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medical bag

MALIAN NONUPLETS On 4 May Halima Cisse, from Timbuktu in Mali, gave birth to nine babies in a Moroccan hospital where the Malian government had sent her for specialist care – they were expecting seven babies, but the ultrasound scan missed two. Cisse was admitted to the hospital at 25 weeks, and the medics managed to extend her pregnancy to 30 weeks before she gave birth via cæsarean section. The nonuplets, five girls and four boys, weighed between 500g and 1kg (1.1lb and 2.2lb) and all survived but are expected to remain in incubators for two or three months. “The mother and babies are doing well so far,” Mali’s health minister, Fanta Siby, told Agence France-Presse. Halima’s pregnancy had captured the imagination of Mali, even when it was thought she was ‘only’…

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fairies, folklore and forteana

SPIDERS OF THE MIND Yesterday morning, I woke after a very short night. To my horror, when I turned to my stillsleeping wife, I saw that a long-legged, fistsized spider was walking across her face. I’m not particularly keen on spiders but my wife fears them and she had, coincidentally, had a nightmare about spiders the day before. I made a grab for the spider, desperate not to wake her: I could imagine the screams if she were to come to with this monster on her cheek. But the spider vanished under her. I now shook her awake and told her that I’d seen a ‘tiny’ insect on her. She sat up, sharpish – she’s not keen on creepycrawlies – and I hunted, determined to remove the beast, preferably without her seeing. The attentive…

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the conspirasphere

DEAD PEOPLE’S TALES The death of John McAfee – malware pioneer, maverick exponent of cryptocurrencies, outspoken blower of the Deep State whistle – caused a chain of eruptions in the conspiracist magma. McAfee had long hinted that elements of the Deep State were out to get him (in his own memorable phrasing of it, in 2019, they were sending him subtle messages that, decoded, read, “We’re going to kill yourself”) and his death, apparently by suicide, in a Catalonian prison, has confirmed his suspicions for many in and outside the Conspirasphere. In the period leading up to his death, McAfee posted a number of messages on various social media intimating that he might not have long to live and stressing that if he committed suicide, he didn’t. And his premonitions went back…

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who’s that girl?

In May, Samantha Azzopardi’s international trail of confusion and chaos came to a temporary end when a Melbourne, Australia, court sentenced her to two years in prison for child stealing. Over a period of at least 10 years, Azzopardi, 32 – also known as Emily Peet, Lindsay Coughlin, Dakota Johnson, Georgia McAuliffe, Harper Hernandez, Harper Hart and a host of other names – was a serial impostor, spinning yarns and creating false identities across Australia, Canada and Ireland, to the intense annoyance and frustration of the authorities. She had convinced a US backpacker she was a Swedish Royal named Annika Dekker who had been kidnapped when she was a young girl, forcing her to hide out with her in a cabin for eight days; led a Perth family to believe…

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classical corner

261: STOP KIDDING “The helplessness of a human infant outlasts the suckling period of a wolf.” – Fort, Books, p689 Fort (himself childless) was here amassing cases of feral children lupinely suckled. Such tales, of course, go back to Romulus and Remus. If Fort had read Livy, he’d surely have chuckled over the rival version in which the maternal she-wolf was actually a local tart, lupa being a Roman slang term for prostitutes (cf. lupanar = brothel) In an uncharacteristically tender moment, Juvenal (Satires 14, v47) urged maxima debetur puero reverentia, Englished without attribution by Samuel Johnson (Rambler 4, 1750) as “the highest degree of reverence should be paid to youth,” a filching unnoticed by (e.g.) David Wormersley’s annotated Penguin. Now, it is possible to find such reverence, for example, on tombstones cf. Richmond…

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it happened to me…

Timeslip in Grimsby Further to Jenny Randles detailing the Oz-factor [FT398:30-31], I outline a strange experience with multiple witnesses. I had a chance to revisit the site of the event with my children and this sparked off a need to record what happened. In 1977 I was at a secondary school in Grimsby and on an autumn evening a crowd of school friends called and we set off from Old Clee to Grimsby town centre. We followed a familiar route across Old Clee playing fields to Ladysmith Road and cut through a passageway to the end of David Street. We walked almost to the far end of David Street and turned right into a passage that led to Patrick Street with a plan to arrive on Hainton Avenue. As we entered…