Gamesmaster July 2018

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“whatever games you love, we’ve got previews for you inside”

Ah, the summer. Blazing sunshine, ice creams in the park, trips to the beach, and massive ruddy videogame news. That’s right, ’tis the season of reveals, and here at GM we’ve been working hard to bring you deep dives on the best and brightest. Whether you love taking potshots at your pals in the middle of chaotic warzones, exploring strange new universes, fighting to survive in post-apocalyptic wastelands, or just, y’know, blowing some stuff up, we’ve got previews for you inside. Plus, we’ve put together a truly super feature on Lego’s latest action-packed adventure – The Incredibles. And make sure you pick up the next issue too, where we’re planning to cram in even more amazing games for our huge summer blowout! Loyal readers may notice the absence of staff writer Sam Greer –…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS This month, the hunt begins for GamesMaster’s new staff writer. Applicants must be hard-working, talented, and utterly shameless in their use of dreadful puns. Watch this space… Robin Valentine As you read this, our editor will be in sunny LA for E3, hunting down juicy gaming scoops to serve up next issue. It’s his first time covering the infamously busy event, but of course he’s not panicking – he actually always sweats that much. If you could have any superpower… Seeing the future – that’d help with previews Rob Crossland Our tech-savvy art editor’s built himself a new gaming PC, and with its liquid cooling and three monitor set-up, it’s already putting the rest of us to shame. So far he’s enjoying the 60fps lifestyle, though we only give it…

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letter of the month

Ever since Black Ops II, Call Of Duty has been impacted by its fear of becoming irrelevant. I think many will agree that the golden age of COD was 2007-12. In that space, we had the Modern Warfare trilogy, World At War, and Black Ops I and II. All brilliant games. Then people started complaining it was the same game every year. There’s truth in that, but the reason it got popular was because of the casual multiplayer experience it offered. Us fans were happy with it staying the same. But it didn’t. From 2014 on, the developers experimented a bit, but while the ‘advanced movement trilogy’ from 2014 -2016 wasn’t bad really, having all three studios make sci-fi games and release them consecutively was a bad call. And then the Infinite…

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most wanted

SHENMUE HD COLLECTION Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Winter The Shenmue fans are out in force this month, and managed to launch the re-release of the first two games right into the top spot! SHENMUE 3 Format PS4, PC ETA Winter 2019 And here’s the long-awaited sequel, too. Quite a feat pushing Red Dead 2 down two places – never underestimate the Shenmue community… RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Format PS4, XO ETA 26 October We can’t remember RDR2 falling this low in the entire time since it was first announced. Who knew Shenmue was its one weakness? SPIDER-MAN Format PS4 ETA 7 September We really, really have run out of spider puns now. We’re going to have to move on to other arachnids or something. Anyone know any good scorpion gags? KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Format PS4, XO ETAWinter With…

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social grousing

Can GM really afford to clone T. rex’s to eat people’s houses? James Williamson, Facebook I couldn’t care less about lootboxes, if people want to waste their money then fine by me. Jamie Garbutt, Facebook Got a class mate who’s spent £1000+ on FIFA, WTF! Stephen Bell, @Crusader_Stevie Death Stranding was the best E3 reveal ever. Actually no, not even the game itself, just Kojima. Walking down some stairs. To an orchestra. Ollie Reynolds, @OllieMar28 I have bought a PlayStation, every generation, and have only owned Madden on each one. Never owned or played any other game. Four consoles, one game. Jimbo Jobson, @jimbojobson I dunno if anyone else will agree, but I loved Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The way you could swing around a city was wonderful. Rob E, @harvesterofsoro…

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the royale treatment

“TREYARCH HAS JUMPED ON THE BATTLE ROYALE BANDWAGON WITH A NEW SURVIVAL MODE CALLED BLACKOUT” Once upon a time, Call Of Duty set the standard for online multiplayer games. But Black Ops 4 is perhaps the most reactive game in the series to date. Not only does its fast-paced hero- and ability-based combat owe a debt to games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Overwatch, but developer Treyarch has jumped on the battle royale bandwagon with a new survival mode called Blackout. The studio has also, inevitably, done away with the traditional linear single-player campaign. This will be sad news for some, but let’s be honest, most people buy Call Of Duty year after year to play it online. It’s a sign of the times. “We’re putting a lot more energy into…