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 / Caça i Pesca
Fishing World

Fishing World October 2019

Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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2 min.
too much too late?

A recent announcement in South Australia could see snapper off limits to many of the state’s anglers for up to three years. This drastic measure is in response to a long term decline in fish stocks. If something isn’t done – and done soon – the stocks will collapse altogether. The final decision will be made soon after this edition goes to print. Keep an eye out on the Fishing World website for more up-to-date news. The announcement has split the opinions of rec fishos. Some see the measure as far too restrictive. They say it will do irreversible damage to businesses and the pastimes of thousands of South Australian fishos. Of course they’re right! On the flipside, many fishos agree tough measures are needed to save the fishery. Also hard…

1 min.
fishing world

Editor Scott Thomas Ph: (02) 9213 8278 scottthomas@yaffa.com.au Field Editors David Green, Greg Finney, Sami Omari, Dave Rae, Chris Cleaver Technical Editor Mark Williams Marine Biology Editor Dr Ben Diggles Environment Editor John Newbery Foreign Editor Martin Salter SA Correspondent Jamie Crawford NT Correspondent Peter Zeroni VIC Correspondent Martin Auldist Staff Photographer Shane Chalker Illustrator Chris Palatsides Contributing Writers Mark Frendin, Matt Taylor Publisher Chris Yu chrisyu@yaffa.com.au ADVERTISING Account Executive Patrick Linehan Ph: (02) 9213 8259 patricklinehan@yaffa.com.au Advertising Production Luke Buckley Ph: (02) 9213 8216 lukebuckley@yaffa.com.au Marketing Manager Lucy Yaffa Marketing Specialist Simon Ancone…

12 min.
top tactics for flatties

As seasons change many anglers turn their attention to flathead. Seasonal variations, new lures and techniques and changes in the waterway make each year’s flattie season a fresh challenge. Flathead seek food in a variety of locations. Some fish following the tide up into the mangroves while others hunt in channels and along weed edges. A few will shadow a bait school and pick off fish or prawns. Although flathead are aggressive predators, they can be selective, sometimes preferring crabs, small eels and mud gudgeons. Additionally, their activities can be affected by a range of factors. Finding concentrations of feeding fish under a variety of conditions, then identifying their lure and retrieve preference is the key to better catches. While anglers can use previous knowledge, each day presents new conditions and requires…

2 min.
afta trade show award winners

JOHN DUNPHY AWARD FOR INNOVATION Winner: Wilson Fishing, Mustad Ink Vader Runner Up: Barambah Lures, Lure Fastening System BEST ROD Winner: Shimano, Terez Spin, 69MH 40-80 lb Runner Up: Daiwa, TD Commander 742 LXS BEST COMBO Winner: Daiwa, Tatula 150/702 MHB Runner Up: Pure Fishing, AbuGarcia, Salty Stage Light, Jigging Low Profile/KRX Combo BEST FLY FISHING ROD Winner: JM Gillies, Sage Trout LL Series Runner Up: Tackle Tactics, Trycd Allfly BEST GAME FISHING ROD Winne, Wilson Fishing, Venom Ocean Gladiator Runner Up: Daiwa, Spartan S74 4/5 BEST REEL Winner: Daiwa, 19 Certate LT 5000 Ark Runner Up: Shimano, Stradic FL 2500 HG BEST LINE Winner: JM Gillies, Fins Fighter PRT Braid Runner Up: tie between Daiwa, Saltiga 12 BEX UVF PE + Si and Shimano Ocea 8 PE Braid BEST SOFT LURE Winner: Wilson Fishing, Zerek Weedless Fish Trap Runner Up: EJ Todd, Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider BEST HARD LURE Winner: River2Sea Shogun Australia, Chasebaits Smuggler Runner…

3 min.
diy release weight!

If you enjoy reef fishing, a release weight is a very handy tool to have onboard. The good news is that it’s very easy and cheap to make your own release weight. So, why would you need a release weight? The main reason is to maximise the survival of fish you release. Popular species such as snapper can suffer from barotrauma if caught in water deeper than 10m and the problem can get more pronounced the deeper you fish. Barotrauma occurs as gases expand inside the fish’s body when it’s pulled towards the surface. The effects and severity of barotrauma injuries increase with depth of capture. Different species are more susceptible than others. Studies have shown that it’s not possible to prevent barotrauma by retrieving the fish slowly and hoping that it…

1 min.
queensland rec fishing survey results

UNDERSTANDING the catch and effort and participation rate of recreational fishers is an important part of sustainably managing Queensland’s fisheries...and the results of the latest survey are now in! The statewide recreational fishing survey series commenced in 1997 and provides recreational fishing catch and effort information necessary to safeguard marine resources for tomorrow. Key results so far included: • Almost 943,000 Queenslanders went recreational fishing in Queensland in 2019. • Recreational fishing’s popularity increased amongst Queensland residents from 15% in 2013 to nearly 19% in 2019. • The further north you go the more popular recreational fishing becomes. • Queensland’s recreational fishers are becoming younger.…