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Girls' World October 2019

Girls' World is a children's magazine for girls ages 7-12. It's filled with crafts, party ideas for fun with friends, and advice for everything in a girl's life! It's designed to inspire creativity through artwork, crafts, and recipes.

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1 min.
make your pencil case sparkle!

What You’ll Need: • pencil case (Tip: You’ll want one with a flat surface) • multi-colored star-shaped confetti • Mod Podge • foam brush • 2 key rings • pink pom-pom • hot glue Directions: Step 1 Cover the flat surface of your pencil case with Mod Podge using the foam brush. Sprinkle your confetti on top, then let it dry. Step 2 Cover confetti with another layer of Mod Podge (Don’t worry, it’ll dry clear!) to seal it in place. Let the seal set. Step 3 Link the two key rings together, then hot glue the large pom-pom to one of them, making sure to completely cover the metal. Let it dry. Step 4 Attach it to the pencil case’s zipper with the uncovered key ring. Add your favorite pens and pencils, and you’re all set! CAREFUL: This project should be done…

1 min.
at the arcade!

AIR HOCKEY 1. Draw a rectangle for the tabletop; add a thin rectangle underneath. 2. On each side of the table, draw a vertical rectangular leg. 3. Add an outline inside the table shape, then add three lines. 4. Add two strikers by sketching “U” shapes on top of circles. Add a circular puck, and color! YOUR DRAWING HERE CLAW MACHINE 1. Draw a rectangle. Add a line across its top and middle. 2. Draw a horseshoe shape with a dark line attached for the claw. 3. Add three oval buttons — sketch a line connected to a circle on top of the last one. Draw a square prize slot. 4. Lastly, draw several circles inside the machine. Color it in! YOUR DRAWING HERE TICKETS 1. Create a wavy rectangle shape. 2. On the right side, add a smaller curved rectangle. 3. Make ticket stub…

2 min.
emoji cakes

INGREDIENTS: • favorite pound cake mix or recipe• 1 (4.5-pound) tub creamy white decorator icing• golden yellow icing color• Wilton Decorator Preferred black, white and red fondants TOOLS: • Rosanna Pansino by Wilton ball pan• cooling grid• 8-inch cake circles• 9-inch angled spatula• 9-inch fondant roller• heart double cut-outs set (“C” cut-out used)• round double cut-outs set• craft knife• round decorating tip 1A• ruler DIRECTIONS: 1. Prepare your cake batter following recipe instructions. Bake and cool cakes in ball pan as directed on packaging. 2. Tint the white decorator icing golden yellow. Using a spatula, ice cakes with yellow icing. 3. Using the fondant roller with pink guide rings, roll out black, yellow and red fondant, separately. 4. For the heart eyes cake, use the “C” heart cut-out. Cut two hearts from red fondant. Attach to the cake.…

1 min.
berry delicious pie

INGREDIENTS: • 1 (14-ounce) box refrigerated pie dough• 5 cups mixed berries• 2 tablespoons flour• 3-4 tablespoons sugar DIRECTIONS: 1. For crust, fit refrigerated pie dough into an 8-inch tart pan with removeable bottom and sides. Chill for 30 minutes. 2. While the crust chills, put 2 cups of the mixed berries, like raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, in a bowl; mash. Tip: A potato masher works well. 3. Mix flour and sugar into the mashed berries. Add 2 more cups of the mixed berries (whole) and put the mixture in the tart pan. Add 1 more cup of berries on top. 4. Chill the pie while you preheat the oven to 375°F. On a parchment paper-lined sheet pan, bake the pie on the middle rack for 45 minutes. 5. Cool completely before removing the bottom and sides…

1 min.
jordyn raya james’ breakfast cupcakes

INGREDIENTS: • ½ bag frozen cubed potatoes• 4 eggs• ½ cup milk or milk substitute• breakfast sausages (taken out of the casing) or turkey bacon, chopped• veggies of your choice, chopped DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat your oven to 400°F. Crack your eggs into a bowl, then whisk them together. 2. Add the rest of your ingredients to the eggs and stir to combine. 3. Spoon-fill mixture into reusable silicone cupcake holders. 4. Bake for 25 minutes. Once cool, grab a cupcake for a filling breakfast on the go!…

1 min.
how competitive is your crew?

THIS NICKELODEON CAST ISN’T COMPETITIVE WITH EACH OTHER! “WE ALWAYS HAVE FUN,” JACE SMILES. DIRECTIONS: Read each statement and decide how accurately it describes you and your friends, then write the corresponding number in the space on the right. If you were playing ping pong with your buds, we’d probably hear you trash-talking each other. 6-9 POINTS YOU JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! Competitive? You guys? Uh, definitely not! Your friends aren’t looking to crush each other in competition. You’d rather play a friendly game (or no game at all!). True friendship is all about cheering each other on, after all! 10-14 POINTS YOU GET CAUGHT UP SOMETIMES! Competition doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and your crew knows that! Members of your squad might get upset when they don’t come out on top, but after taking a…