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iPhone Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks

iPhone Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks

iPhone 6S Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks Volume 1

Find everything you need to know to get more from your iPhone in fun and helpful step-by-step tutorials, including essential third-party apps and how to get more from iOS 9. iPhone 6s Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks features need-to-know tips and hacks so that you can maximise the full potential of your iPhone, as well as fun and useful tricks and tutorials for using apps to make your everyday life easier. Featuring: The complete guide to iOS 9 - Everything you need to know about Apple latest version of iOS Tips - Explore the essential functions of the native apps Tricks - Discover some great third-party apps, and transform your device Hacks - Jailbreak your iPhone for the best customisable experience

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welcome to iphone 6s tips, tricks apps&hacks

By now you are undoubtedly familiar with most of what iOS 9 has to offer and what new features Apple have added to the iPhone 6s. Or so you think. iPhone 6s Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks will astound you with an array of things you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do. We explore the home apps, discovering how to get the most out of your device and customise it to suit your everyday needs. Not only that, you can take your phone to the next level with the variety of third-party apps on offer, from editing your photos to increasing security. For those looking to get even more out of their device, this book even explains the ins and outs of jailbreaking iOS and includes tutorials on some…

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the complete guide to ios 9

There’s always a certain sense of excitement in the air whenever a new OS update is made available to the millions of iOS users around the world. While iOS 9 perhaps doesn’t introduce the plethora of new features we saw in iOS 8, it does provide numerous enhancements that make it by far the most important iOS update yet. At its core, the update looks predominantly the same as its predecessor, minus a few subtle changes to animation speeds that are hard to pick out with the naked eye, and a new abstract blue wallpaper that’s set by default. However, it’s when you take the time really explore the core processes of either your iPhone that you really start to see where the changes have been made. iOS 9 trims battery…

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Move and delete Manage all of your Home screen apps It’s easy to manage all of your apps on the iPhone Home screens. To move between screens, simply slide your finger left and right or tap any folder to bring up a new selection of apps. If you can manage to keep all of your apps and games to a maximum of two screens, you will be able to navigate a lot easier. The use of folders will also help to keep the amount of gestures you need to use to a minimum. To delete an app, tap and hold your finger on the icon and wait for the ‘x’ to appear. Tap it and you’ll see a new box to confirm the deletion at which point the app will be removed forever.…

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notification center

Get stock quotes Real-time stocks to hand By default stocks will be displayed in your Notification Center under the Today tab – you can also tap on ‘Show all’ to expand the list. If you don’t require this service then scroll down until you see the Edit option and then tap this. You can now disable the stocks feature by tapping the red ‘–’ icon. You can tap each stock icon to switch between the percentage change, the value changes and the total stocks, with one further tap on any stock name immediately whisking you off to the Stocks app. To manipulate the stocks that show in Notification Centre, you will need to make your selections in the Stocks app and changing the order of the stock names will also change what you…

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control center

Make calculations Accessing the calculator The need to make quick calculations is something that all of us require from time to time. Whether you are using a bank app or simply need to work out some quick figures, the Control Center offers the fastest way to get started. Swipe up to enable the Control Center and you will see the calculator icon in the bottom row. Tap it and the Calculator app will immediately open ready for you to start adding and subtracting. Don’t forget that entering landscape mode enhances the available functions and will give you scientific capabilities as well. Once you have finished what you need to do, double-tap the home button to go back to the previous app that you were using. It’s a handy feature that you can…

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Closed captions Enable subtitles quickly There are two ways to enable closed captions on an iPhone; one is for all movies that support it and the other is to use them when you feel the need. If you take a trip over to Settings>General>Accessibility and scroll down to the Hearing section you will see an option called Subtitles & Captioning. Select this and then switch the top icon to green. You can now spend some time choosing the exact style you prefer for your captions. When in the Videos app, you can also tap the closed caption icon, which looks like a speech bubble at the bottom. This will offer the ability to turn it on and off as you wish. It is likely that you will need this all of the time…