Gamesmaster June 2018

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“it very much embodies that spirit of dinosaur-driven chaos”

Everyone knows the classic Jurassic Park quote, “Life finds a way” – but few remember the full line, “Life finds a way out of its cage and starts eating the visitors.” Thought-provoking stuff. Jurassic World Evolution very much embodies that spirit of dinosaur-driven chaos, proving especially disaster-filled when we play it for some reason. I knew that if we didn’t give it the cover feature treatment it deserves, and seize the excuse to put a ruddy great T. rex on the front cover, my inner child would never forgive me. And also that the developer would release a raptor into our office, as those blood-splattered letters have been threatening for months. Read on for our massive preview, including a chat with the team and even a look back on Jurassic Park…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS After the photoshoot, we went for a drink with that T. rex, and we ended up getting on so well we’ve offered her a job. Next month she’s joining GamesMaster as our new Staff Biter. Robin Valentine It’s still a good month away, but Robin’s already flailing around in full panic mode about E3. Journalists have a weird relationship with the biggest show in the gaming, you see – for them, it’s sort of a cross between Christmas and the apocalypse. Favourite dinosaur: Print media Rob Crossland Let our seemingly harmless art editor loose with Photoshop, and horrible things happen. We do what we can to keep him in check, but every now he gets away from us and makes something monstrous. You’ll find his latest creation over on…

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letter   of the month

I’m writing in to ask what’s happening with the Nintendo 3DS, as I’ve noticed there aren’t really any decent games coming up for it this year. I’m just really hoping it’s not dying out as I absolutely love my 3DS and have done so for many years! As much as I do love the Switch as well, I just sometimes feel it’s a little bit too large for me to handle as a portable console, and it’s just not as compact as a 3DS when I need to travel with it. I also feel some games that are really suitable for the 3DS, would not have the same feeling on the Switch. I would be gutted if it does go as it would be like losing a friend (for me anyway!), and I…

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Future proof? I wanted to pick your brains and ask the people in the know (you!) when you think the next generation of consoles are going to come out? I’ve heard rumours that Sony have started to send out dev kits to software companies already… I think the earliest it will be is 2020 with the bookies’ favourite being 2022. Do you think it’s too early for the next consoles, given that we’ve had mid-cycle upgrades already? Sam Hamilton, email Yeah, we’ve seen the rumour going round about PS5 dev kits, but we’re pretty certain it’s not true. We think you’re probably right that 2020 seems like the earliest the next gen could launch, and we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if it took as long as 2022. It depends a lot, however, on how big…

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reader review

The first Ni No Kuni is one of my favourite games, and I felt that its story was a complete one, so I went into the sequel with trepidation, and unfortunately, it wasn’t unwarranted. King Evan’s journey to build a new kingdom after his old one is taken over isn’t bad, but it’s nowhere near as compelling as Oliver’s in the first game thanks to some underwhelming characters. A key example of this is Roland, who is mysteriously teleported to the other world for unknown reasons, but very quickly adapts and after a while it’s easy to forget where he actually came from. Despite introducing players to the combat early, the game takes its time to unravel the rest of the gameplay, such as large-scale battles and kingdom management, which is impressively…

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most wanted

SPIDER-MAN Format PS4 ETA 7 September For the first time in months, Red Dead has been punted off the top spot! Congrats to our boy in red and blue – now officially cooler than the Wild West. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Format PS4, XO ETA 26 October GTA V was recently revealed to be the most profitable entertainment product of all time by MarketWatch – we wouldn’t be surprised if RDR2 does even better. DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN Format PS4 ETA 25 May Last month’s demo seems to have gotten plenty of GM readers on side. We’re planning to include our full review in next issue, on sale 14 June. DREAMS Format PS4 ETA Winter As it stands, we can’t decide if we’re excited or terrified by the prospect of finding out what the gaming public dreams about… CYBERPUNK 2077 Format TBC ETASummer 2019 In…