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Geek Parenting October 2018

Geek Parenting is dedicated towards providing the best source of information to help parents in today’s technology-savvy and digital world! Covering broad areas such as Toys, Gadgets, Kidspreneur, Education, Travel and Photos/Videos, there will always be cool stuff you can do as a parent together with your kids all year around! Whether you want to teach your kids how to program or spoil them with geeky toys, you won’t want to miss out!

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editor’s note

There’s an app for that. In this age, it’s not so much the smartphone itself that excites us most but rather the things we can do with that. Every year, some need that had been hitherto (thanks Dr. Strange!) unseen or indeed seen is being filled by a mobile app. Whether that’s for dating, quickly selling your stuff or handling your money, more and more of what we do and need is being catered for by those square-ish icons on our phone screens. Parenting is no exception. Although relatively new compared to other apps, parent focused apps is a slowly growing economy. The need for them is more than understandable. Looking for a reliable babysitter for example, perhaps even finding other like-minded parents, simply by going through an app that does…

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Amanda Wright Mum of two boisterous little girls, Amanda is a freelance copywriter and proof reader with over 10 years’ experience in the world of marketing and communications. Amanda writes for a number of publications and small businesses, whilst working around the school run, gymnastics, dance class, netball, cricket and well just daily life! David Layzelle David is the owner of 73 Ltd, the premiere freelance writing company, specialising in Academic work, Business writing, game reviews, and purely creative assignments. He is a single parent, juggling two kids, running a successful writing business, and playing the latest Xbox game throughout the day. Zunammie Keren Zunammie is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and education related topics. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica. On most weekends you can…

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marvel thor hammer tool set

ARE YOU WORTHY? What can be more geeky yet manly that any Geek Dad would love? This 44-piece tool set includes (obviously) a hammer which actually forms the handle, a level, wrench, screwdriver, tape measure and more - basically all the essentials that you could possible need for your DIY projects. The difference is now you can wield them in the form of Thor’s mighty Mjolnir and claim your worthiness to the household! This wonderful creation is by the good folks of ThinkGeek and can be bought here for $99.99.…

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byte sized news

Little Baby Bum Sold If you have a little little one, chances are you have used this youtube channel to help settle them. It features cute animations of famous nursery rhymes from ‘Wheels on the Bus’ to others like ‘Going on a Lion Hunt’ that are played one after another in hour long videos. The channel was created by a London-based couple in 2011 and has been viewed around 17.5 billion views since. That view count alone would have brought in a healthy income, and although the sale to Moonbug remains undisclosed, it is thought to be likely in the several millions pounds. Well played parents, well played! Robots Will Create Jobs The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2022, around 75 million jobs around the world will have been automated. However,…

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playstation classic

Sony have finally jumped on the retro console classic with their announcement of their miniature version of the original. It will come preloaded with 20 games including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer Type 4. Whilst the design remains the same, the function has of course been adapted. The Reset button is for pausing and the Open button will swap between games. Memory cards are also virtual so all you need is the console and the two controllers that come with it. Email: info@geekparenting.tv Twitter: @GeekParentMag Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/geekparentingmagazine/…

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the iphone round up

Another year, another iPhone/ watch combination hits the markets, but for the second year in a row, the latest models – once again, launched as three variations – have increasingly confusing names, making them a little difficult to tell apart and even compare against each other. Here, we try and sort through the latest releases – including the new Apple watch – and help you make an informed choice when picking a new iPhone. So, if you are looking for a new iPhone, what can you expect out of the XR, XS and XS Max? First off, screen size is telling. The XS max comes with a whopping 6.5” screen, while the RX is only 6.1” and the XS is a little smaller at 5.8”. The next thing to understand is…