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Inside Soap Yearbook 2018

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The Inside Soap Yearbook 2017 reveals the best moments in twelve months of soap – as well as taking a sneak peek at Christmas and New Year. With fantastic interviews with your favourite stars and exclusive pics, it's perfect for any soap fan – or an amazing gift for the soap fan in your life!

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welcome to the lnsidesoap yearbook 2018

The past 12 months have been packed with soapie drama – and it’s been some task picking out all the best bits to go into the Inside Soap Yearbook. So I hope you’ll find your favourite plots somewhere in these 92 pages. My highlights have been seeing Corrie’s Lucy Fallon shine during Bethany’s sexual exploitation plot, then wicked Pierce getting what he deserved in the Dales. And my jaw hit the floor when Willmott-Brown turned out to be Max’s boss in EastEnders! I’ve also been gripped by the ‘Who killed Amy?’ saga in Hollyoaks, and loved watching all those Aussie soap hunks in action! And the year’s not over yet – turn to p86 for the festive fun!…

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2017... from a to z!

A is for...Ashley We don’t think we’ve ever cried more tears than when Emmerdale’s long-standing vicar slipped away. It was an exquisite performance from both John Middleton, and Charlotte Bellamy as Ashley’s loyal wife Laurel. Simply our favourite soap plot in years. B is for... Blast from the past! Old faces were new again in 2017. We had Ken’s ex Denise return to Corrie, while noughties faves Mandy and Luke headed back to Hollyoaks – but EastEnders won the award for Best Old-Timer with the shock return of bad guy Willmott-Brown after 25 years! C is for... Cellar Who’d have thought our favourite soap scenes of the year would be set in a dank and dim basement? But Phelan’s twisted taunting of Andy has been darkly delicious! D is for... Daddy dramas There was barely a lady…

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baby heartbreak!

The year started on a tear-jerking note in Weatherfield, after pregnant Michelle went into early labour – resulting in her and Steve’s tiny baby son Ruairi being stillborn. The Rovers landlord and landlady had been so excited about their impending arrival. But while Michelle hoped that a baby would complete their family, little did she know that he wasn’t the only little McDonald who was on his way – because her husband had secretly got her mate Leanne pregnant as well! It was during her joint baby shower with Leanne that terrified Michelle first started to experience the signs of early labour, and what followed was one of the most heart-wrenching stories that we’ve ever witnessed in soap. Stars Kym Marsh and Simon Gregsondelivered moving performances as they acted out Michelle and Steve’s…

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the big moment

MICHELLE Look at him. He looks so perfect. I keep thinking he’s going to wake up. STEVE I know. MICHELLE I imagine what he’s going to be like. But it’s not just about the loss of our baby, is it? It’s a loss of everything. Our future, everything. STEVE Listen, we’ve still got a future. MICHELLE Not the one we thought we’d have. STEVE I know, I know. But listen, you’ve got me. I’ve got you. MICHELLE Oh Steve, I feel like my heart’s breaking. Like it’s actually breaking. What do I say to people? When they ask me how many kids I’ve got. What do I say? Do I tell them what happened? STEVE You don’t have to explain anything to anyone. MICHELLE Yeah but if I don’t… it’s like he never existed. Like I’m betraying him.…

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watery grave

We knew we were in for a bleak start to 2017 over in Walford, with stars Samantha Womack (Ronnie) and Rita Simons (Roxy) due to bow out of the show on New Year’s Day. And after Ronnie planned to marry Jack close to the anniversary of their son James’ death, it was clearly a bad omen! So throughout the beautiful wedding ceremony, we braced ourselves for tragedy to strike – and sure enough, in the dying moments of the one-hour episode, the Mitchell sisters decided to take an ill-advised midnight dip in the hotel pool. Roxy died on impact with the water, while Ronnie dove in to save her, but drowned after being weighed down by her wedding dress. That final scene of the pair floating in the pool will…

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dying to come home

As the Dingles prepared for Joanie’s release from prison, nobody was exactly hanging out the bunting for her return. Zakand Lisa were gearing up to break the news to her that they’d got back together during her stint inside, and with Zak too cowardly to tell her himself, Lisa offered to go and collect her love rival from jail and give it to her straight. At first, Joanie seemed to take the news well – but then she promptly bit the dust after suffering a heart attack! It fell to Lisa to share the news with the rest of the family that her affair with Zak had caused Joanie to die of a broken heart……