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January 2022

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taking a stand

Within the cannabis community, advocates from all walks of life band together in unison for a greater cause. As a community, we’re still advocating for medical cannabis access across the board, for all patients regardless of where they live, what age they are or any other consideration that may hinder their ability to access cannabis-related therapies. As advocates, we are also fighting for those who have been the most negatively affected by the racist War on Drugs over the years. We’ve dedicated time, resources and even professional careers to ensuring our industry is one that is equitable and provides equal opportunities to people of color and those who have faced incarceration from past cannabis-related offenses. The fight for access to medical cannabis continues to march forward apace with the growing body of…

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THE RIGHT DOSE “I see these articles about athletes benefiting from CBD when they’re exercising or doing whatever they do (boxing, running, etc.). When I use CBD, I don’t really feel any benefit. Am I doing something wrong?”-Margaret, Massachusetts RESPONSE: Just like with THC products, CBD is going to affect everyone differently. It also depends greatly on what kind of ailment you’re seeking to treat. Many athletes use CBD to ease pain, such as sore joints and muscles (CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are great for this), but it rarely generates a high. It’s also useful to relieve stress or anxiety as well. Reconsider your dose to try to get better results, or try a different product. It might take some experimentation, but eventually, you’ll find what works best for you. SSSSSSSSSEEKING RELIEF “Can I give…

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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Top lawmakers are sick of waiting for cannabis reform, just like the rest of us. Two US senators recently sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging the United States Department of Justice to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level—once and for all. In the letter, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts called on Garland to remove cannabis from the nation’s list of drugs regulated under the federal Controlled Substances Act, where it currently sits in the most restrictive category. Booker and Warren said that the move would be in line with public opinion, noting that 91 percent of American adults support legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use, according to data from the Pew Research Center. The senators’ letter also…

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from taboo to a boom: legal cannabis lobbyists go to washington

CANNABIS HAS NEVER BEEN MORE POPULAR IN THE US—AS confirmed by polls from Gallup and the Pew Research Center—yet, America’s patchwork approach to long-held prohibition of marijuana has helped make legal cannabis one of the most complicated and convoluted industries in the nation. In 2021, a total of 19 states had decided to legalize high-THC cannabis for adult use, and 38 for its medical use. With a combined 141 million Americans living across those adult-use states, 43 percent of American adults had access to legal cannabis. Conversely, 93 million Americans (28 percent of the US population) live in states where possession and use of cannabis remain illegal. Early issues which plagued cannabis advocates included accommodating the industry’s rapid growth despite a relative lack of expertise and understanding among members of Congress and…

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standing for veterans

VETERANS INITIATIVE 22 (VI22), A NONPROFIT BASED IN MARYLAND, was founded by military veteran Eryck Stamper. His career in the Navy began in 1990. He served his country for over 20 years, which included numerous tours of duty. However, once retiring, Stamper found a new calling in support of veterans’ access to medical cannabis, which began when he worked at two Maryland dispensaries. This eventually led to the creation of his company, The Maryland Hemp Exchange. Named after the average number of veterans who die by suicide every day, VI22 is dedicated to bring awareness to the fact, and also help prevent future veterans from losing their lives to conditions that medical cannabis can help treat. High Times connected with Stamper in this exclusive interview, in which he talks about his…