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Independent and Unofficial Guide to Fortnite

Independent and Unofficial Guide to Fortnite

Issue 23

There's nothing to match the thrill of bombing down a mountain in a shopping trolley while dressed as a pink rabbit and shooting a guy dressed as a tomato. Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet and The Independent & Unofficial Guide to Fortnite is here to make you even better at it. We've got tons of tips on how to boost your Battle Royale skills, loads of advice on how to save the World, and profiles of the best Fortnite players in the world. Dive in!

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all spieson season 2!

It took 18 long weeks to arrive, but Season 2 is finally with us – and it’s a big update! Five brand new locations on the map, the arrival of the new Agents, cunning new ways to sneak around the map, Ghost vs Shadow, decoys and disguises, a brand new Challenges system… it all adds up to a spy-themed cracker of a season ahead. All of the new changes are a lot to take in. And there’s so much new stuff in there that you might not notice some of the more subtle changes. Well, over the next eight pages we’re going to tell you absolutely everything you need to know about Chapter 2, Season 2. We’ll guide you through the new menus, the new features, the new locations and – well –…

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the spy secrets of season 2

HENCHMEN As we mentioned, there are FIVE new locations on the island, but if you think you’re just going to stroll around them and explore, think again. Not only have you got to keep the usual eye out for other players, but these new locations are crawling with Henchmen, too. The Henchmen are bots, but they’re much more dangerous than the bots we’ve grown used to as enemy players in Battle Royale. For one thing, they can shoot straight! If a Henchman is alerted to your presence, he’ll come after you. They’re normally pretty easy to kill, but avoid getting seen by more than one at a time! Once you’ve knocked down a Henchman, you can give him a shakedown and steal sensitive secrets which will help your mission. Eliminate…

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the new locations

Each of the five new locations on the map is a fortress surrounded by Henchmen. Each location also has an Agent boss who is harder to kill. If you do manage to defeat the chief, however, the rewards are huge. Not only do you get to steal their weapons, but you can pick up their keycard, which opens that location’s vault. Inside the vault you’ll find tons of treasure that will give you (and your team) a big headstart in the Battle Royale to come! Here are the five new locations and details of the boss inside them. THE AGENCY The Agency is the big building in the central island of the map, which looks a bit like the US president’s White House! The boss here is Midas, the bloke who looks…

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what else is in season 2

GHOST VS SHADOW: CHOOSE YOUR TEAM In Season 2, you’re going to have to learn to pick sides. All of the Agents are unlockable throughout the Battle Pass, but when you get hold of that Agent – and complete the necessary challenges – you have a decision to make. Will you join the Ghost team or the Shadows? The Ghosts, as you would expect, are decked out in white costumes. The Shadows come in cool black garb. You get to choose which team you’re joining for each Agent, but once you’ve made that decision it’s locked in for life! You can’t decide to switch Brutus from Ghost to Shadow, for instance. Brutus is the first Agent you’ll unlock at Level 20 of the Battle Pass (you have to pay for…

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keyboard vs controller: which is best?

Fortnite players like nothing more than a good fight, obvs. But the battles don’t always take place on the Battle Royale island. For the past few months, a huge row has been waging between Fortnite pros and the game’s makers over the use of game controllers in tournaments. To be clear, the pros think controller players are getting an unfair advantage because of something called ‘aim assist’, which helps controller users hit their targets when they shoot. Given that the vast majority of pros play on mouse and keyboard, it’s causing upset. But is there really a big advantage for controller players? And, if so, why don’t all the pros switch to playing with controllers? Here, we’re going to give you both sides of the argument and discuss the pros and cons of…

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10 new fortnite challenges

Blasting through the Battle Pass is all about the challenges. But once you’ve reached Level 100, is there anything really left for you? If you’ve sailed through the Battle Pass or just want to try a different set of challenges to those in the game, have a crack at our tough ten! We’ve got a variety of challenges for you to tackle, some involving squad action that you can get stuck into with a group of friends. Once you’ve completed the challenge, tick the box next to it. See if you can tick off all ten before next month’s magazine hits the shelves! These challenges will require honesty – the game obviously won’t kick you out if you break one of our challenge rules. Still, if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself. Maybe you…