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Great Walks June/July 2020

Great Walks is packed with gear guides, product reviews, advice on the best travel destinations, inspiring real-life accounts from seasoned walkers and practical information on specific walks and their accompanying maps. From features on the country’s best bushwalks to reviews of the latest outdoor gear, Great Walks is about discovering our amazing national parks and coastline – anywhere where there’s a walking track. Filled with lush photos, detailed walk notes and aspirational overseas destinations, Great Walks is designed to entertain and inspire.

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the simple things

IT’S a long time between issues. When I was finishing off the April-May issue wildfires had finally been extinguished and we were counting the cost of the devastation – more than 11 million hectares (110,000 sq km) of bush, forest and parks across Australia was burnt to the ground, 33 people had died and a rough estimate suggested well over half a billion insects, birds, marsupials and other wildlife had perished. And then there was a story coming out of China of people getting sick from a mysterious virus... Fast forward to today and the world is a very different place. Like all of you, I’m isolating at home. I’m trying to balance running a magazine and home-schooling my two kids, 7 and 10. It’s all a bit ad hoc but…

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gundabooka np

This park is a vast area rich in Aboriginal and European heritage stretching from the banks of the Darling River, across the plains and over Mount Gunderbooka. It features woodlands, floodplains, sandhills and the rugged Mount Gunderbooka rising 500m above the park, which is of great significance to the local Ngemba Aboriginal people. Be sure to take Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track to see some ancient Aboriginal rock art up close. You’ll find the striking sight of weathered red soils against bright blue skies makes for excellent landscape photography and, as this image shows, the nightscapes are incredible. Also you’re bound to see a range of birdlife along the park’s walking tracks. There are great places for camping or you can stay in the historic Redbank Homestead. To get…

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back on track

WE ALL KNOW the effect Covid-19 has had on Australian businesses – none more so than the wonderful walking tour companies. It’s early days but Great Walks wants to start promoting these walking tour businesses again, so with this in mind we asked a number of companies what their plans were post-lockdown. Hidden Italy walking tours “IT’S BEEN A tough couple of months for everyone but particularly for the Italians. Fortunately, there are signs of improvements. As far as Hidden Italy, I must say it’s been a little quiet around the office. That said, this lull has been a great opportunity to catch up: eg upgrading our 22 self-guided roadbooks and apps and even starting a book. We have also been busier with social media: the idea is to celebrate our favourite…

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child’s play

RECENTLY, as I was luxuriating in the cool waters of Gheerulla Falls after a heart-pounding effort from Thilba Thalba walkers’ camp (part of the beautiful Sunshine Coast Great Walk), I noticed a sad phenomenon. All of my fellow walkers were either taunt and terrific silver-headed retirees or Boy Scouts. Where were all the families? I come from a big family, so one of the most economical ways my parents had of both entertaining us and ensuring maximum energy expenditure (guaranteeing them early bedtimes from the seven of us) was to march us on seemingly endless bushwalks around southeast Queensland. Covered in mud and sucked dry by leeches, we’d crawl gratefully into bed after our weekend expeditions, loaded with memories of who had walked the fastest, who had gotten the most Smarties in…

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wales’ wild winter winds

SPENDING time with family is always an interesting experience when you live on opposite sides of the planet. What better way to connect with each other than to go out into the Welsh winter and walk to an island of Love. Anglesea is an island off North Wales and is blessed with so many stunning walks it’s hard to choose which one is best suited on a super cold windy day. My brother luckily is an expert when it comes to hiking around North Wales and he brought me to the stunning Ynys Llanddwyn. Unlike Australia dogs can accompany you on most of the wildest hiking trails in the UK, which gave me added sense of joy as we hit the beach. The day was bitterly cold and mercilessly windy with a…

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to the edge of the world and back

ON Friday the 13th, I flew to Melbourne with the intention of walking to the most southerly point of the Australian mainland. It was a journey I’d planned for some time. A couple of years ago, my wife and I and our two young daughters drove around the country trying to tick-off the compass points along the way. Byron Bay on the east was easy. Cape York not so much. Steep Point on the west eluded us, although we came close enough to touch, and the southerly point involved too much walking for two and six year-olds. So, a few years later this was my chance, and as a bonus, I was going to walk it with an old friend I don’t see much any more; both of us busy with…