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Geek Parenting February 2019

Geek Parenting is dedicated towards providing the best source of information to help parents in today’s technology-savvy and digital world! Covering broad areas such as Toys, Gadgets, Kidspreneur, Education, Travel and Photos/Videos, there will always be cool stuff you can do as a parent together with your kids all year around! Whether you want to teach your kids how to program or spoil them with geeky toys, you won’t want to miss out!

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editor’s note

Ever since we started noticing how easily toddlers took to the tactile nature of smart gadgets, parents all over the world began to wonder what kind of effect it would have on them. Studies were initiated bit it was all too soon and could not simply keep up with the rate that technology was evolving. In more recent times, it has been suggested that our own adult brains have been slowly changed over the past decade due to how we’ve been using out devices. The constant barrage of data in quick bites has meant that we are able to multitask more in terms of absorbing data, however our attention spans have decreased as a result. What could this mean for a person who has been exposed to the instant data stream…

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Amanda Wright Mum of two boisterous little girls, Amanda is a freelance copywriter and proof reader with over 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing and communications. Amanda writes for a number of publications and small businesses, whilst working around the school run, gymnastics, dance class, netball, cricket and well just daily life! David Layzelle David is the owner of 73 Ltd, the premiere freelance writing company, specialising in Academic work, Business writing, game reviews, and purely creative assignments. He is a single parent, juggling two kids, running a successful writing business, and playing the latest Xbox game throughout the day. Zunammie Keren Zunammie is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and education related topics. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica. On most weekends you can…

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FOLDING NO MORE Folding clothes is one of those chores that you seem to be endlessly doing, one that seems to grow exponentially per child and especially per activity said child(ren) partake in. One of the gadgets that caused a buzz in CES 2019 was the foldimate, a printer looking contraption that will fold clothes for you, raking up piles of neatly folded shirts, trousers etc. in no time. So, an invaluable help or an over-the-top luxury? A wallet hole the size of $980 will help you decide. The foldimate will be released late 2019. FIND OUT MORE HERE Email: info@geekparenting.tv Twitter: @GeekParentMag Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekparentingmagazine/…

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byte sized news

Eggs-ceptional Popularity Why was an egg in the news? In a rather bizarre start to 2019, an picture of egg became the most popular instagram post in history, gaining more than 25 million likes in just 10 days, beating previous record holder Kylie Jenner (ask your kids). Currently at 50 million likes and 8.6 million followers on the account, the mystery person(s) behind it have chosen to remain hidden. But somehow they have discovered how to crack into the social media circus that most marketing teams can only dream of. Fornite Creator Saves Forest Tim Sweeney, creator of the crazily popular game that seems to have firmly embedded itself in pop culture has been putting his money earned to good use by supporting conservation projects in North Carolina. It’s something he has done…

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top tips for baby slumber

Baby Shusher If you aren’t in the bedroom with your baby but want to “shush” them to sleep, you could always go for the Baby Shusher device, which basically makes the same sound as you going “shush”. Babies find this terribly relaxing and nod off. The baby shusher is also available as a collection including the basic device, together with two soft cotton Muslin Swaddles and two Shushie pacifiers to comfort your baby and help comfort them to sleep. The Galaxy Clock Ceiling projectors are all the rage but some have been found to captivate a baby, and actually prevent them from sleeping properly as they gaze at whatever is moving in front of them. The Galaxy Clock takes the notion of a ceiling projector, but mixes it up with sounds to create…

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how yoga benefits your kids

“...BEING FLEXIBLE OR AT LEAST HAVING THE WILLINGNESS TO BECOME MORE FLEXIBLE WILL BE IMPORTANT.” You may think that a child would not have as much stress as an adult since they do not have as many responsibilities as an adult. However, different kids deal with situations differently, and just the responsibility of school alone can be too overwhelming for some children. Additionally, being raised in a technology-crazed world, where everything is happening fast and patience runs thin if it isn’t happening fast enough, can lead to anxiety. Therefore, children need to learn as early as possible, constructive ways of dealing with the demands and pressures of life from they are young, so that it becomes second-nature to them when they are adults. One valuable method of teaching kids how to…