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GoodHomes India

August 2019

BBC Good Homes is India’s leading home and décor magazine that reaches out the contemporary Indian women, who is always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and seeks to experience the best of the international trends and brands. The magazine brand covers a wide variety of areas from home décor, latest trends , to featuring the best in class homes from the country and beyond, etiquette and entertainment insights, presenting a mix of art from different artists , and even covers technology

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goodhomes india

CEO DEEPAK LAMBA Editor Seema Sreedharan Associate Editor Avril Noel D’souza Senior Features Editor Tina Thakrar Senior Copy Editor Tasneem Merchant Features Writer Swarupa Tripathy Senior Editorial Coordinator Harshal Wesavkar Deputy Art Director Shalaka Shinde Senior Graphic Designer Anushree Kumar Stylist Kamakshee Tewari Consulting Photographer Vikrant Kharat Brand Executive Daljit Kaur Aulakh Chief Financial Officer Subramaniam S. Head Human Resources Meghna Puthawala Publisher Joji Varghese Experiential Marketing Aakash Mishra Content Studio Vidyut Patra Assistant Vice President - Priyadarshi Banerjee Digital Revenue and Marketing International Brands BUSINESS DIRECTOR SUNIL WUTHOO BRAND SOLUTIONS WEST Assistant Vice President Rishi Sutrave rishi.sutrave@wwm.co.in MUMBAI Preeti Bhamra preeti.bhamra@wwm.co.in PUNE Ekta Dang ekta.dang@wwm.co.in AHMEDABAD Kamal Rajput kamal.rajput@wwm.co.in NORTH Vice President & Sales Head - Long Format Content Anjali Rathor anjali.rathor@wwm.co.in General Manager Shika Suri shika.suri@wwm.co.in NOIDA/NEW DELHI Atif Shakeb atif.shakeb@wwm.co.in JAIPUR Pushpesh Sood pushpesh.sood@wwm.co.in EAST Assistant Vice President Alka Kakar alka.kakar@wwm.co.in Bijoy Choudhary bijoy.choudhary@wwm.co.in SOUTH Vice President - South & Business Head - Femina Tamil Pravin Menon pravin.menon@wwm.co.in BENGALURU/HYDERABAD Meenakshi Nag Roy meenakshi.nag@wwm.co.in CHENNAI Karthik D karthik.d@wwm.co.in…

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behind the scenes

My tryst with the magazine began when it was just a concept note. I’ve worked with two incredible editors and an exceptionally motivated team to build this brand. Now, a decade and 132 issues later, here I am, taking over as the Editor of GoodHomes. The feeling is surreal, a bit like standing over the edge preparing for a free fall…. I know it will be one exhilarating ride. I strongly believe in one thing — an editor is only as good as her team. Shalaka with her keen eye for design, Avril with her zeal for finding stories in the most mundane things and the wordsmith Tina, with her wry sense of humour and almost annoying penchant for perfection — are my pillars. Together we will continue the legacy of…

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we’ve got mail!

INSIGHT ON SUSTAINABLE LIVING GoodHomes has always been my go-to magazine for all things interior related and gives me great tips and ideas for home decor. The July issue was so exciting and different as it focused on sustainable living and new knowledge about things that would really help us live a better life and create a secure future. Thank you team GoodHomes for the amazing issue! —Kajal Thukral, Mumbai Thank you, Kajal! We were as excited about the sustainable living aspect as you. Its philosophies are so simple and easy to follow, everyone can do it. Keep reading the magazine and don’t forget to follow us on social media as well! INNOVATIVE FLOORING IDEAS I loved the story on how to design home flooring creatively. Since I was doing my house over, it really…

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Transport yourself to the lavender fields of Tuscany by embracing the delicate charm of this hue. Splash it on a statement wall or introduce in small, sweet doses with throws, accents and furniture. PINTEREST Recommended for a good night’s sleep: a muted bedroom covered in gentle lilac hues, a bed piled with sinkable cushions and a plush duvet. YOUR LILAC SHADECARD…

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over the rainbow


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through the kaleidoscope

Tired of the cloud cover, the sun sneaks a peek through a tiny rift, resulting in a dazzling light show that reveals the hidden colours in its light. While you may not find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what you can count on stumbling upon is inspiration for home decor. Discard the rule book and play with a gamut of neon tones. Bring in pieces with pop colours and unique shapes for a home that is unabashedly you. Look at lime green, sparkling blue and gleaming yellow for an electric combination to revitalise vanilla spaces.…