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Fishing World June 2019

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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two great fishing lodges in arnhem land

Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge This iconic lodge has been completely refurbished, offering luxury wilderness accommodation in an area teaming with sportfish. Location Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge is situated on the western side of Port Essington on Cobourg Peninsula in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, western Arnhem Land. Sportfishing Seasons October / November 2019 March / April 2020 Fishing Lodge guests have access to a huge expanse of bays, headlands, offshore reefs and islands where Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, golden snapper, coral trout & many other pelagic and tasty reef species abound. Plus the many sandy mangrove creeks and flats offer great barramundi, threadfin salmon and mangrove jack fishing. Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge Booking Peak Seasons Only Following the complete refurbishment of the iconic Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge, professionally-guided fishing tours only take place during the Top End’s…

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prep talk

OFTEN it takes a fishless trip to drive home an important lesson. A recent trip to one of western NSW's inland impoundments taught me a few lessons when it comes to wasting unnecessary time fixing preventable problems. Flat boat batteries, loose wiring, missing lures and a bogged boat trailer all amounted to lost hours on the water, which on this brief trip away, ate into precious fishing time and made a tough fishing trip all the more challenging. Worse still, it was all preventable! The process of preparation is an often overlooked ingredient to successful fishing. I've always considered myself to be prepared. In the past I spent countless hours pulling apart and servicing reels, re-spooling line, replacing hooks and making a list of spare parts to carry "just in case" something…

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downsizing for fussy reds

The scavenger title associated with the humble snapper has been unfairly branded, in my opinion. In complete contrast to their perceived behavioural traits, these fish can be extremely fickle at times. We’ve had sessions where the fish would switch on and off between lures and baits, which made it difficult to stay with one method. Instead, a level of adaptability was required in those sessions and this is now a constant for us on every snapper mission. Part of this adaptability has included the idea of downsizing in order to produce results during the tougher bite periods and these results are further amplified when fishing exclusively with lures. But how does the idea of downsizing translate into better snapper success? How do the fish know whether you’re using 10lb line…

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queensland moves for increased fish stock protection

THE Palaszczuk Labor government has passed legislation to help crack down on black marketing of fish. It provides stronger compliance powers for Queensland Fisheries and Boating Patrol officers and tougher penalties for anyone caught selling fish on the black market. They have appointed 20 new on-water officers to police rules under the state’s 10 year, $20 million Sustainable Fisheries Strategy. In other Strategy-related moves, the rocky reef fishery working group has confirmed that snapper and pearl perch stocks continue to be under significant fishing pressure and show no signs of rebuilding. It’s recommending that the retained catch of snapper and pearl perch should be reduced by 30% for each of the recreational, charter and commercial sectors. For snapper, this would translate into an overall retained annual catch limit dropping from…

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adam marshall named as nsw minister for primary industries

THE Water portfolio has been split from the old Primary Industries ministry in the new Berejiklian-Barilaro government, with Adam Marshall taking the new portfolio of Agriculture (which also covers fisheries). According to an article in The Land, with Niall Blair stepping down, the Government has reacted to anger over water issues by splitting Water from Ag and handing it to Melinda Pavey in her new ministry of Water, Property and Housing. Adam Marshall will also have to try and calm the waters in the new additional role as Minister for Western NSW. The Nationals lost two vast western electorates, Murray and Barwon, to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in the recent state election.…

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singapore barramundi

BARRAMUNDI is called jin mu lu in Chinese and ikan siakap in Malay and is a popular fish on the menu in Singapore seafood restaurants. Singapore company Barramundi Asia has a vision of becoming the world’s largest supplier of sustainable barramundi, marketed under its Kuhlbarra brand. It’s just tripled its production capacity with an extension to its nursery to enable production of almost 1.8 million barramundi fry per year and an expected harvest of 6,000 tonnes of fish, more than the combined 2018 total of Singapore’s 120 fish farms. In 2018, only 9% of all fish eaten in Singapore were produced locally. Many Australian barra anglers probably aren’t aware that wild barra range right through south and south east Asia….including Singapore, Japan and India…….where they’ve traditionally been known and marketed…