December 2018

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astro bot: rescue mission

Format PS VR Publisher Sony Developer Asobi Team, Japan Studio ETA Out now Players 1 If you were somehow able to ignore Astro Bot’s VR elements, you’d be left with a robust but unspectacular platformer. But setting aside the ways Asobi Team’s game uses the technology is all but impossible: this simply couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without it. It’s been built not to be augmented by VR, but to use it to its fullest, and the benefits are enormous. Sometimes literally so: Rescue Mission works minor miracles with scale, with levels that inspire genuine wonder, from vistas that stretch into the distance to gargantuan bosses that tower unnervingly over you. It might use familiar ingredients, but it makes them feel new and vibrant again. “WHEN YOU ENTER A NEW LEVEL, YOU’LL WANT…

6 min.
darksiders iii

“THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS LURK IN LAIRS AT THE END OF THE GAME’S DUNGEON-LIKE LEVELS” Format PS4, XO, PC Publisher THQ Nordic Developer Gunfire Games ETA 27 November There are, traditionally, four horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Death, Famine, and either Conquest or Pestilence depending on which drugs the revelator has been taking. Darksiders has already chewed through War and Death, so a game in which you play as one of the others wasn’t out of the question when Darksiders III was originally mooted back in 2012. What we’ve got, though, is something rather different, at least in terms of the protagonist. In Darksiders canon, War and Death have a sister and her name is Fury (there’s Strife too, being saved for later). Fury is aptly named, being partially on fire and carrying…

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small… but perfectly formed

MACHINARIUM Amanita Design’s gorgeous, hand-drawn point-and-clicker is as rich in life and detail as any blockbuster: you’ll click on everything because you’ll always get a response. And despite the rusty environments it’s anything but creaky, streamlining puzzles and offering hints. A gem. STEAMWORLD DIG 2 No joints need oiling in this slick Metroidvania, which places a Nintendo-like emphasis on feel and certainly benefits from it. As the optimistic Dorothy, tasked with looking for original game protagonist Rusty, you’ll carve your own path downward: it’s a joy, and subtle design tricks ensure you’ll never get truly lost. GROW HOME Developed by a tiny team at Ubisoft Reflections, this casts you as BUD, a little robot who must plant seeds and climb their shoots to reach new heights. BUD’s toddler-like movements as he makes his way up…

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zero fox given

Starlink manages not only to squeeze in the entire Star Fox crew – Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy – but makes their presence in the Atlas system feel surprisingly organic. They’re on a mission to hunt down longtime nemesis Star Wolf, which brings them into the company of the main cast, and supplies Fox with his own side-quests. It’s hard to spot the seams between these missions and the base game, and their slightly cheesy Saturday-morning cartoon voice acting fits in perfectly. And yes, that immortal barrel roll-related catchphrase get deployed the first chance the game gets.…

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sentence served

Despite the zombies and mechs there’s a pleasingly grounded feel to Scum as you try to balance nutrition, disease, and trying to stay alive. Its bodily functions are gimmicky, but beyond that it’s surprisingly deep, with RPG elements expanded by sim-like character creation. Stronger people can carry more, for example, but use more energy. The skills and abilities mean there is an in-depth survival game here, one in which who you are is just as important as what you pick up, and the ability to fine-tune a character’s skills, and grow them, is an interesting change to the usual race to collect the best gear. While the learning curve is steep, there’s a lot to work with already.…

4 min.
days gone

Format PS4 Publisher Sony Developer SIE Bend Studio ETA 22 February 2019 Until a couple of years ago, the zombie genre was saturated to near-pandemic levels. But things have slowed to a shamble lately, sadly earmarked by the closure this month of the studios behind the Dead Rising and Walking Dead series. Has the zombie bubble finally burst like a crumbling skull? Sony’s open-world zombie (okay, ‘Freaker’) adventure Days Gone should have a few things to say about that, though we’re still not sure what that is. In fairness, playing a couple of separate sequences probably isn’t the best way to get a feel for an open-world game. Our first task was to retrieve some bits and bobs for our motorbike – the main means of transport around the Oregon wilderness where…