Gamesmaster August 2018

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“this 36-page monster of a feature is your one-stop shop”

Once again, Big Papa GamesMaster is here to spoil you rotten. You want games, my child? Then you shall have every game under the sun, all in one feature. It is the least you deserve, sweet reader. Packing our features full to bursting is one of my favourite GamesMaster traditions, and with line-ups as good as this summer’s, it was easier than ever to find 51 upcoming classics to splash across our pages. With hands-on impressions, behind-the-scenes info, and expert analysis, this 36-page monster of a feature is your one-stop shop, whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or PC. Perhaps you’re after the next open world to lose yourself in? You’ll find Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Just Cause 4, and more within. Maybe you love a bit of multiplayer action? Anthem,…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS Cramming 51 games into one feature isn’t easy. It takes determination, endurance, and the sheer willpower to write only 500 words about The Last Of Us Part II. Hey, that’s why they call us the best. Robin Valentine Our normally desk-bound editor took his first trip out to E3 this year, braving ridiculously long flights, baking LA heat, and crowds of smelly nerds to bring you the biggest games news around. And now he’s going to sleep for a week. Most excited for: Control Rob Crossland With his bold hairstyle, penchant for technological tinkering, devotion to virtual currency, love of fast cars, and devil-may-care attitude to authority, Rob is one of the original cyberpunks. He’s been waiting for the games industry to catch up to him since 1986. Most excited…

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letter   of the month

I’m an old man now, relatively speaking, so I often lament the lack of time I have to devote to my favourite hobby, wistfully recalling the days when I had no responsibilities to get in the way. Inevitably, gaming habits have to evolve and adapt to changing lifestyles, so what does the time-poor gamer do? Gravitating towards shorter indie titles or episodic games is a compromise that could be made, but for me the answer lies with portable platforms. Switch is proving that there is still an appetite for fully-fledged games on the go, even if it’s a hybrid solution rather than a dedicated handheld. My hope is that Sony and Microsoft take note and explore this gap in their respective line-ups with the next iterations of their consoles. Sony gave up…

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your top 5 most wanted

CYBERPUNK 2077 Format PS4, XO, PC ETA TBC After years with nothing but a CG trailer to go on, suddenly details of CD Projekt’s latest are spilling out – and it looks amazing. Read more on p50. RESIDENT EVIL 2 Format PS4, XO, PC ETA 25 Jan The word ‘remake’ doesn’t do it justice – if everything looked this good when it rose from the dead, zombie games would be dating sims. More info on p41. THE LAST OF US PART II Format PS4 ETA TBC Footage continues to be grim, bloody, and brutal – but at least this time we got a bit of slow-dancing too to lighten the mood. Read the latest on p29. DEVIL MAY CRY 5 Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Spring 2019 Nero may have a new robot arm and a less floppy haircut, but this…

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social grousing

Lazy Saturday reading Edge and GM. Print versions always feel like a proper lavish and precious treat. Will cling to print until the bitter end, if there is one. Thomas, @LlamaFluff42 I want an open-world survival game in the world of HP Lovecraft, except it’s just a surreal-ish fantasy chill game rather than horror. Crimson Cuttlefish, @CrimsonCuttle MANIAC OF THE MONTH! Star Wars Episode I Racer Royale. 100 racers with unlimited laps, you have weapons and power ups. Last one standing. Lukas, @sexy_riker Rage 2 looks like the spiritual sequel to Bulletstorm. I am so down for that. Wilko, @Cerberus_Lives Zack & Wiki on the Wii was criminally overlooked. Jess Freeney, @JessFreeney Mass Effect Andromeda got a lot of stick but it was a decent game. Loads to do and a decent story. Michael McManus, Facebook GoldenEye 64 is my favourite game to…

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wait & dlc

“YOU’LL NEVER GET TO SHOOT ALIENS WHILE NATHAN FILLION QUIPS IN YOUR EAR EVER AGAIN” This summer has seen an absolute flood of announcements and reveals for upcoming games vying for your attention. So many, in fact, that they’ve practically taken over this issue with our 51 Best Games feature. But that doesn’t mean that developers – or your pals at GamesMaster – have forgotten about the games already in your library. There’s loads of DLC and expansions coming too, all of it ready to breathe new life into your existing favourites. Let’s have a look, shall we? Destiny 2 is leading the charge, with its upcoming Forsaken expansion looking to win back lapsed fans who may have soured on the MMO shooter after an underwhelming first year. Out 4 September, this…