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GAY TIMES Issue 497

"Gay Times has been a vital resource for the LGBTQ community from its genesis in 1974. Whether that’s been spreading crucial awareness on policy changes and highlighting the ongoing fight for liberation, to the latest in fashion, celebrity, TV, film and music: Gay Times represents the truly multifaceted nature of the queer community. In 2017, the brand was proudly relaunched to fully embody its newfound mission to amplify queer voices. Now truly representing the vast and varied experiences of the LGBTQ initialism, Gay Times has evolved to be far more than solely a magazine. Now a leading LGBTQ media brand with the largest online audience of any queer publication in the world, it reaches more people than ever before, and continues to create and facilitate authentic connections, across the globe."

United Kingdom
Gay Times Limited
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thank you.

First of all, thank you for purchasing Gay Times Magazine. You’ve shown your support of not only queer publishing and media, but the experiences of the wider LGBTQ community. If you’d like to continue reading Gay Times Magazine, the best value can be found in our varying subscription options. As a subscriber you’ll enjoy unparalleled access to the latest in queer culture, delivered to your door (before the shops) each and every month. You’ll also make great savings - up 42% per issue in fact! Best of all - if you purchase an annual subscription today, we’ll refund the cost of your last issue for you straight away! All you need to do is use the discount code: at the checkout and you will only pay £30 for 12 issues of Gay Times…

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a note from us.

A few days before this issue of Gay Times Magazine went to print, I walked onto the stage of the Benjamin West Theatre at The Royal Academy in London and unveiled a year long project from GAY TIMES. Amplifund is a new way of thinking about charity, a new way of thinking about philanthropic communications and a new way of thinking about LGBTQ media around the world. The pressure was no doubt high. I hope as one of our closest audience members and readers, you’ll have seen the progress we’ve made as a brand over the last few years, but this felt like the ‘turbo boost’ to an already brilliant start to 2019. Amplifund is all about empowering LGBTQ media and activism in places where it’s challenging to be queer. And…

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the love list.

THE LION KING (film out 19 July) A remake of one of the most beloved films of all time may seem doomed from the get-go, but if anyone can handle such a heavy task, it’s Disney. The house of mouse have seen success with live action adaptations of classics like Cinderella and Aladdin, and now they’re turning their attention to 1994’s box office smash The Lion King. The film features a stellar lineup of vocal talent, including Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, John Oliver, Alfre Woodard, Amy Sedaris, James Earl Jones returning to voice Mufasa, and most importantly, Beyonce. Purists will be pleased to know that Elton John will once again be working on the soundtrack, so expect all your favourite songs to be present. Queen Bey singing Can…

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play it proud.

PLAY IT WITH 360 SOUND. It’s all good and well having a portable speaker to play anywhere you need it, but it’s useless if the sound gets dispersed in only one direction. Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay P6 speaker comes with the brand’s effortlessly chic design, headed up here by the awar-winning Cecilie Manz. But more importantly, the P6 provides 360-degree sound meaning that whether you have it in the park, sitting on the side while you take a bath, or even by the pool on holiday, it doesn’t matter where you place it you’re guaranteed to have decent sound. (The Beoplay P6 is available from bang-olufsen.com/en, priced £349) PLAY IT OUT AND ABOUT. We know Loewe are masters when it comes to making statement television sets, but how do they score on the speaker…

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sadiq khan.

It’s a privilege to be the mayor of a city which is such a beacon across the world for openness and diversity. Every day, I meet Londoners of all ages, races, genders, faiths and backgrounds who, despite their differences, share an appreciation of our diversity which not only unites them as Londoners, but has come to define us as a capital. In these increasingly troubled times, it’s vital that we ensure London’s beacon shines brighter than ever. The sight of Londoners and people from across the world lining our streets during Pride in celebration and solidarity is always a true highlight of the year. And I know this year’s Pride will be another great celebration of London’s LGBTQ community - a community that plays such a unique role in defining London,…

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50 years gone.

So much of what we understand about ourselves is gleaned from the annals of history, but what story are we told about ourselves and our people when history is written by those who’ve not appreciated or acknowledged the tremendous contribution of queer people of colour? The modern LGBTQ liberation movement is littered with glittering stories of triumphant white people marching down the corridors of power towards wins in marriage and adoption, but what of those of us for whom marriage was never the goal? What about those for whom access to jobs, housing and the right to live violence-free lives were the focus? As we continue on in what feels like a never-ending fight for our humanity, it feels as important than ever to dig into history to unearth our…