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having your say

FORTEAN TIMES READER SURVEY 2021 Readers often write in or email to let us know what they think of Fortean Times. Usually, it’s to comment on an item or story in a recent issue, and sometimes a few kind words of encouragement or a bit of criticism are appended. Similarly, people air their thoughts on Facebook or Twitter – mostly, but not always, politely – and this too is helpful. We’ve realised, though, that it’s been a long time since we last asked readers for their feedback directly and that now – while we’re all stuck at home – might be a good time to do so. What would be useful for us – and, we hope, for you too – is to get a better sense of what you’re currently enjoying…

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the dyatlov pass mystery

A recent study published in Communications: Earth & Environment journal 1 proposes that the mysterious deaths of nine Russian hikers at Dyatlov Pass during a skiing expedition (see FT245:30-45, 377:4) were due to an avalanche. On 1 February 1959, Igor Dyatlov and his eight companions decided to set up camp on the slope of Kholat Saykhl (which means ‘Dead Mountain’ in the local tribal language) in the northern Ural Mountains. Several hours later, around midnight, something occurred that caused the hikers to cut the tent from the inside and seek shelter in a forest over 1km (0.6 miles) away. Twenty-six days later, five bodies were discovered at the edge of the forest. That they had fled suddenly was evident from the bodies being found barefoot and clad only in underwear. These and…

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uncle joe's diner

Stalin Doner, a Joseph Stalin-themed Moscow takeaway selling coffee and shawarma (the tasty street food snack comprising slices of meat served in a wrap or pitta, accompanied by chopped or shredded vegetables, pickles and assorted condiments) has been forced to close, shortly after its opening. There were complaints about the shop’s branding, which featured the Soviet dictator’s portrait, and about shop staff uniforms – those of Soviet-era security service officers. Stalin Doner’s menu featured dishes named after Stalin himself, his infamous NKVD security service chief Lavrentiy Beria, and Nikita Khrushchev. Owner StanislavVoltman explained how police had initially ordered him to take down the Stalin sign, but said that “colossal pressure” from municipal authorities later forced him to close Stalin Doner altogether. Local residents had filed a complaint, but Mr Voltman insisted…

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covid corner

CZECH CURFEW CHEAT Police in the Czech Republic caught a man violating Covid-19 restrictions as he attempted to flout the curfew by walking a stuffed toy dog on a leash. The 9pm curfew bans people from walking out of doors unless exercising a pet. A Czech news crew accompanying the police patrol in Ceske Budejovice were on hand to film officers apprehending the miscreant. He initially claimed to be out walking the dog, but after police determined the object at the end of his leash to be a stuffed toy dog, he changed his story and claimed it was an artistic practical joke. He was released with a warning., 5 Nov 2020. CORONA EXPLOSION Nine coronavirus patients being treated at a hospital in southern Turkey were killed when an oxygen ventilator exploded.…

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GET STUFFED Following a tip-off from a concerned member of the public, an Oregon sheriff’s deputy investigated a possible big cat on the loose. The caller said the animal looked like a cheetah, “but did not appear to be aggressive.” The deputy said he arrived on the scene and used his “ninja-like skills” to sneak up on the animal, which turned out to be a stuffed toy. [UPI] 21 Dec 2020. TAKINGTHE PISS Online delivery company Ocado were in hot water after a customer found three bags of urine with her food order. Michelle Leonard, 42, threw all the food away after discovering the pee-filled carrier bags. “This order was for my birthday,” she said. “It wasn’t massive amounts of shopping but having urine delivered with your shopping is just disgusting.” An Ocado…

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animal antics

THE STARLING DANCE The mystery of an unexplained series of power outages across a small Scottish town has been solved after video footage revealed the cause to be starlings dancing on power lines. At dusk, the combined mass of starlings in a murmuration was found to be responsible for bouncing overhead electricity lines, which caused circuits to trip, thus bringing about an interruption to the electricity supply. The starlings’ antics were first discovered by Neil McDonald, a Scottish Power engineer, who had been investigating the mysterious power cuts by regularly examining the overhead lines. He cracked the case while on an evening walk to check the lines, using a cameraphone to capture the spectacle: “In all my 14 years working for SP energy networks I have never seen anything like it,” he…