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September 2020

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

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what’s new on guideposts.org

A 9/11 Miracle Genelle Guzman-McMillan (page 46) reflects on how her faith helped her through the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack. guideposts.org/genelle Sisters in Arms Learn how Air Force veteran Sandy Blair (page 26) is reaching out to other women veterans reentering civilian life. guideposts.org/sandyb Celebrate Labor Day Relax and reflect on the value of hard work with these inspiring quotes. guideposts.org/labordayquotes Autumn Prayers Welcome fall with these four uplifting prayers. guideposts.org/fallprayers Keep Your GUIDEPOSTS Coming We make it easy to renew your magazine or manage book series shipments. guideposts.org/ecares…

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here for you

The military and military veterans have always been close to our hearts. Ruth and Norman Peale founded Guideposts in 1945 just as the troops were coming home from World War II, reuniting with their families and returning to civilian life. Dr. Peale wanted Guideposts to be part of that historic transition, with the message that anything is possible with hope, faith and prayer. In fact, our very first cover featured celebrated Army veteran Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. Men and women are still coming home from war, often to an uncertain future. We civilians don’t always properly appreciate their service or understand their struggles. Even when we want to help, we don’t necessarily know how. That’s why I am incredibly proud to have Air Force veteran Sandy Blair in the magazine and on…

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the up side®

“People always ask me where I get such great strength.… I don’t think about it that way. I put one foot in front of the other and keep going, one step at a time. ‘I’ll go on’ is my mantra.”singer TINA TURNER, 80“We can never know the ecstasy of true hope without attending to the tragic realities of the poor and forgotten.”REV. DR. WILLIAM J. BARBER II, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church and member of the NAACP board of directors“Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’”MARY ANNE RADMACHER, artist“Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.”posted on Instagram by BARB SCHMIDT, author and meditation teacher“May I…

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someone cares

SUPPORT THE GIRLS I started running in 2013 and quickly realized that wearing a good sports bra is necessary. Fortunately, I have found a number of sports bras that help me stay focused on my performance. My friend Sarah Dwyer-Shick, a soccer coach, learned women and girls in many countries, including the United States, aren’t able to obtain sports bras—they’re hard to find, expensive and seen as a luxury in places where women don’t tend to play sports. On a trip to Namibia, in Africa, Sarah brought along sports bras as gifts for youth soccer players, only to discover that some women on the national soccer team had never even worn them before. That prompted her to found the Sports Bra Project in 2017. The group collects and distributes this vital piece of…

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lynn colwell

who she is Lynn Colwell is a mixed-media artist in Redmond, Washington. In grade school, a teacher told her she had no artistic talent and Lynn believed her. Until 2015, that is, when she retired from a career in corporate communications. Looking to pursue a new interest, she took a year-long online painting class. “It blew me away,” she says. She started painting striking portraits of women’s faces, combined with short messages of hope and empowerment. A new one almost every day. In five years, she’s completed about 1,000 paintings. what she does Lynn gives her paintings away. She started with friends, but that only went so far. Then she read about a movement called Art Abandonment, which encourages artists to leave their art in public places for anyone to pick…

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what love had to do with it

OH, NO. OUR COUNTY HAD ISSUED a stay-at-home order. This was necessary to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, but I dreaded it. For myself, for my boys. How would they handle being cooped up together for weeks on end? How would I keep the peace while still doing my job as a seventh-grade English teacher? My 15-year-old twins, Breckan and Brennan, hated each other. I know hate seems like a strong word, a terrible word, but if they were in the same room for more than 10 minutes, there was going to be a fight. Contemptuous remarks, yelling, even physical blows. I was 35 when the doctor announced that I was pregnant with not one but two babies. What a blessing! I’d wanted two children, and I knew getting pregnant would…