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Inside Soap Yearbook

Inside Soap Yearbook Inside Soap Yearbook 2017

The Inside Soap Yearbook 2017 reveals the best moments in twelve months of soap – as well as taking a sneak peek at Christmas and New Year. With fantastic interviews with your favourite stars and exclusive pics, it's perfect for any soap fan – or an amazing gift for the soap fan in your life!

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welcome to the lnsidesoap yearbook 2017

Putting together a celebration of the past 12 months may seem like an easy job – but with so much action to choose from, let me tell you it’s been no mean feat! We’ve said goodbye to some of our most beloved characters, with Walford’s Peggy and Weatherfield’s Kylie meeting tragic ends – while over in the Dales we witnessed the biggest car crash we’ve ever seen in soap! Elsewhere, Hollyoaks has been rife with murderers all year long, and our favourites from Down Under have been plagued by aviation disasters of many kinds… But it’s not over yet, as Christmas promises to deliver even more drama – turn to p86 for an exclusive preview!…

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the a-z of 2016

A is for... Art attack Who says the soaps ain’t cultured? Check out these masterpieces that featured this year – above is Corrie’s Carla and Nick (apparently!), and to the right of that is Emmerdale village’s Robert Sugden drawn as Donald Trump. Nope, us neither! B is for... Birth control (or lack of!) To get one girl up the duff when you didn’t mean to is unfortunate – but, Steve McDonald, to get two pregnant is positively careless! C is for... crying Peggy’s heartbreaking last scenes in EastEnders, Jade’s tragic goodbye in Hollyoaks, David and Kylie’s final moments together in Corrie – it’s been very emotional, folks D is for... Dynasty We rejoiced at the fantastic news that the classic soap is making a return – we’re digging out our shoulder pads immediately! E is for... Entrance A great…

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rooftoop terror!

The residents of Walford aren’t exactly renowned for ringing in the new year with copious amounts of cheer, but the Slater clan had a more bleak start to 2016 than most. First they were hit by the tragic death of family patriarch Charlie, coupled with the shock revelation that Kat has a long-lost son. Then Stacey’s mental health took a nosedive, leaving her loved ones extremely worried about her. During her pregnancy, the mum had come off her bipolar meds – and in the wake of Arthur’s birth, she developed a rare condition called postpartum psychosis. Although her nearest and dearest didn’t realise it yet, Stacey’s illness was very serious indeed – and it was about to put both her and little Arthur in terrible danger… 1 OH MY GOD! After going to…

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the big moment

STACEY: Someone’s hid the stars. MARTIN: What? STACEY: They know that if we see them, then we’ll be able to see him coming to take us home. And that’s why they hid them. MARTIN: Look, why don’t we just go to the flat? STACEY: No, Arthur’s not safe there, not with all those demons. STACEY: No, Arthur’s not safe there, not with all those demons. MARTIN: Stace, please, I wanna help ya. I do, but… I don’t know what to do. STACEY: You have to go downstairs and pray. MARTIN: I’m not going anywhere while you’re up here with my son. STACEY: He’s not your son. He belongs to God.…

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killer kid!

“But I’ve already picked out what I was going to wear!” NICO HOLLYOAKS Patrick Terminally ill Patrick had his death all figured out; he was going to ask wife Maxine to help him end his life, then frame her for his murder! He was convinced Maxine was having an affair with Darren, and wanted to make her pay for her betrayal. But he didn’t bank on being outwitted by someone even more sinister and twisted than he was – his granddaughter Nico! After Patrick and Maxine renewed their wedding vows, he had an uncharacteristic change of heart, and decided to abandon his plan to die. Little did Patrick realise that Nico had discovered he’d sent a DVD to the cops, incriminating her in Carly Bradley’s death – and she wasn’t happy about it!…

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daddy dilemma

The year started with a baby bombshell for poor Vanessa, when she discovered that her tot Johnny had the wrong daddy! A DNA test had shown that his father was Adam, with whom she’d had a drunken one-night stand. But when little Johnny was diagnosed with something called a Mongolian blue spot, which is common in mixed-race babies, Vanessa started to become suspicious. After ordering a second paternity test, she was stunned to find out that her ex-boyfriend Kirin was actually Johnny’s father – and his wicked dad Rakesh had tampered with the original results! Needless to say, it was a lot for both Adam and Kirin to get their heads around……