iPhone X: Tips, Tricks & Apps

iPhone X: Tips, Tricks & Apps

iPhone X: Tips, Tricks & Apps

Time and time again, the iPhone has redefined the idea of what a phone can be. Apple’s most iconic device has come a long way since the debut of its original model in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped the company from seeking to push the boundaries of mobile technology with every new release. With the iPhone X Apple has once again set the standard for smartphones in quality, versatility and accessibility. In fact, one of the only downsides to having such a feature-packed phone is that it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, iPhone X Tips, Tricks & Apps will help you to unlock the full potential of your iPhone. Explore our tips section then get to grips with all the best features via our step-by-step tutorials and see how your iPhone X can transform your everyday life.

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notification center

Display widgets Access app features The iPhone has built on the use of widgets to help you access key features of your favourite apps without having to launch them. To access your widgets, swipe to the left while on your Home screen or Lock screen and you will see an array of widgets in effect. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the ‘Edit’ button. Tap on this and you will see a list of widgets that are already being used (you can disable them by tapping the red ‘–’ next to each one) and a list of those that aren’t. You can enable currently unused widgets by tapping on the green ‘+’ icon next to each one, after which they will vanish from one list and…

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upload your movies straight to youtube

App used: iMovie Price: Free Being able to not only shoot, edit and export movies on your iPhone, but also upload them to popular video streaming sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, means that you can quickly distribute your videos online for your friends, family and followers to see. All of this can be done within the iMovie app. With the app’s handy Share function, your video will be exported and uploaded to the internet in a quality of your choosing. Of course, if you’d rather, you can export a MOV file and then transfer it to your computer, where it can then be uploaded manually. iMovie connects directly to YouTube, allowing you to sign in with your YouTube account login details. Once you are signed in, you can add all of…

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create and manage a blog with tumblr

App used: Tumblr Price: Free These days you have a plethora of social platforms through which you can post your innermost thoughts and opinions. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and WordPressbased sites, to name a few. All of these have their own pros and cons, however. Facebook is more of a friends-only affair, unless you create a page to go alongside this, but then you have the hassle of managing your private and public posts. Twitter is limited to only 280 characters per post, whereas WordPress sites can be time-consuming to manage. Fortunately, Tumblr offers a best-of-both-worlds scenario, in that it sort of acts like Facebook/Twitter, so you can follow other users and get updates in real-time, but you also get more characters to play with when posting your thoughts. As well as…

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essential iphone apps

“The essential list guaranteed to help you do something quicker, smarter and even better than before, all from that handy little smartphone that you take with you everywhere” There are so many apps on the App Store that it can often be difficult to know where to start. Everything you might need help or assistance with appears to be covered by an endless list of apps that the developers say will change your life. But everyone is different and not all apps live up to their billing. We have been through the App Store and used our knowledge and personal experience to find you the best five apps from the main categories available. Here then, we present you with the essential list guaranteed to help you do something a little quicker, smarter…

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style tables & charts in numbers

App used: Numbers Price: Free Numbers lets you input data quickly and easily using keyboards that adapt for the kind of info you’re adding. You can form this info into eye-catching graphs and charts that help you visualise your statistics, using the selection of pre-made templates and styles. You can use this info and graphs in Pages and Keynote, but should format it first to make it a little more interesting. Numbers contains all kinds of formatting options, allowing you to quickly change styles with a tap or completely customise individual areas with your own selection of colours or gradients. You can even pull out specific areas of your graphs that you want to pay particular attention to, and recolour them using a series of preset styles Alternatively, switch your chart or graph into…

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build a personalised news feed with news

App used: News Price: n/a Arguably one of the biggest and most welcome additions to iOS was the launch of the News app. As the name suggests, News is an all-encompassing news app, which collates the latest headlines and stories from hundreds of outlets from around the world. Due to the vast library of articles and sources available, you’ll want to make your first port of call to be the task of curating your own personalised news feed. Thankfully, the News app makes the process easy for beginners and seasoned iPhone users alike, even if it can take a little while to complete the initial process. Once finished, you’ll have your own list of sources to enjoy, with a steady stream of articles appearing each day to keep you in the loop.…