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May 2021
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Each issue of Game & Fish South details proven local strategies for whitetails, turkeys, bass, catfish and more. Discover the best places to hunt and fish from North Carolina to Texas, and learn the top times for success in the field and on the water. Get info on hot new gear and how it performs, as well as updates on trends, regulations, seasons and destinations to help you plan your next outing.

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searching for advice

Like many of you, I learned to fish by going with my grandfather. He didn’t introduce me to fishing—for that I have my father to thank—but he had the luxury of time to make taking his grandsons to a pond, creek or river almost a daily activity. Grandpa had spinning rods, baitcasting rods and fly rods, all of which he used most often to fish bait. For trout, it was minnows, a particular type of dace seined from small streams running through local farmers’ fields. Smallmouths were fed hellgrammites and stone cats (madtoms). Largemouths got chubs and shiners. Bullheads, nightcrawlers. His grandsons kept him in a lot of bait, and he caught a lot of fish. I considered him an expert. Still do, even though he passed long ago. Grandpa offered some…

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trading now at game & fish online

GREAT GIFTS FOR DAD Surprise Pops with something cool for Father’s Day. Our Father’s Day Gift Guide highlights gear that he’ll actually use—and maybe let you borrow. WATCH VIDS, CATCH BASS In the 13-episode series “Beyond the Bait,” Dr. Todd A. Kuhn analyzes all things bass, from rods, reels and lures to hooks, lines and sinkers. KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF Check out “8 Fish with Teeth You Don’t Want to Lip” and discover where to catch finned nightmares with nicknames like Dracula fish and wolf fish. WINCHESTER’S NEW 6.8 WESTERN Will the 6.8 Western become the new darling of hunters and long-range shooters? Drew Warden details its capabilities in this extensive report. WHAT’S THAT SMELL? Cow’s blood, spoiled shrimp, WD-40 ... just a few of the pungent items that made our list of “10 Secret Catfish Baits You…

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classic cartridge revival

There are a lot of old cartridges suitable for hunting that do not get much attention anymore. This is partly due to the lack of factory ammunition available for them. It’s also partly because many were designed for lever-action rifles and, in this day and age, it seems most hunters want a long-range precision bolt gun. But even today, most shots at big game are inside 100 yards and some of these old lever-gun cartridges are perfect for that situation. One is the .32 Win. Spl., which was introduced in 1901 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. Unlike the older .32-20 Win. and popular .32-caliber handgun cartridges of that time, the .32 Win. Spl. fired a bullet with a 0.321-inch, as opposed to a 0.312-inch, diameter. Though the .32 Win.…

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take a spin

Whenever we hit the water in pursuit of our favorite fish, the objective is to trigger strikes by appealing to our targets’ many senses and making them believe that our lure is destined to become their next meal. One critical component that makes its way into lures that repeatedly fool fish across the country and around the world, in both freshwater and saltwater, is the deceivingly simple spinner blade. Every year, innumerable trout attack in-line spinners in rocky streams and mountain ponds, countless bass hammer spinnerbaits, and scores of walleyes chomp undulating spinner rigs. Indeed, most anglers at some point have relied on a spinner blade of one design or another to catch fish. But what are the factors that make these blades so effective? Knowing the reasons fish eat them…

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rooftop rod locker

TOOLS NEEDED • DRILL• ASSORTED BITS• 11/2-INCH HOLE SAW• CIRCULAR SAW• FILE OR SANDPAPER• MITER BOX AND SAW• TAPE MEASURE AND RULER MATERIALS LIST • 1 plastic toolbox sized to accommodate reels (mine was 14-by-7-by-7 inches; $7.97) • 3 10-foot, 11/2-inch PVC pipes ($6.61 each; $19.83 total) • 3 11/2-inch pipe trap adapters ($1.56 each; $4.68 total) • 3 11/2-inch PVC caps ($1.14 each; $3.42 total) • 3 tub-drain gaskets ($2.73 each; $8.19 total) • 6 ¾-inch foam pipe insulation ($2.47 each; $14.82 total) • 12 size 12, 1/2-inch screws ($1.18 per 10; $2.36 total) • 6 11/2-inch galvanized two-hole pipe hanger straps ($0.52 each; $3.12 total) • ¾-inch plywood or dimensional lumber of similar thickness (project panel about $10) • 4 M8 T-bolts ($4.49) • 4 M8 hex flange lock nuts ($5.59) • Exterior paint ($4.98) • PVC primer and glue ($7.70) • Silicone caulk…

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the myth of abundance

Think about the narratives we love to tell each other—and the non-hunting majority of our fellow Americans—about how we hunters and anglers brought back the nation’s wildlife populations. We speak sort of defensively, ready to argue with those who can’t understand how we could chase down, kill and then eat something that we cherish. But we’re often stumped when a critic asks us about all those animals we didn’t bring back, either to huntable numbers or at all. Those are the passenger pigeons, the trumpeter swans, the Atlantic salmon and the wild bison, among others. We have a good reason to be caught flat-footed when confronted with fixing something that was never ours to fix, or when blamed for a condition that we’ve never known. Behavioral psychologists call it “shifting baseline…