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“i” is an enrichment magazine that stands out boldly from the rest. If you have learners who have little interest in reading and cannot seem to get past the first page or if you simply want to provide an exciting reading experience for your child, let them read i. “i” also contains info bites, brainteasers, YouTube videos, SEL questions and word-bank.

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editor’s note

Dear Reader, Have you heard of the man-eating tiger? In the olden days and even in some places today, villagers are threatened by the man-eating tiger prowling the jungles nearby. However, is the tiger always eager to pacify its rumbling stomach or to protect itself? Read about the ‘Man-Eating Tiger’ on pages 6-8. Man has always lived in fear of wild animals. Yet, over time, Man has also learnt how to become a master controller. Huge elephants and growling tigers are subdued by circus ringmasters and zoo trainers. The question is, has Man gone a little too far in his desire to tame these animals? Stories of physical abuse of animals in circuses are aplenty (‘The Truth about the Circus’, page 21) and the voices opposing the caging of animals in zoos are…

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the man-eating tiger

1 “The man-eating tiger has struck again! Beware the man-eating tiger!” The man was rudely awakened by the booming voice resounding through the village – a 1melancholic reminder that yet another villager had died because he had failed. Like him, many able-bodied men had gone out in search of this man-eating tiger 5 to exact revenge and of the few that returned, all of them brought home nothing but 2gashes. Even though his wounds were still stinging from yesterday’s hunt, he had had enough of waking up to dreadful news every other day. The man furiously bandaged himself, seized his spear and set out to hunt down the tiger with a greater vengeance this time. 2 10 The man 3gingerly parted the foliage in front of him as he crept as…

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illegal trading of wild animals

Is trading in wildlife legal? Wildlife trade refers to the buying and selling of products obtained from animals and plants which are removed from their natural environment or grown under specific conditions. These products can be parts of animals or plants, for example, elephant tusks. Sometimes, the whole animal or plant is traded, either dead or alive. Wildlife trade is legal when the activities carried out follow the rules and guidelines set by the United Nations’ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). However, there has been an alarming increase in illegal wildlife trade in recent years and this has led to many negative consequences. Illegal wildlife trade takes place when the process of harvesting, buying and selling of live animals and plants or parts…

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the race for extinction

The polar bear 1clambers atop a sheet of thin ice. He slowly stands up, shaking droplets of ocean water off his fur. His stringy legs unsteadily support his bony upper body, moving one at a time to the centre of the iceberg. Each breath he takes, his dirtied white fur is sucked into his empty body, 2baring his ribs and bones. With every step, his body and legs tremble more and more. The growls of his stomach echo louder and louder. Finally, reaching his destination, he collapses onto the ground. He exhales one final breath, relaxing, and finally, becomes still. In the middle of the Arctic, 3stranded on an iceberg is a dead polar bear, surrounded by the vast ocean waters. The polar bear has become a symbol for the destructive effects of…

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deep sea exotic animals

Over 72% of the Earth’s surface is covered by salt water and the Earth’s oceans are home to 230,000 known species. However, much of the deep marine ecosystems and its inhabitants remain unexplored, with only about 5% of the Earth’s oceans having been officially explored. There are some unusual animals in the deep sea, some of which look like aliens. People have always had a fascination for unusual creatures, but most typically prefer cute rather than creepy-looking animals. Perhaps they attract more interest on social media! For example, sea creatures such as the Dumbo Octopus, which some say looks like an Octopus with socks, certainly looks cute though strange. On the other end, there is the fierce exotic creature, Stareater Fish. This looks as if it has needles for teeth, and…