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Baking Heaven is a brand new magazine series which indulges all your cooking and baking needs. It will feature the popular titles Cupcake Heaven and Baking Heaven, and you will also be treated to special magazines about cake decorating, cupcakes for kids and much more. Each issue will be packed with inspiring recipes and projects, beautiful photography, and the chance to learn new techniques and take your cooking and baking skills to the next level.

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“christmas is the perfect time to pull out all the stops with your baking!”

It's never too early to be prepared for Christmas and I don't know about you, but this year Christmas can't come soon enough. 2020 has been a hard year for us all, so it's lovely to have something positive to look forward to! We've got an incredible selection of festive inspiration to get you geared up for the big day from page 9, plus our new columnist Juliet Sear is back with incredible recipes to see you through the season from page 61. Our step-by-step lemon meringue roulade on page 52 is sure to go down a treat after the main event, or why not try our gingerbread mousse on page 82 for something a little different? Speaking of puddings, find out how to make a traditional Christmas cake in our masterclass…

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what’s cooking…

WIN! Spice up your life! Spices and Christmas go together like, well frankincense and myrrh! The Holy Lama Spice Drops® Christmas Collection contains highly concentrated natural extracts that provide the flavour and aroma for a classic mulled wine, a fruity hot chocolate, rich and spicy mince pies or luscious cinnamon buns. No peeling, no chopping, no grinding, no grating and best of all, no waste! Just instant, authentic flavour by simply adding one or two drops. The intensity of flavour and the aroma of Spice Drops® lasts for three years, unlike dried herbs or spices which lose theirs within weeks of being opened. What’s more, the extraction method, perfected over 20 years, retains all the natural goodness of the fresh or raw ingredient too. With 36 flavours in the Spice Drops® range and…

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bake your own magical christmas!

Gingerbread reindeer cookies MAKES ABOUT 24 400g (14oz) plain flour, plus extra as needed45g (1½oz) cornflour1 tbsp ground ginger1 tsp ground cinnamon1 tsp salt250g (9oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature250g (9oz) treacle, warmed1 tsp vanilla extract To decorate 100g (3½oz) dark chocolate, at least 60% cocoa solids, finely chopped1 tbsp coconut oil24 red chocolate sweeties, e.g. Smarties or M&M's 1 Combine the flour, cornflour, spices and salt in a large mixing bowl. Stir well and set aside. 2 Beat the softened butter with the treacle and vanilla extract in a separate mixing bowl until pale and creamy, about 3-4 minutes. 3 Beat in the flour mixture in four additions, mixing well between additions until you have a rough dough; add more flour as needed to form a stiff dough. Turn out and knead briefly before shaping into…

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baking heaven's… christmas gift guide

1 BOOJA-BOOJA EIGHT TRUFFLE PACKS are available in four flavours: Hazelnut Crunch, Almond Salted Caramel, Fine De Champagne and Around Midnight Espresso. Organic, vegan and multi award-winning in their own right. Priced £4.99, available from Amazon, Waitrose and independent wholefood stores. 2 Create cute cookies with this CHRISTMAS JUMPER COOKIE CUTTER SET, priced £5.99 from www.lakeland.co.uk 3 This SOURDOUGH BREAD MAKING KIT would go down a treat with a keen baker! Priced £39.50 from www.souschef.co.uk 4 A thoughtful gift for the Christmas Day host, TRACKLEMENTS 9-MINI JAR GIFT SET (RRP £6.20 280g) is available from fine food delis and farm shops nationwide and online at www.tracklements.co.uk 5 This KITCHENAID ARTISAN STAND MIXER in Pebbled Palm, a dusky dark green with a textured finish, can be purchased either with a hand-crafted stainless-steel quilt effect bowl…

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cake heaven

All the flavour of a festive latte! Malvern cherry cake MAKES ONE CAKE 200g (7oz) tub glacé cherries225g (8oz) butter, softened225g (8oz) caster sugar4 large free-range eggsfinely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon350g (12oz) self-raising flour3 tbsp milk1 tbsp chopped mixed peelicing sugar, for dusting (optional) 1 Preheat the oven to 160°C/Gas Mark 3 and grease and line a 20cm (8in) deep cake tin with greaseproof paper. 2 Rinse the cherries under warm water, dry them in a tea towel and cut them into quarters. Cream together the butter and sugar until fluffy, then beat in the eggs, one at a time. Stir in the lemon zest and juice. 3 Toss the cherries in some of the flour. Fold in the rest of the flour, then stir in the cherries and milk. Spoon into the…

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how to make a traditional christmas cake

PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES COOKING TIME: 2-2.5 HOURS SERVES 6-8 FOR THE CAKE 150g (5½oz) soft dark brown sugar100g (3½oz) golden syrup100ml (3½fl oz) milk50ml (2fl oz) orange juice (about ½ an orange)grated zest of 1 orange1½ tbsp treacle1 tbsp mixed spice150g (5½oz) cold unsalted butter, cubed, plus extra for greasing1 tsp bicarbonate of soda2 large free-range eggs200g (7oz) plain flour200g (7oz) currants100g (3½oz) sultanas100g (3½oz) raisins100g (3½oz) dried cranberries75g (2¾oz) mixed peel50g (1¾oz) flaked almondsbrandy, to feed the cake TO COVER 500g (1lb 1oz) good quality marzipan2 tbsp smooth apricot jam400g (14oz) icing sugar, plus extra to dust2 free-range egg whites (60g (2oz))1 tsp lemon juice TO DECORATE (OPTIONAL) a handful of fresh cranberries1 tbsp free-range egg white and 1 tsp sugargranulated sugar, to sprinklefresh rosemary sprigs 1 Preheat the oven to 170°C/Gas Mark 3. Grease a deep…