep going to National Parks; we’ve rented RVs. Basu: I like being outdoors, skiing and going on hikes. We went on one this weekend. It’s not the kids’ first choice—they have their social media and memes and phones—so I do need to push everyone. Anay: Down in the Smoky Mountains, there was a 10-mile hike he dragged us on. It was tiring, but overall, it really was great. “The boys are reticent; you have to prod things out of them. But that’s not a teenage thing—they’ve always been like that.”—BASU“Having twins was a surprise. I found out during my 20th-week scan. They don’t run in my family. It was hard work for two or three years, but they had company in…

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on duty

PUFFER, THE MAGIC JACKET For morning dog walks or your frigid office cubicle, there’s this three-in-one heated down jacket. The Taion Extra puffer shapeshifts between long or short sleeves or a vest, and can even be heated up with a portable phone charger. $290, taion-extra.shop CUT, SEALED, DELIVERED The new Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll is to post-holiday returns what plastic wrap is to a leftover piece of pie. The cushy bubble wrap sticks to itself, not your shippable items, and conforms to fit even weirdly shaped things (like that pair of shoes from your mother-in-law). From $10, target.com WHAT YOUR TEEN MEANS 1 They Say sksksk 2 Definition A way to communicate awkwardness online, it references how someone might type random letters on their keyboard when they don’t know what else to say. 3 In a Sentence I couldn’t…

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longer, fuller lashes

Find Your Formula Back in the day, the terminology was as simple as “regular” and “waterproof.” But now there are formulas that curl, volumize or lengthen. “The first thing to do is identify your lash type and what you want to achieve,” says NYC-based celebrity makeup artist Tracy Murphy. For example, if your lashes are on the stubby side, try a lengthening fiber mascara that helps extend the hairs a tiny bit. If sparseness is your issue, try a volumizing formula with a dense brush that adds on more product and thickness. Like finding the perfect lipstick shade, picking your favorite mascara may involve trying a few. As for color, get the blackest black version, since “it makes everyone’s eyes really pop,” Murphy says. Brush up on Brushes As with formulas, there are…

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not a creature is stirring. or pesky. or sick.

My cat loves the Christmas tree—she plays with the ornaments and drinks the water. How do I keep her away? The easiest—though not the most festive—fix is to place the tree in a room that can be closed off, and be vigilant about keeping the cat out, says Kate Naito, a behavior consultant in Brooklyn, NY. If you have an open layout, be sure to cover the base so that your cat can’t get at the water. Also, aim to make the tree less of a draw: Don’t put alluring ornaments at her eye level on low-hanging branches and she won’t be enticed to play with them, says Angie Krause, a holistic veterinarian in Boulder, CO. And if you have a dog, place a dog play pen around the tree to…