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iPad for Beginners

iPad for Beginners

iPad For Beginners 16th Edition

Just a few years after the very first iPad was released, Apple’s innovative tablets have become part of our everyday lives. This new edition of iPad for Beginners will help you realise the full potential of your new gadget, with tutorials on all the recent updates and additions, including the News app, Apple Music and even the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro. Featuring: Navigate your iPad - Get to grips with the bare essentials of all the latest device hardware. Start setting up - Discover how to get up and running on your new tablet. Hone your skills - Follow step-by-step tutorials to enhance your user experience. Get all the essential apps - Tailor your iPad to suit your needs with help from the App Store.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to ipad for beginners

Just a few years after the very first iPad was released, Apple’s innovative tablets have become part of our everyday lives. So you could be forgiven for forgetting what a masterful invention it is and the power it has to transform and enhance the way we live, work and play. If you have just purchased your very first iPad, prepare for it to become a personal assistant and entertainment centre combined. This new edition of iPad for Beginners will help you realise the full potential of your new gadget, afforded by its amazing functionality, versatility and portability. What’s more, updates to iOS 9 and the upcoming iOS 10 mean you can now create a personalised newsfeed in the News app, start streaming with Apple Music, interact more intelligently with Siri…

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the essential ipad guide

Now that you have finally got your hands on a new iPad you’ll no doubt be highly curious about how to use it. In truth it couldn’t be simpler. The operating system (iOS) is simple and intuitive to use and all of the key apps come preinstalled and will be visible as app icons on your home screen. Before you get to experience those things though you will need to go through an initial set-up process when firing up your device for the first time. This takes the form of several steps that explain the features that need to be set-up and guide you through the process of activating them. The first step is creating an Apple ID (or signing in if you have an Apple ID already). This is…

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activate and register your new ipad

With a keen sense of excitement and anticipation, you unpack your brand new iPad from its box and are ready to activate it and start using it to enhance your life. But whereas previously you would have to have had a computer to plug your iPad into to start the setup process, ever since iOS 5 you are no longer required to tether your device to a computer. This means the entire setup can be carried out independently, which makes it a quick and easy process. All you have to do to activate your iPad is connect your new device to a power source and then press the Sleep/Wake button, which is situated on the top of your iPad. This will bring up a generic iPad lock screen with a slider…

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manage settings to suit your needs

On the first page of the iPad screen you will see an application called Settings with an icon that looks like a cog in a machine. And this is an apt metaphor for the application and its role in helping you design your user experience. This controls how your iPad works, allows individual apps to be configured and sets the look and feel of the screens. This is essentially where you can make all the simple touches that will personalise your device and make it truly ‘yours’. With it, you can also enforce security facilities, log on to Wi-Fi networks, save battery power, add signatures to emails, configure the web browser Safari to use specific search engines and much, much more. It is perhaps the most important app on your…

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set up a wi-fi connection

For all the iPad’s uses and versatility, it doesn’t really come into its own until you have Wi-Fi access. Sure you can play games, write documents and take photos, but you can’t do the really big stuff if you don’t have wireless internet access. Internet access turns your iPad from an impressive piece of expensive kit into something that opens up worlds. This is in part due to the magnificence that is the App Store, a virtual store that gives you access to literally thousands of different applications, ranging from popular games like Angry Birds and Real Racing to GPS devices, interactive encyclopaedias, word processing apps and much, much more. Your iPad is a portal to an extremely wide range of different fantastic services, but first you need to give it access…

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connect to a bluetooth device

If you’ve ever wanted to hook up a wireless speaker, keyboard or even remote control to your iPad, it’s probably connecting via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is an incredibly universal technology that allows different devices to connect to each other wirelessly. It might’ve started off as a bit of a battery-hog with a low range but, over the years, each Bluetooth standard has brought with it a larger distance over which devices can be connected and far better power efficiency. Managing Bluetooth connections on your iPad is easy as they’re all contained within a single settings menu. What’s more, the process for setting and up and disconnecting Bluetooth devices is exactly the same, no matter what you’re working with. The only difference you might come across is when some devices request a passcode…