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April 2020

Guideposts is a monthly inspirational, interfaith, non profit magazine written by people from all walks of life. Its articles help readers achieve their maximum personal and spiritual potential.

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are you a storyteller?

Today I noticed a hammock slung between two barren trees. The day was gray, and the hillside was smeared with patches of grimy snow. Winter’s last stand. Had the hammock somehow survived the harsh Berkshire winter, or had some loony optimist battled the frozen mud and hung it in anticipation of spring? I wanted to believe in the optimist. Besides, is there a season more optimistic than spring? We published our first issue in the spring of 1945. What could be more optimistic than the vision Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, had for their little magazine to become a beacon of inspiration for countless millions? It’s a vision rooted in the belief that personal accounts of everyday faith by people from all walks of life could…

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what’s new on

Living Longer, Living Better Get TV journalist Joan Lunden’s (page 58) top tips for aging with grace, humor and health. Speaking Out Rachael Denhollander (page 30) shares how her faith empowered her to come forward against the doctor who abused her. In Recovery In our video, hear what Deborah Beddoe (page 62) wishes she’d known during her husband’s addiction recovery journey. He Is Risen Celebrate this holiest of seasons with these prayers for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Keep Your Guideposts Coming We make it easy to renew your magazine or manage book series shipments.…

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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF & VICE PRESIDENT Edward Grinnan EXECUTIVE EDITORS Rick Hamlin, Amy Wong CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kayo Der Sarkissian SENIOR EDITOR, SPECIAL PROJECTS Celeste McCauley SENIOR EDITORS Evan Miller, Jim Hinch, Hilary Ribons COPY CHIEF Lisa Guernsey PRODUCTION EDITOR Celia M. Gibbons EDITORS Mari Pack, Kimberly Elkins ASSOCIATE EDITOR Elena Tafone ASSISTANT EDITOR Kaylin Kaupish EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Allison Churchill ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Corlette L. Ruffin ART DIRECTOR Kathi Rota PHOTO EDITOR Kevin Eans ASSISTANT ART DIRECTORS Stephen Wilder, Andrew Nahem ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR Katie Hogin SENIOR CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Colleen Hughes SENIOR DIGITAL EDITORS Sabra Ciancanelli, Carolina Pichardo SENIOR DIGITAL PRODUCER Brett Leveridge DIGITAL EDITOR Alikay Wood SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR Mary Ryan ASSISTANT DIGITAL PRODUCERS Ashley Lateef, Daisy T. Urgiles CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Elizabeth Sherrill, Kathryn Slattery, Karen Barber, Marion Bond West, Julie Mehta, Ginger Rue, Stephanie Thompson, Meg Belviso, Roberta Messner, Adam Hunter, Diana Aydin PRESIDENT & CEO John Temple SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT Rocco Martino CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER David…

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the up side®

“Health might start in the body, but it extends way beyond the physical—it’s about your connections to the world and people around you and your ability to serve and give.”singer TIM McGRAW from Grit & Grace“Want nothing + Do anything = Have everything.”NEIL PASRICHA, author of The Happiness Equation“What’s wrong with being 72 or 82 or 92? If God is good enough to give you those years, flaunt them.”IRIS APFEL, 96, businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon“When I’m looking in the mirror, I’m looking at the problem and I’m also looking at the solution, and the buck stops with me.”actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS on her more than 20 years in recovery from addiction to painkillers“Blessed are those who make people feel blessed.”PAULO COELHO, author“If you want to be happy, be…

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someone cares

CAN-DO SPIRIT My family lives by the Pacific Ocean, and my son, Ryan, has always loved marine animals. In 2012, when he was three, Ryan came to the recycling center with me. He had fun feeding cans and bottles into the machine, especially once he realized that the more we recycled, the less would end up as litter on the beach. When I let him keep the three bucks we got back for the returns, he was even more excited. The next day, Ryan announced he was starting a recycling business: Ryan’s Recycling. He and my wife delivered trash bags to each of the houses on our street and asked our neighbors to save their cans and bottles for him. The neighbors asked their friends to save theirs too. Ryan, now 10, has…

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is this your year?

HAVE YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF becoming a writer? Do you have a great story to tell? Do you want to inspire millions of people? Now’s your chance! Send your story to our Writers Workshop Contest. Don’t forget to tell us about yourself and your life and writing experience. If you have a blog, vlog or social media following, let us know. The workshop class of 2018 (shown at left) is already contributing to our publications and website. Make this the year you join them! Edwina Perkins: This is more than a contest; it’s a calling. Guideposts gives us writers the tools and opportunities we need to touch the lives of others through stories. Christy Johnson: It was like winning The Voice for writers. For five days, Guideposts editors poured a wealth of…