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a cat's eye view of history

It will have long been evident to many readers that our feline overlords have been up to something, taking advantage of the chaos and confusion caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to further their cunning plans for world domination. The recent discovery of a giant cat in Peru set our alarm bells ringing. This latest gigantic geoglyph to be uncovered at Nazca in Peru – joining a menagerie of monkeys, birds and others – is nearly 2,000 years old; while Erich von Däniken has not actually said that it provides suggestive evidence for early feline-alien contact, it will certainly have crossed his mind. Paul Devereux will be bringing you a full report in his archæology column next month. Meanwhile, the situation closer to home has only worsened, with what appears to be…

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scotland's secret spy boat

On 28 September, a small unmanned vessel was found washed up on the Scottish island of Tiree, the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides islands, about 100 miles (160km) as the crow flies from the Faslane nuclear submarine base. Following reports of an object in the water, the island’s coastguard rescue team took photos of the craft and posted them to their Facebook page. Members of the public soon identified the object as an autonomous Wave Glider. They are manufactured by US company Liquid Robotics, based in California, and are capable of travelling thousands of miles. Liquid Robotics have engaged in collaborative partnerships in the UK since 2016. In 2017, during a two-week trial at the Royal Navy's Unmanned Warrior Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS) exercise, several Wave Gliders were successfully located…

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sowing the seeds of a mystery

Packages of unidentified seeds, apparently posted from China, were received in July by residents of over a dozen US states. Despite US Department of Agriculture (USDA) warnings that recipients should dispose of the mystery packages – for fear they could be non-native species with the potential to upset local ecosystems, or that they might carry pests and diseases as a form of eco-terrorism – several US citizens who sowed the seeds reported they produced at least 14 plant species, including mint, lavender and roses. Some people subsequently came forward and contacted their local agricultural departments asking them to collect the resulting mystery plants (or, in some cases, fruitless seeds). Tiffany Lowery of Kentucky said she thought the seeds had been sent from her planting club. “I didn’t realise it was a…

5 min.
covid corner

SCARE-COVIDS Cambodian farmers have been erecting scarecrow-type effigies to ward off coronavirus. Known as ‘Ting Mong’ in the Khmer language, they have been used in the past to protect villages from sicknesses like dengue or water-borne diarrhoea. “It is our ancient superstition to set up Ting Mongs when there are dangerous diseases or to avert evil,” farmer Sok Chany, 45, told reporters. She has posted two in front of her wooden stilt home in Trapeang Sla village located in Kampong Cham province, about 110km (68 miles) northeast of the capital Phnom Penh. One floral-shirted Ting Mong is armed with a stick and has a plastic pot for a head. The other has a stick propped like a rifle across its hay-stuffed chest, and wears jungle greens. Despite the majority of Cambodians being…

6 min.

SPROUT EMERGENCY Police in England and Wales complained about frivolous 999 calls, the Met fielding 25,000 timewasting queries in 2019 alone. One person asked “Where can I buy Brussel sprouts?”, explaining it was an emergency as “I haven’t got any for Christmas dinner.” A woman called to complain about the after-effects of a curry; someone rang police asking for a lift home as they had disembarked at the wrong train station; a man dialled 999 to ask the time; and another called to complain about having bought some out-of-date biscuits. D.Express, Sun, 31 Dec 2019 RARIFIED TASTES A poacher, one of India’s most wanted men, who allegedly killed tigers and ate sloth bears’ genitals, has finally been captured after six years on the run. He confessed to killing several tigers, hundreds of peacock…

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religion round-up

‘JESUS’ ARRESTED IN RUSSIA Sergei Anatolyevitch Torop, akaVissarion (‘He who gives new life’), the Russian extraffic cop who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus (FT126:06, 231:05) and who has led the messianic Church of the Last Testament cult for the past three decades, was arrested on 22 September after a large operation involving agents from Russia’s FSB security service as well as police and other agencies. Vans, buses, ambulances and helicopters all took part in the raid on the cult’s City of the Sun settlement, located on a hill in the remote Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia where several thousand of Vissarion’s followers live in a series of remote hamlets. Armed officers stormed the cult leader’s headquarters, arresting him and two of his right-hand men, one of whom, Vadim Redkin, is a…